A Higher Consciousness Point Of View

Good Morning, Mark, this is Bren-Ton speaking with you from the starship Athabantian.

Good morning, Bren-Ton. It is a real pleasure to be communicating with you once again.

B-T: As you say, “it is a pleasure,” for me also. This is particularly true in that you now are functioning from a higher vibration, so our communications will take place from that higher perspective.

M: Yes, I see that also.

B-T: For instance, you have acquired, thorough several years of training, and experiences, an advanced merkaba and lightbody that are of a much higher functioning than when we last had a series of communications.

M: Yes, I am now better able to understand and more accurately transcribe what you are communicating without the interference of my rational mind.

B-T: For those not familiar with who I am, let me explain. I came with the starship Athabantian when she first moved into orbit about Earth, some seventy years ago. (It was about the same time you decided to come to Earth and dwell in a human body on the planet.)

B-T: The starship Athabantian resides in orbit about your planet at a distance, closer than your moon. It is the home to over five thousand beings, mainly from Andromeda, but also from other star systems of the Milky Way Galaxy, as well as celestials. Yet it is not visible to 3rd Dimension beings on Earth or to scientific instruments.

The reason for this is because Athabantian and all aboard are vibrating at a much higher frequency. This is the normal way in which both the ship and all aboard function. We are not “cloaked” to remove ourselves from your visibility, nor are we hiding from you. This is merely our normal way of being. Earth and her 3rd Dimension inhabitants are the exception in a universe that functions at higher vibrations.

So when you think of what is beyond your planet, recognize that you are dealing mostly with beings and planets of a much higher frequency than what you ordinarily conceive.

The 3rd density of earth is an energy construct that was put in place to stabilize the planet after the great catastrophe. With the exception of this sector of the Milky Way galaxy, the rest of this physical universe functions at higher densities. We from Andromeda function at a 13th and 14th Dimension. The inhabitants of a 3rd or 4th Dimension planet mostly function from a basis of fear and separation. Inhabitants of higher dimension planets function on the basis of love and unity.

Let me point out another major difference between life on Earth and life elsewhere. In addition to a physical form that you would experience as almost transparent, I am quite old by your standards. I am over four thousand years old. (Mark, you also were quite old when you lived on the planet Andon in Andromeda.) So, it is not at all that unusual for beings of a higher dimension to live for many, many years.

I speak in terms of years, so that you may know a relative length of time, this is not linear time as experienced on a 3rd Dimensional planet, but denotes the passing of a lifetime.

There are other planets within this sector of the Milky Way that are also of a 3rd Dimension density. They have the same rigidness as does Earth, and function from fear and separation as does Earth. However, few of them have ecosystems as rich or varied as Earth, in fact most are radically different.

I am setting the stage today for further communications, both about Earth and about other planets of this more dense type and the beings thereof. In the future we will speak about the ways in which entities of those lower density planets, as well as beings from the higher dimension planets have influenced life on Earth.

Please keep in mind that my perspective is that of a being observing from a high consciousness. This is quite different from beings who observe from the viewpoint of 3rd Dimension. It is possible for a higher dimension being to see from the perspective of a lower dimension; it is not possible for beings of a lower dimension to observe from the viewpoint of a higher dimension without the assistance of higher dimension beings. Mark, since you have raised your consciousness, you now have the ability to observe from a higher dimension.

M: This is all extremely interesting, Bren-Ton. Thank you. I look forward to more.

B-T: Thank you, Mark. It was good to reconnect with you. I too look forward to further communications.