A Higher Consciousness Point Of View

Good Morning, Mark, this is Bren-Ton speaking with you from the starship Athabantian.

Good morning, Bren-Ton. It is a real pleasure to be communicating with you once again.

B-T: As you say, “it is a pleasure,” for me also. This is particularly true in that you now are functioning from a higher vibration, so our communications will take place from that higher perspective.

M: Yes, I see that also.

B-T: For instance, you have acquired, thorough several years of training, and experiences, an advanced merkaba and lightbody that are of a much higher functioning than when we last had a series of communications.

M: Yes, I am now better able to understand and more accurately transcribe what you are communicating without the interference of my rational mind.

B-T: For those not familiar with who I am, let me explain. I came with the starship Athabantian when she first moved into orbit about Earth, some seventy years ago. (It was about the same time you decided to come to Earth and dwell in a human body on the planet.)

B-T: The starship Athabantian resides in orbit about your planet at a distance, closer than your moon. It is the home to over five thousand beings, mainly from Andromeda, but also from other star systems of the Milky Way Galaxy, as well as celestials. Yet it is not visible to 3rd Dimension beings on Earth or to scientific instruments.

The reason for this is because Athabantian and all aboard are vibrating at a much higher frequency. This is the normal way in which both the ship and all aboard function. We are not “cloaked” to remove ourselves from your visibility, nor are we hiding from you. This is merely our normal way of being. Earth and her 3rd Dimension inhabitants are the exception in a universe that functions at higher vibrations.

So when you think of what is beyond your planet, recognize that you are dealing mostly with beings and planets of a much higher frequency than what you ordinarily conceive.

The 3rd density of earth is an energy construct that was put in place to stabilize the planet after the great catastrophe. With the exception of this sector of the Milky Way galaxy, the rest of this physical universe functions at higher densities. We from Andromeda function at a 13th and 14th Dimension. The inhabitants of a 3rd or 4th Dimension planet mostly function from a basis of fear and separation. Inhabitants of higher dimension planets function on the basis of love and unity.

Let me point out another major difference between life on Earth and life elsewhere. In addition to a physical form that you would experience as almost transparent, I am quite old by your standards. I am over four thousand years old. (Mark, you also were quite old when you lived on the planet Andon in Andromeda.) So, it is not at all that unusual for beings of a higher dimension to live for many, many years.

I speak in terms of years, so that you may know a relative length of time, this is not linear time as experienced on a 3rd Dimensional planet, but denotes the passing of a lifetime.

There are other planets within this sector of the Milky Way that are also of a 3rd Dimension density. They have the same rigidness as does Earth, and function from fear and separation as does Earth. However, few of them have ecosystems as rich or varied as Earth, in fact most are radically different.

I am setting the stage today for further communications, both about Earth and about other planets of this more dense type and the beings thereof. In the future we will speak about the ways in which entities of those lower density planets, as well as beings from the higher dimension planets have influenced life on Earth.

Please keep in mind that my perspective is that of a being observing from a high consciousness. This is quite different from beings who observe from the viewpoint of 3rd Dimension. It is possible for a higher dimension being to see from the perspective of a lower dimension; it is not possible for beings of a lower dimension to observe from the viewpoint of a higher dimension without the assistance of higher dimension beings. Mark, since you have raised your consciousness, you now have the ability to observe from a higher dimension.

M: This is all extremely interesting, Bren-Ton. Thank you. I look forward to more.

B-T: Thank you, Mark. It was good to reconnect with you. I too look forward to further communications.


I received the following communication this day, December 26, 2017. I believe it will be the first of several to come from my friends aboard the starship Athabantian. You might note that it is in a conversation mode rather than pronouncements coming from beings of a higher vibration. For more information about Athabantian and my friends from there, read my earlier postings below.


Good Morning Mark

Good Morning Justine & Moraine, it is very nice to communicate with you once again.

J&M: For us also it is most delightful, for we see you now in your transformed state. Your merkaba and light body are quite in evidence as we view you this day. It will make it much easier to communicate with you.

M: Yes, I also feel that we can communicate much better than we did years ago when you first contacted me. How are things aboard Athabantian?

J&M: We are very busy here focusing our energies as your country prepares to seat a new leader. We are flooding all in your country with love and light in preparation for the transition.

M: What do you observe about the powers within the government at this time?

J&M: We see that there is the potential for a new ways of governing that will separate from the old cabal who were in power for so many years.

M: This seems strange considering that no one knows how the new government will behave

J&M: True, but at the very least there is disconnect with the old ways of governing that predominated for the last years. Keep in mind that no one person can change all that has been established. It will be a joint effort to do anything. Keep in mind that the rhetoric that went with the election will be tempered by what is possible. It is like turning a very large ship; it must be done gradually for there is much momentum.

J&M: We see you and the other wayshowers as most important at this time. Each of you represent a glowing source of positive energy that radiates not only in your immediate area, but into the entire collective of humanity. Your positive energies are slowing raising the consciousness of all on Earth.

M: It is difficult to see this when there is so much that that bears little resemblance to what is peaceful, good, and uplifting.

J&M:We can understand why you would say that, but the light will always outweigh the dark. It requires only a few points of light to illuminate the darkness. It is like the light from a single electric light bulb that banishes the darkness in an entire room.

J&M: We wish to have these communications so that those who read these words will have reinforcement during the coming days of upheaval and chaos.

M: I understand what you are saying.

J&M: We foresee many dislocations as the new powers of government attempt to assert their views on the populace. Some of what they will attempt to do will benefit many; some will benefit only the elite. Some of their actions will cause much pain and suffering; some will be of benefit for many. As long as they rely on the tools of the 3rd dimension, there will be conflict and inequities mixed with benefits. However long term benefits for all will not emerge.

J&M: Only when everyone comes to realize that there is a better way to approach things will the opportunity to govern from a higher place be possible. What we would intend for our communications is to show how raising the energy of all will result in a new for of being. It is the only way in which your planet will ultimately be restored to its former glory.

M: As one who is surrounded by things of the 3rd dimension and the thinking that goes along with that, it is difficult to see how this will come about. I can see the ultimate Earth as it is transformed, but do not see the way in which this will happen.

J&M: We understand your perspective. It is the reason we wish to communicate with you. By doing so we will enlighten you as things transpire and you in turn can assist others.

M: I see that possibility, but do not fully comprehend.

J&M: Despite all of us coming from Andon, Mark, where we all lived in this higher vibration, you are now caught in the lower frequencies of Earth since coming here. We see your situation and respect it. We will have more to say in the coming days.

M: Thank you for this. I look forward to more communications.

Blessings Mark

Blessings to you


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New Posting


I am happy to present a new posting as the first in a series at a new location on Cosmic Paradigm:

Many thanks to all who have inquired about my silence. I have been in a quiet period for the last several months while I integrated new understandings and experiences. It has taken me a while to formulate words for what I wish to communicate.

In May of 2013, Adrial, a celestial for whom I had been posting communications at “Athabantian,” informed me that she would no longer be providing material to post. I was quite surprised, as my postings from off-planet beings had begun in the fall of 2008 when I posted the first communication that I received from Justine of Andromeda at “Mark’s Corner.”

Visit my new site for more. I do not foresee more posting at “Mark’s Corner” or “Athabantian.”

In Light, Love & Joy,


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Three Choices

Good Morning Adrial

Good morning Mark, you already know some of what we wish to convey this day. Shall we begin?

Yes, please. It is always a pleasure to hear from you.

You, and I address here all humans of Earth, those that read these words and those who do not; you are now in transformation time. There is no question as to whether Earth and her humans will transition; only the playing out of events remains.

At some level of consciousness you realize that these are not ordinary times, and that changes are occurring everywhere and in many aspects of your life. You need only look at the number of sizeable earthquakes around the world, increased volcanic activity, unusually large and unseasonable tornadoes, and the energetic ejections from your sun, or the economic and political chaos that continues to engulf many countries. 

Against this background each person is presented with three choices: 1) Resist or ignore the changes and what is to come. 2) Flow with the changes. 3) Take charge of your own life.

Let me explain further. In the first case, are people who are satisfied with their current lives, whether they are comfortable with their circumstances or whether they are unhappy and refuse to look at other ways to live; all are choosing to stay in their zone of comfort. Some are the wealthy and powerful who believe their possessions and status will see them through the current changes. Others are those who are damaged by substance abuse or other disabling practices or life circumstances and are unwilling or unable to change. Others simply see no alternative to their current lives, “It’s always been like this, and it always will be.” Whether people resist the changes or ignore them, they are choosing to remain in the 3rd Dimension.

In the second category are those who see the changes about them and choose to go along with whatever comes. Their attitude is one of, ”I know things are changing, I may not like them but I have faith that I will be taken care of.” Or “I know changes are occurring in me and my surroundings, I enjoy watching and reading about the changes and the wonderful life ahead of me. I know I will be okay.” These have graduated to the 4th Dimension.

In the third category are those who are taking charge of their own lives and want to stay on the crest of the waves of change. They have a daily discipline to transform themselves into higher levels of vibration, to further their ascension into the 5th Dimension. They realize the extent of the changes that are coming and are actively preparing themselves to take full advantage of the wondrous life ahead. They are not waiting for favorable events to sweep them along or some outside force to rescue them. They are taking change of their own ascension. They know full well that living in the 5th Dimension is demanding as well as joyous and happy; to a great extent they are already living in what is to come.

For those in the first category we would say that they will most likely remain in the 3rd Dimension until Earth’s vibrations are such that they can no longer tolerate them. At this point they will leave their bodies.

For the second group, they will remain in some level of the 4th dimension, slowly being pushed upward. In time they may ascend to the 5th dimension, if they live long enough and survive the events of the transformation.

The third group is already practicing life in the 5th dimension, as changes swirl about them. They see themselves as creators of their lives and as such realize that to create from love they must control every thought, every emotion, every word, and every action in every moment.

To this we must add that the events of December 2012 accelerated all aspects of the transformation: The underpinnings of the 3rd Dimension were removed. The way to the higher Dimensions is now open for all who choose to ascend. Furthermore, time is collapsing so all has the appearance of happening more rapidly.

When anchored, the higher vibrations will transform your carbon-based human body into crystalline form. Along with this are concomitant changes to your brain and all other internal organs. Your mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies will be integrated into a wondrous new entity. Again, it requires the active participation of each individual to accomplish this.

We see Earth changing gradually over an extended period as 5th Dimension physical form succeeds the rigidness of the 3rd Dimension.  We do not see precipitous changes as previously forecast – and continue to be forecast by some – nor do we see changes as occurred at the fall of Atlantis. We do see changes over an extended period.

Adrial, this is a big change.

Yes, Mark, the events of December 2012 changed many thing, most notably the opening of the gates to the multi-dimensions for all in physical form in the cosmos. This is now available to all humans of Earth. The transformation of Earth was the tipping point that all had been awaiting.

Can we jump from the 3rd Dimension to the 5th Dimension?

No, it is required that everyone spend some time in the 4th Dimension. The human physical, mental and emotional bodies cannot withstand a direct jump from the 3rd Dimension to the 5th Dimension. Moving an individual from 3rd Dimension rigidness directly into the 5th Dimension would tear apart their physical bodies as well as their mental and emotional bodies.

How do you see technology developing?

We see that there will be great leaps in technology as the unlimitedness of the 5th Dimension comes into focus. Technologies based in the rigidness of the 3rd Dimension will have no place in the New Earth. Technologies that take advantage of the fluidness of the 5th Dimension and Oneness with Earth will flourish. Your star brothers and sisters stand ready to assist you after the transformation.

So, nothing built on the rigid platform of the 3rd Dimension will survive?

That is correct, nothing of the 3rd Dimension will remain once Earth and her humans have embraced the 5th Dimension.

How long will that take?

Measured in your linear time, we foresee that it will require fifty to one hundred years.

What about the relationships humans have with others that are based on a 3rd Dimension foundation?

They will not survive. New ways of relating to others, based in love, peace, gratitude, personal power, and Oneness are the future. Relationships based on fear, violence, necessity, greed, or status will not survive the transformation into the 5th Dimension.

I think I am beginning to get it. This requires a shift in my perspective. First I had believed that all would shift in an instant. Now you are telling me it will be gradual. I think the dramatic shift might have been easier.

Now let us turn to the wondrous path that awaits all who choose to embrace this transformation. The higher vibrations of the 5th Dimension will integrate into the body of each person on Earth who so chooses. When this transformation is completed your human body will take on many new functions and a whole new reality.  Your life will become one of creating, telepathy, clairvoyance, and other higher attributes, plus you will enjoy interacting with all the higher vibration beings in the cosmos.

The path before you is extraordinary. It is a path that has never been accomplished before: The resurrection of an entire planet’s population from the darkness of 3rd Dimension. The path now lies open for all of humanity to ascend to the 5th Dimension. This means that all on your planet have the opportunity to lay aside the duality, violence and judgments of the 3rd Dimension. Yes, this opportunity is now open to all, and is much easier to ascend than when the stickiness of the 3rd Dimension was in full force.

It will be a process of the young overcoming the rigidness of their parents. It will be a process spearheaded by lightworkers and wayshowers. But it will become a reality and Earth will once again shine with the Christed light, shine like a star with a light of her own, not just reflecting the light of your sun.

Earth will become a paradise where many from around the cosmos, physical beings and non-physical, will visit. You, the ascended humans of Earth, will be honored among all in the cosmos for what you have achieved: Transforming your physical bodies from 3rd Dimension to 5th Dimension. And you will easily travel to distant planets and galaxies.

Let me explain further. Today ALL on your planet have experienced the Christed energy. Most are not aware of this magnificent event, but nonetheless it has been accomplished. For those waiting for the return of Jesus, it has been fulfilled and in a most extraordinary way: The Christed light been placed in the heart of each human of the planet. In turn it has been seated within the heart of the planet. This great feat was accomplished with the collaboration of many from the celestial realm and lightworkers of your planet.

Do not expect a total renewal of your planet and its people instantly, for most are unconscious of this glorious event. Yet the light burns brightly within the hearts of all. Each person sees something in his or her own life changing. Each sees something in their surrounding changing. It is within the hearts of all that the greatest changes are taking place. Look within to see if you are different than before.

If you casually look at events as portrayed by your media, you may see few changes. However if you examine it more closely you will see that there are changes occurring as truth is emerging: Truth of the power and greed of the few versus the needs of the many. Truth of the few who would control the lives of the many. Judgments of the few against the basic human needs of the many. All humans are your brothers and sisters. Each deserves to be treated as such. None are less or greater than the other. None are privileged, although they may consider themselves to be so. Value is not measured by wealth or power. Value is measured by joy, love, happiness, and inner peace.

Now, Mark, let us speak about your personal transformation. We see you progressing rapidly on an inner level. It is most interesting to witness the changes in your body and how they are manifesting themselves in the ways in which you present yourself to others. You are indeed showing the way to a higher consciousness by turning inward, and not depending on outside sources for verification of who you are and what is transpiring. This is building your confidence in your personal worth and in your unique journey.

We trust that you now see the purpose for which you incarnated on this world at this time. You are a vital part, as are many others, in leading Earth from the darkness in which it has existed for many eons. This does not make you superior to others, only first to walk the path.

As we were saying, the events you have seen since December of last year will continue to accelerate for the remainder of this year and beyond. This is the working out of Earth’s transformation as well as the transformation of humanity. Do not expect any large display by your star brothers and sisters until much of this has finished. The arrival of off-planet beings of physical form would create too much fear, and fear is not what would contribute to a positive outcome.  Rather they are being held in check, contributing their energies to assist the positive transformation of all.

I am Adrial, celestial of this universe, speaking on behalf of the collective. It has been my pleasure to communicate with you. Blessings.


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Be All You Can Be

Good Morning Adrial

Good Morning Mark

I am a spokesperson for those aboard the starship Athabantian. We are pleased to visit with you this morning. As we have previously communicated, when you are able to hold a 5th Dimension vibration you are indeed one with the collective of which are we. Thus we can communicate as friends, not as one somehow better than the other.

I understand what you are saying.

We intend the following message as encouragement for those who are willing to take the next step in their personal transformation. Read in in joy, for you have a grand adventure awaiting you.

Many have come form all parts of the Cosmos to participate in the great transformation of Earth. Mark, it was your choice to come here from Andromeda, to incarnate as a human, and to spend many years living as an ordinary human among your family, with your career, your friends and many others.  This earlier activity was necessary for you to firmly connect with this planet and her people, to appreciate what life is like on a 3rd Dimension planet.

For those reading these words, we come today to give you a better understanding of your current situation. We come as ones who knew you from your time on other planets, as ones who are neither better than nor less than the real you. All within the higher vibrations are equal; all respect each other within the oneness of the All That Is.

Never before has a planet mired in the 3rd Dimension raised itself to 5th Dimension functioning. The physical bodies of Earth humans are to be infused with the vibrations of the 5th Dimension. In the process all will be transformed into lightness. It is a grand undertaking, involving the most powerful of celestials; we are most happy to be a part of it. Moreover, we are extremely happy for all Earth humans who are actively participating in this grand undertaking.

Know that the celestial collective is a vast realm, much greater in numbers than you in physical form. In the celestial realm we are a pure collective. I know this is hard to grasp, but we are most comfortable in this way, for indeed once one moves above the frequency of physical form, all operate in a collective. There are many collectives, the celestials are but one of those who are without physical form. Then there are those with no form at all; this is an even vaster arena, and one that is impossible to convey in words. What is important to understand is that the non-form creates what is in form; what is in form creates that which is in physical form.

As a creature in physical form, you have a readily recognized individuality. It is easy to see and feel the limits of yourself. You can touch the limits of your body. You can feel your mental and emotional bodies. You can get in touch with your soul. Thus you are an easily defined individual. Within the celestial realm we are not so easily delineated. As we said before, we are a collective, and as such our form melds within the entire collective. When we wish to manifest an individual being such as I am doing at this moment, we do so from the collective.

We are belaboring this point because as you move into the higher vibrations, you too will lose aspects of your individuality. (The concept of the “rugged” individual exists only in the 3rd Dimension.) As one learns to exist in the 5th Dimension, you will begin to feel the closeness of others in the 5th Dimension. You will “know” that Oneness is a feeling, a knowingness; it cannot be put into words.

We would like to remind all who read these words of the reason you incarnated on Earth. After you have the ability to sample the higher vibrations and can learn to maintain yourself in them, then you can now truly appreciate your reason for incarnating. It is quite simple: You possess a physical body. Now you must become adept at moving into the 5th Dimension. There you will assist other to do the same.

By focusing on this single objective, you will become an ascended one. Your light will shine for all with whom you come into contact. Your energy will radiate to all around you. By doing so you will have a significant impact on this planet and indeed all others in physical form throughout the cosmos. Those of us who have no physical form are unable to accomplish this. There are many Earth humans who do not have the ability (as yet) to be in the higher vibrations while in physical form. This is why each of you volunteered to come to Earth.

There are now enough lightworkers on Earth maintaining higher vibrations so that Earth’s transformation is assured. As we have spoken of before, the magnetic constructs of the 3rd Dimension were removed in December 2012. This makes the way to the higher dimensions much easier, but by no means automatic. Individual physical forms must still take actions to train themselves to exist in these higher vibrations; it is not automatic. It is a daily discipline. To maintain yourself in the 5th Dimension, you must learn to control your thoughts and emotions. You have experienced yourself drop from a lighter vibration when a lower vibrations confronts you. You have also seen yourself maintain the lighter vibration when lower vibrations ask for your attention. You know the difference in your reactions. Practice this valuable lesson.

Look in the mirror and ask yourself, “What is important in my life? What am I doing that I would like to continue doing, doing more of? What can I do without? To what am I attached? What serves me? What serves the continuation of the 3rd Dimension?” Then decide how you will live.

Understand that you do not need external verification. The best use of your time and energy is to discover for yourself exactly who you, why you agreed to incarnate at this time and place, and what you can do to further this. Forget get about interacting with your space brothers and sisters. You already know in your heart that others of physical form exist on other planets. Do not waste your time seeking to see their ships, or listening to the witness of others; knowing that they are your brothers and sister is enough. As we have told you, they walk among you.

You do not need some higher authority such as your government or your religion to tell you that non-Earth human life forms exist. That is giving away your power (once again) to an authority that you have placed in charge of your life. Forget about ET sightings. Do you really need to see an ET ship in the sky time after time to realize that others exist in the universe? Look within yourself. Know that many from other planets walk among you. Know that many from other planets have incarnated to be with you at this time.

Be all you can be. Seek to raise your own energy. Practice daily. Focus your attention on this singular task. Compose yourself; do not flit from one message to another. Practice self-discipline. Practice discernment. Discover your energy field. Then see all that is not a part of you as merely entertainment on the stage of your life drama. Focus on being “The” player on your stage. Nothing else matters for your advancement. Nothing will happen by wishing for it to be true. You must do this for yourself; no one else can do it for you. Know that you are the creator of everything in your life experience; create well.

To remain within the higher vibrations, you must put aside all that draws you back into the 3rd Dimension. Put aside anger, judgment, wealth, and power over others. Put aside attachments to the material comforts of the 3rd Dimension. Be in the world, but not of it. Realize who you really are: An individuated expression of Source, a great being of light. Put aside past behaviors and current habits that do not contribute to the manifestation of your higher self in your body. Do not allow yourself to be pulled into the 3rd Dimension while wavering in your commitment to be in the 5th Dimension. Practice self-discipline, but do not forget to live in the joy of creation.

Know that the 3rd Dimension is going away. Know that your planet, along with all others in 3rd Dimension density, is being cleansed of the darkness. The glue of the 3rd Dimension has been removed. The energy construct that held all in 3rd Dimension rigidness is no more. The sense of freedom you may be feeling is due to this collapse, due to your lack of focus in the old ways.

You have an opportunity to be one of the first to be a great physical being of light, a powerful human to show the way to others. To do this, self-discipline is required. Self discipline to shed the judgment, violence, anger, and distortions of the 3rd Dimension. You have the opportunity to be a multi-dimensional being, participating in all levels to the 12th Dimension. All have this opportunity, but it will come slowly to some. It will require a 50 to 100 years for all to be in the 5th Dimension. Many who are lagging will not live to see this glorious event. On the other hand you can live to see it all; you can experience it all.

Time is collapsing. Will this make it any easier for those who are lazy to achieve 5th Dimension? Somewhat, however the same rules apply; self-discipline, dedication, and joy are required. Pay attention to your own development, and have fun doing so – for it is the grandest of adventures.

Know that your brothers and sisters from around the universe walk on this planet. Look into yourself and know who you are. Do not give your power away to others asking them to define you. Look inside yourself; everything is there. You can discover who you are, and enjoy that realization. Look inside and be grateful. Your heart will tell you who you are. Follow your heart – let your light and happiness shine forth for all to see. Then you will know who you are, and others will recognize who you are.

The new Earth will be a wondrous place, a 5th Dimension paradise that many from around the universe will wish to visit. It is slowly becoming a planet that has arisen from the darkness of the 3rd Dimension. You can have a role in helping to make this happen. Yes, you.

I am Adrial, celestial of the Cosmos. It has been my pleasure to communicate these concepts to Mark Kimmel.


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