Greetings, I am Archangel Uriel,


When looking at any current situation is most helpful to look at the history behind it. In the case of the dark energy that is infecting individual humans, infecting all organizations and structures on Earth, and touching the lives of all humans, let us begin by looking at its origins.


Long, long ago, the dark energy emerged due to experiments undertaken by physical beings and Creator Gods as they explored their exciting possibilities of integrating dense physical beings with high consciousness.


These experiments were undertaken utilizing the energy of domination. This energy is contrary to the Schematic of Source which requires all to be accomplished with unconditional Love and Unity with Source and with all in creation, physical beings and all else. With the Schematic of source there is no separation; all is one.


The experiments that were undertaken, first on planets of the Milky Way Galaxy other than Earth and then later on Earth, led to many distortions. On Earth, the distortions became so extreme that they led to the destruction of the entire planet. Before it was to be returned to Source, Earth was placed into a state of suspended animation.


After a long period of dormancy, Earth was restarted in 3rd Dimension density, with the intention of raising it back to its former beauty as a 12th Dimension planet. After a very long period of developing the physical sphere, humans of physical form were introduced.


The energies that had almost destroyed the planet had not been eliminated during Earth’s long time of dormancy. When the first humans roamed the Earth, the energies of fear and separation infected them causing them to perceive each other as separate, as more-than or less-than each other.


Since that time of 500,000 years ago, humanity has evolved both physically and mentally as well as spiritually. However, there are some humans who have fallen into fear and allowed the dark energies of service-to-self to rule their beliefs and actions.


Along the path to this current moment, there were off-planet beings, so-called extraterrestrials, who came to Earth. Many were from star systems which were coherent with the Schematic of Source, some were not. Many of the innovations that primitive humans developed were taught by these extraterrestrials. Many self-centered organizations were the result of domination by off-planet beings who wished to enslave humanity. A duality has continued to this day.


In this current moment, some humans are deeply infected by the dark energy of service-to-self. They are the ones who dominate governments and other organizations. These are the more obvious examples. What is less obvious is the service-to-self orientation that has infected individuals in most institutions and organizations. Here are individuals more interested in making money that in being of service-to-others. This is not to say that everyone in these structures has this orientation, for there are many who retain their service-to-others orientation. However, those in service-to-self have tainted these organizations so that all are infected to some degree.


As an example, in the medical profession, if one group of doctors concentrates on a money orientation, they then pull the entire profession in that direction. It need not be this way, but many physicians simply go along with that orientation.


The situation is more extreme when we look at governments. Those who have accumulated great wealth exercise power over those who would be public servants by their control of funding for political campaigns. This in turn leads to favoritism. This game is played by those who wish to ascend to the top of politics or most any other organization. Money plays a very significant role in all. Taken to its extreme are wealthy and powerful individuals who seek to control ever greater numbers of individuals; they even desire to control the entire population of the world.


Some of this orientation came about as the result of service-to-self extraterrestrials who came to Earth over the 500,000 years of humanity’s existence. These off-planet beings have teamed up with those of a service-to-self orientation and have encouraged their domination of the larger population. Keep in mind that the influence of the dark energy is powerful enough to have caused the once beautiful Earth to almost completely self-destruct.


The current pandemic is a perfect illustration. A relatively mild virus has infected a very minor portion of the population. It has given those who would dominate others an opportunity to exercise more control. They have blown the seriousness of the virus into a global pandemic even though the numbers of those dying are small compared to other causes of death. The media has inflated the seriousness of the virus, causing, many to go into fear. Those in government, seizing an opportunity to further restrict individual freedoms and exercise control, have responded with mandatory edicts such as shelter at home and social distancing. The effects are to create a population that is fearful, largely separated from one another, and willing to trade personal freedoms for the safety of isolation.


On the other side, we of the higher realms, see this as a perfect opportunity to awaken the population of Earth. We see the results from shelter-at-home providing an opportunity for people to experience a quieter way of life, separated from their normal busy lives of work and multiple interactions with others.


For those few among the population of Earth who resonate at a higher consciousness, this is an opportunity to communicate more broadly. There is now less interference from busy live, more opportunity to respond to those searching for answers. The ability of a higher consciousness being to influence many has always been good. Given current conditions, by focusing their energies, individually and collectively, they can now influence the entire population to reorganize itself in new ways based on Love and Unity, as opposed to fear and separation. The energy of Light is much more powerful than of the dark.


By recognizing how dark energy has influenced their fellow human beings, they can forgive them all the way back to the beginning, for indeed how can one forgive all unless they first understand all. After humanity understands and forgives all, then they can love all as brothers and sisters.


We see a rare opportunity for humanity to reorient itself. The current pandemic has caused many adjustments to daily life. Humanity need not return to the old ways of doing things that have led to the many distortions of what could be a beautiful and loving civilization. Now is the moment to reevaluate what is important and to set out to lead lives based on Love and Unity.


We Nonphysicals are providing encouragement for this reorientation of humanity. We will NOT descend and cause anything to happen – that would be contrary to Love and Unity. We do stand ready to communicate with individuals and provide energy as they meditate and explore better ways to live. Be open and ask; we will be there.


We foresee a beautiful new Earth, one based on unconditional Love and perfect Unity practiced by all. This will not happen quickly nor will it happen without the involvement of all. But it will happen; it is ordained. The contribution of your uplifting energy at this moment will move this process along. Then, one day in the future, you can visit the New Earth as humanity once again enjoys its Golden Era.


Blessings, Uriel




I make the following comments based on information I have received and conclusions I have reached after being exposed to the larger picture over many years.


  • We are all involved in an unprecedented crisis that gives us the opportunity to reinvent human civilization.
  • The Covid19 virus has resulted in death for a very small percentage of Earth’s population, principally those that are sick from some other cause and the elderly.
  • These deaths are relatively small compared to other causes such as cancer.
  • G5 transmitters and other electromagnetic devices are producing radiation that adversely affects the human body.
  • There is a cabal that seeks to dominate humanity for its own purposes. It is using the current pandemic to further its objectives.
  • It is important to understand and acknowledge dark energies, the fear they produce, and the service-to-self orientation that results in humans.
  • The lockdown reaction to the pandemic has caused major disruptions to economies, businesses, and oil consumption.
  • Creating and maintaining high consciousness is essential.
  • Humanity has a unique opportunity to reorganize itself around higher consciousness ways of living, thereby creating a new civilization.
  • Our best path to avoid adverse influences is by maintaining high consciousness.


I believe the severity of the coronavirus pandemic is being overstated by the cabal in an attempt to achieve further control over humanity through separation and fear. I see where humanity can turn the tables on the cabal and utilize the lessons of the pandemic as a path to higher consciousness.


I believe it is important to be aware of the activities of the cabal, Illuminati, and other organizations that operate from service-to self and are opposed to humanity’s best interests. Know what is their plan, their structure, and the individuals involved. You will realize that you have investigated deeply enough when you feel the revulsion at this material in your body.


Do not underestimate the power of dark energy, remember it is powerful enough to have infected the beings of Atlantis such that it led to the destruction of the entire planet.


It is all well and good to know about the activities of the cabal, but do not dwell on them or let them envelope your emotions. Do not go into fear or become fixated on the dark aspects of what is going on around you. Look at all of it from a place of higher consciousness, then you will see the cabal and other manifestations of service-to-self in light of who you really are.


Remember that you are a Great Soul of Light in a physical vehicle. Remember that you have had many incarnations. Know that you will incarnate again. Know that you are on Earth at this moment for a very important mission: to assist the resurrection of the planet and the ascension of humanity.


Yes, we can and should forgive those infected with fear and dark energy, for they are beings like us, and we may have played similar roles in another lifetime. Once we see them for who they are and know they too have souls, we can love them.


We can each contribute to the creation of a new civilization for humanity. The task will not be easy. It will take discerning, dedication, and perseverance. It will require each of us to maintain a high level of consciousness at all times, and radiate that consciousness to others through our words and actions.


In Love and Unity,




Glossary for Aon

The following Glossary applies to Aon and other writing by Mark Kimmel

Nonphysicals: These Great beings of Light are spiritual beings, some are angels, some are Archangels, others are oversouls or creator gods. They are present throughout the universe with various abilities and duties.

Schematic of Source: This is Source’s Grand Plan or blueprint as to how the universe should function. It is living and dynamic as opposed to fixed.

Reincarnation: Incarnations into multiple lifetimes is fundamental to the universe. All physical beings experience many lifetimes on planets of the universe.

3rd Dimension: Associated with dense material bodies, this level of consciousness is characterized by fear, separation and domination.

5th Dimension: Unconditional Love and Perfect Unity are characteristics of this dimension. Individuals at 5th Dimension retain much of their material form.

Express: Non-physical beings, such as Oversouls, manifest and/or create other non-physical beings, such as individual souls. Non-physical beings can “express” other beings without losing any of their own energy.

Creator Gods: These Great Beings of Light, with various capabilities, create everything in the universe from galaxies to individual planets and the physical beings thereon.

Oversouls: These Great beings of Light express souls, and facilitate the placement of souls in individual physical beings for a lifetime. They also provide souls to planets and stars.

Christ Energy / Christ Consciousness: This vast energy is present throughout the universe. It is used to help individual beings act according to the Schematic of Source.

Light: It is the basic building block of the universe.

Love: It is the glue that binds the energies of Light and makes creation possible

Time: Linear time is experienced in 3d Dimension. At higher levels of consciousness all is simultaneous.

If you have questions about other things in Aon, contact me at


Rational Mind

Each of us in 3rd Dimension physical form is endowed with a rational mind. We use it each day to make decisions, to make sense of our environment, to recall our beliefs, and to generally make sense of things. It was originally provided to our ancient ancestors as an aid to help them make some sense of their lives, to take whatever actions were necessary to keep them safe, and to keep them focused on perpetuating the species. It was never intended that it take on the role of controlling our lives.
Seeking absolute proof about or analyzing things is a function of the rational mind. While in many circumstances requiring proof is a good thing, to apply that standard to each decision in our lives is very limiting, and most certainly slows things down. “Which flavor of ice cream has the least calories?” Demanding proof is also used to avoid things we would rather not face. “Can you prove it?”
Asking for the opinions of others to buoy an argument may serve to reinforce a conventionally held truth, theory, or fact. Thus, subjecting one’s contentions to more popularly held opinions, rather than seeking out new territory. Scientists rely on peer review by other scientists to support new discoveries, thus locking them into step with more acceptable norms.
This is acceptable as far as it goes. But what about new discoveries, should an inventor or an artist rely on the opinions of others, or should they pursue their vision? Galileo pursued his vision of the Earth and sun despite the pressures he received from the conventional thinking of the Church. Picasso did not seek the opinions of others when he created his startling new art.
When I worked with entrepreneurs, I was constantly evaluating new ideas that did not conform to conventional thinking, to the established system. If I had waited until there were peer reviews, many brilliant ideas would have been shelved or stolen, many successful companies would never have been born.
If we depend on our rational mind for everything, if we analyze everything before proceeding, we miss out on a lot of life. Keep in mind that we were given rational minds to keep us safe, to stop us from harming ourselves by venturing outside the box. We were not given rational minds to be the sole judge of our thinking and actions.
I encourage everyone to think beyond their rational minds. Open yourselves to new possibilities, to the larger universe and the grandeur of the non-rational (spiritual). Accept that the 3rdDimension which we see, touch, and measure might be only a tiny portion of our existence.
God cannot be accessed through the rational mind. There is no scientific proof for God. There are many religions who believe they have the correct idea about God, and they have many followers who fall in line with their thinking. However, they offer no proof. With few exceptions they have an Earth-based orientation. Are their beliefs correct or are they the product of rational minds that seek to control what we believe, and that do not wish to address, except in a most general way, the truth of who created the universe in which we live and the myriad galaxies and planets with trillions of individual beings thereon. Few religions accept the reality of our brothers and sisters on other planets, that they might visit Earth, or that we might be extraterrestrials ourselves, having lived prior lives on other planets.
I have been shown that non-physical beings created the universe, and that they are responsible for humanity’s presence on Earth. It is a wondrous story about Earth in her Golden Era when the planet and her inhabitants functioned at semi-physical 12th Dimension. This history tells about non-physical beings creating the ancient ancestors of humanity about 500,000 years ago.
As Einstein said, “We cannot solve problems by relying the same factors that got us here.” I submit that it is time to look beyond our rational minds, beyond scientific proof. The larger truth is non-physical. It is this larger picture that will solve the problems that our rational mind would have us believe are too difficult.
I believe that in order to find real meaning for our lives, we must move outside the box imposed by the limited vision of the rational mind. We must stretch to the non-physical from whence the universe, Earth, and humanity came, and which beckons us upward. Then we can discover the Great soul of which we are mere vehicles for this lifetime. I hope you will join me in exploring the wonders beyond.
In Light, Love, and Unity
Cosmic Paradigm
by Mark Kimmel
This book reveals things that have never been disclosed before Learn how non-physical beings and extraterrestrials view humanity Discover who you really are and why you are here at this time and place.
In this book I show what I have been shown through conversations, communications, and experiences with non-physical beings and extraterrestrials. _____________________________________________
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As you may have noted from my recent emails and postings, my focus has shifted. It is now based on communications I am receiving from non-physical beings. In concert with this, I am now offering Sessions based on conversations with them.
Since 2010, I have had the privilege of acting as a conduit for over a hundred people (from the U.S. and other countries), connecting them in two-way conversations with higher consciousness beings.
The conversations resulted in answers and energetic connections for the questions that people posed. In every case, valuable insights were provided by these high consciousness beings. Many people said it was life changing. All were grateful for the experience.
The non-physical beings with whom I connect have been observing and interacting with humanity for a very long time. They offer insights not conventionally available.
For those of you not familiar with what is going on, I offer the following explanation: These Great Beings of Light speak through me to have a two-way conversation with you. I utilize the telephone or Skype (outside the U.S.) to allow these conversations. Or you may visit with me in person. Speaking with one of the non-physical beings is much like having a conversation with a wise elder.
Would you like answers to question such as these?
Why am I here? What do I have to look forward to?
What more can I be doing with my life? Am I living at my highest potential?
How does raising my consciousness affect my body?
What about all the energies coming to Earth at this time?
If you believe that answers to any of these questions can come from a conversation with a higher consciousness being, then contact me.
As has been my practice in the past, this process will require you and me to become acquainted enough to show me that you have a basic understanding of the Cosmic Paradigm (below). The purpose of these connections is for your personal growth. They are not for entertainment.
To schedule a Session, send an email to In the Subject line put the word: SESSION


Schematic of Source

When Source determined to create this universe in order to explore all in physical form, Source created Great Overseers to undertake the process. Source gave them a living dynamic Schematic, so they might know what was to result from their creations. All of this took place before time and space.

The Great overseers created powerful beings to undertake the creation of galaxies, stars, and planets.  These are known as Galactic Creator Gods. Planetary Creator Gods were created to sculpt planets into homes for physical beings and to create the individual physical beings thereof.

Great Oversouls were created to supply a non-physical soul for each galaxy, star, and planet. Planetary Oversouls were next, supplying souls for the trillions of physical beings of the universe.

A small number of special planets were created as perfect models of the Schematic of Source. These were placed near galaxies so that they might radiate the perfection of this creation to all. The Schematic of Source is known as Christ Energy by most beings of the galaxies, stars, and planets. Earth was one of these special planets. It radiated perfect Christ Consciousness for billions of years. 12th Dimension beings, the distant ancestors of many of us, occupied this incredible planet of long ago.

The creation of this universe did not happen with a “big bang” nor did it develop in unguided evolution. It was guided very precisely by many Creator Gods and Oversouls. It took place over billions of years, if one measures time linearly. (In the realm of the non-physical beings there is no linear time, all is simultaneous.)

The universe so vast that distances are measured in light-years. We tend to think that other continents of our planet are far away, across oceans. Such distances are nothing compared to the distance to the nearest star, to the vastness of the universe.

We tend to think of lives as long when people live a hundred years. The universe functions in time frames of billions of years. The souls of many of us were created many billions of years ago.

I find these insights, supplied by a number of non-physical beings, to be important in my life. Yes, we are tiny compared to the distances and time frames of the universe. However, we are very important. I recall this as I go about my daily routine; it helps place things in perspective.

I found it amazing to learn that less than one tenth of one percent of the rest of the universe knows anything about 3rd Dimension physicality in which we live. Almost one hundred percent of the universe functions at higher dimensions according to Christ Consciousness.

I have written before about Earth’s Golden Age, when she radiated perfect Christ Consciousness as an example for all in the Milky Way Galaxy. (See prior postings.) I believe it is important to remember this simple fact, as we live in an environment of anger, judgment, fear, domination, and misinformation.

Remember that we are here to uplift this planet. Remember that we are not alone; we have trillions of brothers and sisters throughout the universe. And we have many, many non-physical beings assisting us.

I have also written before about reincarnation, and how it is a fundamental program of this universe. We all have been here before, and likely will be here again. Our souls keep incarnating here for a reason: To help restore Earth to the 12th Dimension planet she once was long ago. I am being told that we have made great strides toward that goal, that it will happen.

In Light, Love and Unity,



Cosmic Paradigm

by Mark Kimmel

This book reveals things that have never been disclosed before
Learn how non-physical beings and extraterrestrials view humanity
Discover who you really are and why you are here at this time and place.


In this book I show what I have been shown through conversations, communications, and experiences with non-physical beings and extraterrestrials.

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Dark Energy Inherited

Wondered why some people resonate with being dark?

Have you wondered where dark thoughts come from?

Have you learned to forgive yourself, to love yourself?

Atlantis originally existed on Earth several billion years ago, during Earth’s Golden Era. In the beginning all was very peaceful. Its 12th Dimension inhabitants lived according to the Schematic of Source, Christ Energy, that prescribed existence according to unconditional Love and perfect Unity. On the other side of Earth was the civilization of Lemuria. It also existed according to the Schematic of Source. Both civilizations existed in harmony for many hundreds of thousands of years while Earth radiated an example of Christ Consciousness to all planets in the Milky Way Galaxy.

During the later stages of this period, a few of the Creator Gods who had helped to create the beings of Atlantis began to experiment with taking higher energies into more dense physical bodies. Some of the physical beings of Atlantis joined in these experiments. These experiments went on for thousands of years with mixed results. Nonetheless the Creator Gods and physical beings continued, excited about the prospects of creating something new. Meanwhile the energies of these experiments were affecting all on the planet.

The energies of domination and separation emerged from these experiments and, over time, became very powerful influences on all beings of Atlantis. The experiments continued because the Creator Gods and physical beings believed that, although they were damaging Earth, continuing the experiments would eventually lead to success.

Eventually the energies became so extreme that they damaged the entire planet, to the extent that the inhabitants of Lemuria were no longer able to continue living at their higher energies. The entire civilization of Lemuria, that ranged across what is now called the Pacific Ocean, sank beneath its waters.

The experiments continued, ignoring the Schematic of Source, believing they could exist without it. Eventually Atlantis also sank, destroying all that had once been a very highly evolved civilization. Earth almost self-destructed. The light of an extraordinary planet, the beacon of the Galaxy, was extinguished. Others in the universe event call this The Great Cataclysm. In the final days of Atlantis, the dark energy of separation and domination coalesced. It was diametrically opposed to the Love and Unity of Christ Consciousness.

Great Beings of Light placed Earth into dormancy. After 500 million years, she was restarted as a 3rd Dimension planet with the goal of reviving herself to her former glory as a 12th Dimension planet consistent with the Schematic of Source, a planet once again radiating Christ Consciousness.

500,000 years ago, human beings were introduced onto Earth. The primary need of these very primitive physical beings was survival. This resulted in the energy of fear. In addition, the dark energies of domination and separation from Atlantis infused our original ancestors.

Those same energies have remained with humanity, infecting individuals, causing many of the problems we have in our everyday lives. The dark energies of separation and domination, a collective force opposed to Christ Consciousness, join with the energy of fear to infect individuals with fear of others and a desire to control them.


As I discovered these inherited sources of humanity’s fear, separation, and domination, it has helped me to see my own sources of guilt, anger, fear, separation, and domination. This does not mean that I can ignore them, on the contrary I am more determined than ever to completely rid my life of them.

Keeping in mind that I have a choice as to how I act, it makes the task easier and frees me to see these very active dark energies for what they are, an inheritance from long, long ago, an inheritance I need not accept. It also helps me see others as exhibiting dark energies, not as dark individuals. Knowing this has allowed me to forgive myself and others. It has freed me to make the choice to love myself and others unconditionally.

Join me now to embrace the energy of Christ Consciousness, the energies of unconditional Love and perfect Unity. These are our inheritance from Earth’s Golden Era. Let us come to see all humans of Earth as our brothers and sisters and have compassion for each and every one of them. And let us love ourselves knowing that we are free to be who we truly are, great souls occupying human vehicles.

In Light, Love, and Unity,





Cosmic Paradigm
by Mark Kimmel
This book reveals things that have never been disclosed before
Learn how non-physical beings and extraterrestrials view humanity
Discover who you really are and why you are here at this time and place.


In this book I show what I have discovered through conversations, communications, and experiences with non-physical beings and extraterrestrials.

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