Dear Mark,

What an awesome book!  As soon as I received your email announcing it, I wasted no time in getting the kindle edition.  What impressed me the most is how your book is filled with uplifting, higher energies which I easily absorbed while reading it.  In addition, we are reminded of how we can live our lives as more conscious 5d beings, by thinking, acting and reacting in higher ways.  Whenever Michael appeared in the book, my energetic frequencies would rise and the feelings that I experienced were most enjoyable and noticeably lighter — I just wanted to remain in that space!

This timely book serves as a wonderful, much-needed inspiration for what this planet can and will become as more and more people become awakened and enlightened.  Woo-hoo!!!

Thank you for showing us the way!

Many blessings, with light and gratitude,
Jenny Jones

ICEBREAKERS thriller links physical to non-physical

My friend Annie Miller wrote the following for her publication, “Star Beacon”

ICEBREAKERS: Living at Higher Consciousness Changes Everything
by Mark Kimmel
August 2016, 353 pages, paperback, $19.95.

Michael stood and paced about the room. “Are you positive you want to do this? I know it’s exciting. I also know it’s a slippery slope and once you get started…”
“I don’t know—yet. Depends on the whistleblower.”
“You need to help him understand how huge this is. Let him know there’ll be people who won’t want the information out. Figure out how to keep him safe. If you get it published, that will help to protect both of you.”
With a clenched jaw and tightly focused eyes, C.K. stared at Michael. He could see possibilities and dangers. At last C.K. said, “You’re not very encouraging.”
Michael pulled a chair to where he faced C.K. Their knees almost touched. Michael looked into C.K.’s eyes and  said, “I’m not trying to discourage you, just laying out the playing field. In those two flash drives you have documented proof of some sort of a secret space program. These, and whatever else your whistleblower has, are revolutionary. So, the question is are you willing to risk all to make it public?”

Review by Ann Ulrich Miller

When Penny Ord wakes up in the hospital, surrounded by people she doesn’t remember, it soon becomes apparent that she is not only recovering from a serious accident and concussion, but an identity crisis as well. In bits and pieces, her memories begin to return, and yet she is having difficulty relating to the woman she was, and the wiser woman she is becoming.

Investigative reporter C.K. Beaumond of the L.A. Tribune receives an anonymous call from another unusual woman, this time a whistle-blower with a hot story. Famous for his exposés, C.K. can’t resist checking out what it is the mysterious woman has for him. He has no idea just how important that information is.

The woman at the other end of the call, Maia Goodwin, has a scoop that will blow the entire world’s mind. [Think … Wikileaks.] She has gathered incriminating documents and photos on flash drives that, once the information is made public, most certainly it will raise humanity’s consciousness and help free us from the bondage of those who want to control us.

It isn’t until the fourth chapter that we meet the main character of ICEBREAKERS. Michael Hissong brings together the focus of each of the other characters as the story unravels. Of course, the reader is already hooked from Page 1. Kimmel’s ability to weave an exciting story using dynamic and empathic characters is as awesome as the message of living in higher consciousness that he certainly delivers in this book.

The character Michael is a writer and he also converses with his ET friends and what he calls “celestials.” These instances occur mostly when he is in a contemplative mood, or they can abruptly and unexpectedly give him needed advice and guidance. He lives a quiet life alone on the California coast, with his Frisbee-loving dog Marble, and a son away at college.

Tony Gardano, Michael’s nephew, works as an agent for the Department of Homeland Security, and is questioning his life and his purpose as he goes undercover to dispel “terrorists.” Circumstances bring all of these characters together at one point or another, prompting the reader to turn the next page as each chapter builds in suspense, and the danger increases for the “Icebreakers” getting shut down before they can reveal what they know to the world.

I don’t want to give away too much regarding the plot or the characterization, but I believe every Earth citizen needs to read this book. Not only has Mark Kimmel written a high-suspense thriller, complete with a love story and good vibes among family and friends, but most importantly, his novel provides a pathway for those who strive toward higher consciousness and how it can make a difference.

His trilogy, Trillion, Decimal and One, published several years ago, are also suspenseful and enlightening novels about ETs. But I believe ICEBREAKERS takes the cake!


The movie SNOWDEN is a must see. (I saw it yesterday.) It is very moving and well done in every respect.

The material that whistleblower Maia Goodwin brings forth in my new book, ICEBREAKERS, is much more critical and far reaching in its implications for each of us than just government spying.

Rising Consciousness and Channeled Information

A friend who is new to my perspective pointed it out to me that some of what I was saying back in 2012 and earlier is quite different than what I am saying today. So I went back to when I first began to receive communications and reviewed everything. With that in mind, let me offer the following.

First, I am convinced that ones level of consciousness affects the clarity of ones channeling: The higher the consciousness the clearer the communication.

Second, I am convinced that the ability to depict channeled concepts is dependent on the scope of ones experiences in the larger reality. In other words, until one experiences something it is difficult to adequately describe it.

Although I had only a vague notion about it at the time, my first book, “Trillion,” introduced me to information coming from outside my consciousness. It turned out that I received a lot of help writing about the friendly extraterrestrials who were roaming this planet. Prior to that I had no idea such existed. Despite this assistance, my writing in “Trillion,” was based on my outlook from my old business career. I simply did not have experiences from which to write or a consciousness to conceive of things differently.

At the time I was publishing of that book, I was introduced to Dr. Steven Greer and received his point-of-view about ETs, the secret government, and the bigger picture. While my experiences of ETs increased dramatically, my level of consciousness remained in the 3rd Dimension.

My next two books, “Decimal” and “One,” were based in that same fear dominated 3rd Dimension. I wrote about benevolent ETs who were walking the Earth and trying to make things right, but I saw all from the 3rd Dimension and wrote from that level of consciousness.

Shortly after the publication of “One” in 2008, I was asked by a group of ETs to post their communications to me on my web site. Due to their messages about Earth, humanity, and our transformation I slowly moved into the 4th Dimension. My perspective was no longer so rigidly bound by the fear of a lower consciousness, but neither was I functioning from a love-based consciousness. Looking back, I would characterize my channeling at that time as a mixture of my conscious mind and my higher mind.

After many posting at “Mark’s Corner,” I was informed that my conscious mind was interfering with the messages and I was no longer to comment on them. My rational mind was interfering with what they wanted to communicate. That was when I began to post at “Athabantian.”

In 2010 my ET friends directed me to Mastering Alchemy. “We recommend you do this,” they told me. It was with the discipline of Mastering Alchemy that I moved beyond my rational mind, found ways to experience higher consciousness, and experienced the larger reality of the Cosmos.

After the Transformation 2012 Conference in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, I felt I had spoken out enough from my somewhat limited perspective, as I was receiving amazing new insights about who I was and what the larger picture looked like. I went into a quiet period beginning in May 2013 and emerged in 2015 with the publication of “Chrysalis.”

During those quiet months my rational mind began to take a back seat, I was guided into numerous experiences in the higher consciousness, and my knowingness about the larger reality grew by leaps and bounds. I wrote “Chrysalis” from my newly acquired higher consciousness and expanded view of reality. I was well aware that I was being assisted at every keystroke.

So now, yes, my channeling is different than before; it is much clearer because I am functioning at a higher consciousness. Now I can write about the larger reality because I have experienced it. So if you see differences between what I am saying today, and what I published earlier – and I hope that you do — please understand that my level of consciousness is much higher today and my ability to grasp the larger picture is much expanded.

My new book, “ICEBREAKERS,” takes my higher level of consciousness and expanded views and weaves them into an exciting adventure story to allow the reader to experience living them. I believe it is the best thing I have ever written.

I trust this message will assist those who wonder what I am about. Hey, my consciousness is rising! Join me for an exciting journey.

In Light, Love, and Joy,

Mark Kimmel

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August 2016 Perspectrive

I am observing what from my experience are extraordinary events, and I believe we are reaching a point of elevated energies, a turning point, a moment of decision for the people of our planet:

  • Continuing conflict in Syria and other parts of the Middle East
  • The warmest temperatures on record for Earth
  • The degradation of politics and leadership in the United States
  • Escalation of gun violence in the United States
  • The abundance of fear-generating movies and TV shows
  • The level of disclosure about secret government activities
  • The increasing number of channeled predictions, both positive and negative, about our future
  • Melting of glaciers and arctic ice
  • Severe weather
  • Violence on the streets of the United States

To check my observations of elevated energies, both positive and negative, and our current situation, I called upon Adrial, a celestial from Andromeda, who has observed Earth and her human population for many years, long before her current mission aboard the starship Athabantian. (Highly conscious beings from the Andromeda galaxy have had a keen interest in Earth since the Great Catastrophe that severely affected all in the Milky Way galaxy.)


Good Morning Mark

Good Morning Adrial. Thank you for communicating with me this morning.

It is my pleasure, Mark. You have asked me to comment on the situation on your planet as I see it from my observations. I will remind you and those that will read this message that I have been observing your planet for quite some time. We from Andromeda have had an interest in the evolution of Earth and her human population since the dense human form was first introduced a million years ago.

As I see things at this moment, overall your population continues to evolve toward a higher consciousness. That despite the attempts to stifle this by those that would dominate your planet for their own purposes.

So there are those still present on the planet who wish to control the population for their ends?

Yes, they are still among you both in consciousness and in physical form.

How can that be, as I see no reports of aliens here.

They are able to project a human visage, as they have one for eons so that they have an acceptable appearance.

I see, thank you

Overall I see that the level of violence on the planet has increased in specific instances, such as in Syria and on the streets of the your country. This level of violence is due in large part to the energies of those that oppose your ascension as they trip those whose consciousness is lower.

Among the population in general, there is a higher level of consciousness just now than at any time in the past. There are more residing at what you call 4th Dimension than in the past, a greater percentage of the population. This is due in part to the activities of lightworkers who have responded to the call to speak out. It is due to the energies that are bombarding your planet from starships such as Athabantian and others, plus the energies coming from the center of your galaxy.

Mark, you are saying that there is nothing new here, and you are right. There is nothing dramatically new, as I observe your situation. Yet there is an elevation of everything. There is more violence manifesting itself. There is more outspoken anger and hatred such as expressed by politicians and ordinary people who are dissatisfied with their situations. There is more clinging to traditional ways as people react to the higher levels of anger, fear, and hatred. Yet the traditional ways offer nothing new to those who seek answers. Traditional ways of trying to solve this elevated anger and hatred are not working.

New ways must be found. As I have said in the past, nothing will solve the problems of your world except raising the consciousness, raising the vibration of mass consciousness. How will this happen, you ask. My response is always the same, one person at a time.

It is through the influence of highly consciousness people, both consciously and unconsciously, on neighbors, friends, and with whom they come into contact that the level of consciousness of the masses will be elevated.

So my message remains the same: Focus on raising your individual energy. By doing so you will influence those around you. You need do nothing more than maintain a higher consciousness to impact the entire planet, the entire universe.

It is up to the people of Earth to elevate the planet to a higher level of functioning. We who observe and who beam energies cannot do it. Those of the nonphysical realms cannot it. No one is coming to “save” you. It is up to those on the planet at this moment.

I see Earth’s population in the final moments of this struggle. We are all applauding your efforts to achieve a higher vibration. We can foresee that it will be successful. The path may appear to be long, but it universe time it is but a brief moment. Those of you on the planet at this moment will be know as the wayshowers, those who pushed the final mile toward the goal.

My blessings for all who read this message, Mark.

Thank you Adrial, my blessings on all who support us in our efforts.