About Expansion

Greetings: Today’s posting at Athbantian took me by surprise. I had thought that after I had conducted these recent interviews I would be able to sit back for a time and see the results. This was not to be the case. Taugth Intervened first thing this morning and dictated the message that I posted at Athabantian. (I got the strong impression that things are moving rapidly, and he wanted the information out.)

Please keep in mind that I am not in charge of these sessions. I am an intermediary — hopefully for only the first session. These sessions are orchestrated by the being from Athabantian who wishes to speak to a particular individual. There are no guarantees that a session will result in direct telepathic communications with a being from Athabantian.

The best interviews are in person, conducted at the Institute of Light, here in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. If you can travel here that would be best. I have had limited results using Skype, but am willing to try more.

In terms of scheduling sessions with someone from Athabantian let’s proceed as follows: Send an email to IOL@zqyx.org indicating your interest. I will let you know my availability. We can then schedule a session. Those who travel to Pagosa Springs will be given priority. There is no charge for a session, however a donation would be appreciated. One requirement for a session will be reading all 2011 postings at Athabantian and Mark’s Corner.

With Love, Joy, and great appreciation for whom we all are,

Mark Kimmel