Greetings, I am Earth Soul. I am returning today to clarify items from my previous communication, and add new. The first of these is that the warming of my physical form is a function of the heating of my core. This is occurring due to the extraordinary electromagnetic energies impinging on my physical form from my star and elsewhere. These energies are cumulative and once within my physical form result in the heating of my entire physical self.

The pollution that you humans create in my atmosphere is not the cause of the heating of my physical form (i.e. global warming).  This is not to say that the presence of atmospheric pollution is not a problem, it is. It is changing the way in which my plants absorb carbon monoxide. It is changing the gases in my oceans. In short, I do not wish to have further pollution of my physical form, and am ascending to a density in which it will be no more. It is also very dangerous to your health.

The moon that circles my physical form is an artificial satellite, placed in orbit by the dark energies during the fall of consciousness. Despite the importance placed upon it by many humans, it has served primarily as an observation platform and staging area for off-world entities. As a part of the reconfiguring of my physical form, the moon will be removed by your space brothers and sisters.

You have many opinions about time.  The revolutions of my physical form about my star will remain the same for the next few million years. The revolutions of my physical form on its axis will remain relatively constant over this period. I do not foresee changes in these two measures of time. And as I said before the seasons will disappear with the righting of the axis of my physical form. As all are quite aware, the way in which you perceive time is changing. As you move into the higher, lighter densities, you will leave behind linear time. This will be replaced with now time. Quite soon, as all humans who remain on my physical form arrive at 5th Dimension functioning, all time will be now. The past and future, functions of 3rd density, will be no more.

Timing, as opposed to time, is both different and difficult as there are many, many factors. What was originally projected to begin more than ten revolutions about my sun ago has not as yet happened. The dramatic events projected for your year 2012 have not happened, nor are they likely to happen in the brief number of revolutions of my physical form. On a galactic or planetary level, things proceed slowly. I see that the remainder of this year as a time of initiating a new beginning, but only initiating, not completing. The culmination of what is begun this year will require several years to come to fruition. I see your lives over the next few years as a gradual process wherein 5th Dimension functioning comes to all who remain. I see it as the transformation of your physical bodies along with my physical body. I see it as a time of great uplifting for all.

I am Earth Soul. I look forward to the impending changes. I eagerly anticipate my new physical form. I look forward to welcoming you to the New Earth. Blessings to you all, good-bye.


The transcript of a recent talk by Mark Kimmel can be found at Mark’s Corner on this web site.

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