Christed Light

I have compiled the following from various sources, plus my own experiences with these events:

Many eons ago Earth was created though the joint efforts of the great beings of the non-physical realms. It was a planet of great beauty, a planet of peace, and one of twelve planets of the Christed Light. In the ensuing times many from both the physical and non-physical came to visit this wondrous sphere of diversity and beauty.

When the fall of consciousness occurred, Earth was one of many planets that fell into darkness. None of the other Christed planets fell. The 3rd Dimension was created as a stopgap, and Earth lost her Christed Light. For many thousands of years the inhabitants of Earth struggled under the yoke of fear, duality, separation and violence. Earth was not a pleasant place so few from around the universe visited. Several experiments were attempted to lift Earth from her darkness. All failed.

About two thousand years ago, Jeshua (Jesus) brought seeds of the Christed Light back to the planet. He successfully planted these seeds in the hearts of all he encountered. Despite contortions of Jeshua’s life and misunderstandings around the true nature of the Christed Light, over the last two thousand years the Christed Light has quietly grown, particularly in the hearts of lightworkers. In recent years it was deemed possible to fully restore the Christed Light to Earth.

On 11-11-11 the Christed Light was restored to Earth through the joint efforts of Jeshua, other great non-physical beings, and human lightworkers. This was indeed the second coming that was foretold. Despite this momentous event, most on this planet continue to play in 3rd Dimension darkness, the darkness that resulted from an absence of the Christed Light.

Now with the events of December 2012, where the underpinnings of the 3rd Dimension were removed and the way to the 5th and higher Dimensions was opened, all on this planet have a much easier path to ascend to these higher vibrations. Over the coming months and years we will see the once solid foundations of the 3rd Dimension disappear to be replaced by the fluidness of the higher Dimensions. Then we will see the blossoming of Earth and her humans as a result of the Christed Light. The entire Cosmos – physical and non-physical — is being affected by these events on Earth.________________________________________________

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