Mark Your Calendar

Transformation 2012

A celebration of the Light

…to commemorate the Harmonic Convergence


August 16-17-18

Pagosa Springs, Colorado


Ready to abandon the 3rd Dimension?

Want answers to what is happening to you personally?

Want answers to what lies ahead?

Ready to move forward?


  • Three days focused on raising vibrations in harmony with the New Earth.
  • Three days of training for what comes next.
  • Three days learning from our star brothers & sisters, and celestials of the universe.
  • Three days dedicated to being all you can be.


Be a part of the celebration:

  • Participants.
  • Assistants.
  • Donors.
  • Trainers.
  • Mentors.

All are welcome.


Presented by the Institute of Light


More details soon.

Mark your calendar.

Plan to be present.