New Posting


I am happy to present a new posting as the first in a series at a new location on Cosmic Paradigm:

Many thanks to all who have inquired about my silence. I have been in a quiet period for the last several months while I integrated new understandings and experiences. It has taken me a while to formulate words for what I wish to communicate.

In May of 2013, Adrial, a celestial for whom I had been posting communications at “Athabantian,” informed me that she would no longer be providing material to post. I was quite surprised, as my postings from off-planet beings had begun in the fall of 2008 when I posted the first communication that I received from Justine of Andromeda at “Mark’s Corner.”

Visit my new site for more. I do not foresee more posting at “Mark’s Corner” or “Athabantian.”

In Light, Love & Joy,


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