Happy New Year

Welcome to 2012 — the year when all will change. “In a recent communication it was reconfirmed that ALL that I have been told about will occur — although probably not in the way my human mind interprets it.” To find out more join me for an exciting weekend.

“2012: Catching the Wave of Transformation”

An interactive Gathering with Mark Kimmel*

January 20-21-22, 2012
Pagosa Springs, Colorado

Presented by The Institute of Light

Evening Presentation (Open to the public — $7.00 donation suggested — at Pagosa Lodge)
Friday: Mark Kimmel will present an uplifting vision of our future — beyond humanity’s increasing chaos. How crumbling economic systems underpin the problems in all nations. Uprisings of the common people foretell the depth of changes ahead. Messages from our star brothers and sisters: who we really are. The positive energies that are sweeping across our planet. A path to higher vibration. 2012 year of change.

2-day Workshop (By reservation only — limited to 19 attendees — at Institute of Light)

Saturday: Examining the Transformation of Earth’s humans: Physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual functioning during interim time. Where are we headed? Understanding the 3rd, 4th, and 5th Dimensions. What will the new Earth be like? Why is reincarnation important? What is Oneness? Discover why you are here at this time and place. Share who you really are. Break the cycle of the 3rd Dimension. Discover your personal power; develop your personal energy field. Assisted by our star brothers and sisters, and universe celestials.

Sunday: Clearing your energy body to make room for higher densities. What will you do with your newfound energies? Moving to the 4th Dimension. Earth as the center of universe attention. The new Earth and the role of Caretakers.

Earth is transforming herself in order to ascend to the 5th Dimension. Those humans, who choose to do so and make the necessary effort, will ascend with her. The process consists of turning our backs on the fear- based 3rd Dimension, then raising our vibrations to the 4th Dimension. This workshop will assist you to ground yourself firmly in 4th Dimension energy.

Here’s what others have said about Mark Kimmel’s Gatherings:

• “Have you ever received unconditional love from 20 other people? I did.”
• “I felt so safe that I could share my contact experience that I’ve kept secret for years.”
• “The Gathering is about individual and community dynamics in light of the larger reality.” • “The best workshop I’ve ever been to.”
• “The Gathering is about opening up and sharing with like-minded people, finding an expanded understanding, and laying the foundation for leadership.”
• “A safe space to share who I really am.”
• “I was thrilled to share inspirational and empowering interconnections with beautiful, like minded souls.”
• “Fantastic weekend. Intimate sharing.”
• “I met with a group of powerful individuals who want to serve and help the planet by raising consciousness.”
• “Another door of being of service to others is now open.”
• “I communed with like-minded people.”
• “Understanding the ‘why’ behind sustainability.”
• “Unbelievable energy.”
• “The Gathering is about empowering leaders for a New Civilization.”
Friday night talk is free — donation of $7.00 requested

2-day workshop is $125.00.
Saturday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Sunday 9:00 AM to noon

To reserve your space in the workshop contact Mark Kimmel: IOL@zqyx.org Payment can be made by going to: http://www.cosmicparadigm.com/workshops/ or send a check to Institute of Light, PO Box 303, Pagosa Springs, CO 81147.

Pagosa Springs, Colorado
Institute of Light
January 20-21-22, 2012

*About Mark Kimmel

“Since 1997 I have studied, received, and recorded information from celestials and from our star brothers and sisters. My latest book, Transformation, is a compilation of their messages from 2009 and 2010. My more recent communications are posted at Athabantian. My personal comments are at Mark’s Corner”

Mark has spoken at international forums, been a guest on radio and television shows, and conducts workshops based on his insights into the current transformation of Earth and her humans. Mark’s earlier books, Trillion, Decimal, One, and Birthing a New Civilization contain messages from similar sources; they provide easy introductions to the larger picture. Most recently he has established the Institute of Light, a center to assist individuals to become part of an uplifted future for humanity by achieving higher personal vibration.

Mark has moved beyond the sensational and fear riddled perspectives that plague many who get trapped in the UFO and ET phenomena, and the secrecy and misinformation surrounding it. At the same time he has avoided the constraints of traditional religions in his investigations of the larger reality. By focusing on higher Dimension teachings from celestials and our star brothers and sisters in his channeling, writing, and speaking, Mark presents an enlightened vision for the future of all in Oneness.

In a career spanning 20 years, Mark founded and ran three of the most respected Colorado venture capital funds. In addition to providing capital, Mark served on portfolio companies’ boards and helped them with strategy and tactics. Prior to his venture capital work he was employed by two major corporations. He retired from industry in 1996 to take up his current efforts full time. Mark has been listed in Who’s Who since 1985. He has degrees in engineering, marketing, finance, psychology, and divinity.

Mark is married with two grown sons. He spends his days writing and speaking about this, the pivotal juncture in human history, and how each person has the power to make this metamorphic transformation positive not only for him- or herself but for all on this planet.

He is the founder of the Cosmic Paradigm Network, an international group dedicated to manifesting a positive transformation, and the Institute of Light, a center dedicated to assisting individuals during these times of transition in conjunction with celestials and our star brothers and sisters.