I received the following communication this day, December 26, 2017. I believe it will be the first of several to come from my friends aboard the starship Athabantian. You might note that it is in a conversation mode rather than pronouncements coming from beings of a higher vibration. For more information about Athabantian and my friends from there, read my earlier postings below.


Good Morning Mark

Good Morning Justine & Moraine, it is very nice to communicate with you once again.

J&M: For us also it is most delightful, for we see you now in your transformed state. Your merkaba and light body are quite in evidence as we view you this day. It will make it much easier to communicate with you.

M: Yes, I also feel that we can communicate much better than we did years ago when you first contacted me. How are things aboard Athabantian?

J&M: We are very busy here focusing our energies as your country prepares to seat a new leader. We are flooding all in your country with love and light in preparation for the transition.

M: What do you observe about the powers within the government at this time?

J&M: We see that there is the potential for a new ways of governing that will separate from the old cabal who were in power for so many years.

M: This seems strange considering that no one knows how the new government will behave

J&M: True, but at the very least there is disconnect with the old ways of governing that predominated for the last years. Keep in mind that no one person can change all that has been established. It will be a joint effort to do anything. Keep in mind that the rhetoric that went with the election will be tempered by what is possible. It is like turning a very large ship; it must be done gradually for there is much momentum.

J&M: We see you and the other wayshowers as most important at this time. Each of you represent a glowing source of positive energy that radiates not only in your immediate area, but into the entire collective of humanity. Your positive energies are slowing raising the consciousness of all on Earth.

M: It is difficult to see this when there is so much that that bears little resemblance to what is peaceful, good, and uplifting.

J&M:We can understand why you would say that, but the light will always outweigh the dark. It requires only a few points of light to illuminate the darkness. It is like the light from a single electric light bulb that banishes the darkness in an entire room.

J&M: We wish to have these communications so that those who read these words will have reinforcement during the coming days of upheaval and chaos.

M: I understand what you are saying.

J&M: We foresee many dislocations as the new powers of government attempt to assert their views on the populace. Some of what they will attempt to do will benefit many; some will benefit only the elite. Some of their actions will cause much pain and suffering; some will be of benefit for many. As long as they rely on the tools of the 3rd dimension, there will be conflict and inequities mixed with benefits. However long term benefits for all will not emerge.

J&M: Only when everyone comes to realize that there is a better way to approach things will the opportunity to govern from a higher place be possible. What we would intend for our communications is to show how raising the energy of all will result in a new for of being. It is the only way in which your planet will ultimately be restored to its former glory.

M: As one who is surrounded by things of the 3rd dimension and the thinking that goes along with that, it is difficult to see how this will come about. I can see the ultimate Earth as it is transformed, but do not see the way in which this will happen.

J&M: We understand your perspective. It is the reason we wish to communicate with you. By doing so we will enlighten you as things transpire and you in turn can assist others.

M: I see that possibility, but do not fully comprehend.

J&M: Despite all of us coming from Andon, Mark, where we all lived in this higher vibration, you are now caught in the lower frequencies of Earth since coming here. We see your situation and respect it. We will have more to say in the coming days.

M: Thank you for this. I look forward to more communications.

Blessings Mark

Blessings to you


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