The Third Way

We are not connected to cable; so I catch the news mostly from the Internet (BBC) and occasionally when I’m on the bicycle at the gym – I pay attention to the headlines, not much more.


I observe the battles being waged by the liberals/progressives against the conservatives. I observe posturing by politicians for what they will do or not do. I see sides lining up to defeat or block the opposition. I witness both sides failing to address real issues like the control exercised by the wealthy and powerful. I observe all manner of ways to manipulate and misinform. I see a very old game being played according to old rules. Most importantly, I see all of this being waged from a 3rd Dimension basis.


I observe that little comes from the heart. I fail to see any references to the larger picture of who we really are. I observe almost nothing based on higher consciousness. Sadly I conclude that we in for more of the same old conflicts that produce little for the majority – unless there is radical change.


At the same time, I observe an awakening underway, small but powerful and dedicated. And yes, it is gaining momentum. Fundamental change is taking place within the hearts of individuals, within their consciousness.


I encourage all who read these words to rededicate yourselves to turning your backs on traditional solutions based on conflict and fear. Reach higher, reach for a 5th Dimension world of peace, love and unity. Keep that goal foremost in your consciousness as you go about your day, and your energy will slowly transform this world.


Several years ago I was told that that I needed to learn to ”WALK TALL.” As it was explained to me, it meant that I needed to raise my consciousness to enable me to be steadfast while the world about me flowed with the mass consciousness. This meant to model a higher level of knowingness than the conventional ways of seeing and behaving so that we might ultimately have a world of peace, love, and unity. This meant not depending on politics, monetary systems, technology, or traditional ways of behaving to lead us forward.

I believe this advice is now most appropriate for we have entered uncharted waters. The political process of the United States has chosen a President that was shunned by both his own political party as well as the opposition party. The media on both the liberal and conservative shunned Donald Trump. Most importantly, the establishment both liberal and conservative shunned him. He owes his election to those who are disenchanted with the way in which they have been governed.

The chaos in the 3rd Dimension will increase in the coming months, as elitists seek to re-establish their authority over all. One can only hope that President Trump will remember who elected him stand against the tide of returning to politics as usual.

Let me be very clear, I do not endorse much of what President Trump stands for, nor do I like the way in which he presents himself. However, maybe it takes someone like him to move against established norms, to seek alternatives, and to stand up against the old ways of doing things. Maybe it takes someone like him – a man not controlled by the moneyed elites – to increase the level of chaos so that old behaviors will ultimately be abandoned in favor of new approaches.

Who would have thought that someone so opposed to love and unity could open the way to the opposite of the very things that he espoused. Things often have mysterious ways of working out for the ultimate good. Those of us who function from a higher level of consciousness are being called to maintain our centers to show others the way to the light rather than the darkness. WALK TALL



One scenario that is repeatedly put forth as an aspect of the transformation of our planet is that large ET craft will appear to ferry off portions of the population as the world collapses around us. I portrayed such an occurrence in my third book of the Trilogy, “One.” Only in that book it was a staged invasion by the black ops to create chaos. Whichever scenario you wish to consider, an invasion such as in the movie, “Independence Day,” a friendly evacuation, or a staged invasion, I believe the net result would be to induce fear in the general population.

It is most important for those of us who “know” that our planet is headed to a sphere of love and unity to remain steadfast in the event that any of these events take place. It is through our individual efforts toward transformation that Earth and her human population will ascend to a planet of love and unity, will move first to a 5th Dimension consciousness, and finally back to the 12th Dimension orb that she was prior to the fall of consciousness. That is why we came here at this time.

These days we are living through a time of chaos and uncertainty – you need not look to far to discover this. I say look inward to discover who you really are, a physical expression of Source in a human body AND a much greater nonphysical expression of Source in all your nonphysical bodies and aspects. Then when you really know who you are, live as who you are.

It is my understanding that the only way in which the fundamental changes necessary to move Earth to a higher vibration may be accomplished is through the actions of the physical humans of this planet. That means you and me.


At the recent Transformational Shift Conference, there were a wide range of presentations.

What I want to address here is the insistence that proof, in the form of something physical, is needed in order to believe something is true. This ranges from scientific proof to evidence of extraterrestrials.

When I left the world of venture capital and moved into the paranormal, the metaphysical, and the spiritual, I initially sought out things I could see to verify what I was being told. I wanted to know what was true, but I relied on physical evidence to confirm what I was being told.

I went to Crestone with a group under Dr. Steven Greer. During the week I was there I saw lots of phenomenon: lights, scintillation, and strange forms. I saw an eagle drop down and circle the group of forty of us. I saw a ship emerge from the side of a mountain, barely a hundred yards away. At the end of that week I knew there were ETs and that they were here.

Subsequently, I wrote books — now seven of them. I gave talks and conducted workshops across the U.S. and in foreign countries.

In 2008, I was asked to begin communications with a group of ETs and to post those communications on the web site where I was selling books. Thus began a journey that continues to the communication I brought forth from Lord Metatron at the Conference.

Today, I no longer look for scientific or any other kind of proof. I know within my heart what is true. It is this inner knowingness that allows me to continue talking about the wonderful transformation of Earth. I contend that those who rely on 3rd Dimension proof will not be able to reach out to embrace the semi-physical Earth of the future. My inner knowingness tells me that this is where we are headed, and then, of course, I have my connection to the nonphysicals who reinforce this knowingness.

I encourage each of you to use your heart as a “truth meter” during this time of chaos. Use it to discern what you believe to be true; ignore what your hear tells you is misinformation. Then seek opportunities to experience knowingness for yourself.

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Dear Mark,

What an awesome book!  As soon as I received your email announcing it, I wasted no time in getting the kindle edition.  What impressed me the most is how your book is filled with uplifting, higher energies which I easily absorbed while reading it.  In addition, we are reminded of how we can live our lives as more conscious 5d beings, by thinking, acting and reacting in higher ways.  Whenever Michael appeared in the book, my energetic frequencies would rise and the feelings that I experienced were most enjoyable and noticeably lighter — I just wanted to remain in that space!

This timely book serves as a wonderful, much-needed inspiration for what this planet can and will become as more and more people become awakened and enlightened.  Woo-hoo!!!

Thank you for showing us the way!

Many blessings, with light and gratitude,
Jenny Jones