Earth Soul

Greetings, I am Earth Soul. Some of you call me Gaia. You live on Earth, my physical form, my sphere. Along with the Creator God of this universe, I created this physical form millions of years ago. I am a great soul, not unlike the great souls from which your soul is individuated.

You, my human residents, are asking many questions about forthcoming shifts of my physical form. I am responding to those questions. Let me first address the subject of the shift of the magnetic pole of my physical form. North will become south; south will become north. This will happen rather abruptly in cosmic terms, although the meanderings of my magnetic poles has been recorded by your scientists for some years, and you have evidence that a magnetic pole shift has happened many times before. I will not predict the impact that this pole shift will have on your mechanisms and electronics. It will surely have impact on your psyches. As with many things that we all initiate, we do not necessarily foresee all the ramifications of a given action.

Now let us turn to the matter of the axis of rotation of my physical form. In its current slant it gives my physical form seasons as I rotate about my star. This axis of rotation was distorted many years ago to its present slant. It will now be corrected so that my physical form will rotate perpendicular to my star. This shift is underway, to be completed within 4 rotations about my star. I am looking forward to this correction, as it will produce a moderate climate in most areas of the surface of my physical form. Those of you who remain will be the beneficiaries of such a salubrious climate.

Let us now speak of what it means to “ascend to the 5th Dimension.” At the time I created this sphere, I was vibrating in 5th Dimension. Due to the activities of the dark energy that invaded my physical form, and subsequently my human inhabitants, I dropped out of 5th Dimension. This was a very painful event for me, as I saw my physical form degenerate under the influence of the darkness that prevailed among humans. I was unable to halt my own drift into lower frequencies. For many rotations I drifted in these lower frequencies — I am speaking here as Earth Soul — and attempted to raise my own vibration. Caught in the dark energy’s carefully laid trap, I cried out for help. Creator asked if I wished to continue as the soul of this sphere and return it to its pristine form. I replied yes. It was then that I called out for assistance. Many of your human brothers and sisters from other star systems responded, providing much needed light energy. The process of climbing out of the lower vibrations has been ongoing since that time. As of this communication, I am fully restored to my former 5th Dimension brilliance, but my physical form lags behind.

Now comes the rest of the program to restore my physical form to its former pristine condition. Much has happened, and continues to happen, to my land, water, and air. I speak from personal experience; it is quite painful. Yes, painful, for all in my physical form –rocks, water, plants and animals — are conscious.

Those from around the universe who possess the technology to correct the invasions and corruptions of my land, water, and air stand ready to act. However they cannot do so until the vestiges of the darkness are removed from my physical form. When that happens they will step in and, in conjunction with the humans remaining on my sphere, restore my physical form to its pristine condition

I see that you still have more questions about physical form and how it will change in this process. Rather than ascending to the 5th Dimension, I am talking about bringing 5th Dimension into physical form. This will mean changes to what you currently perceive as my physical form – rocks, water, plants, and animals. What you currently perceive as physical form is very dense, even though it is mostly space. My new physical form will be less dense, and you as a 5th Dimension human of the New Earth will perceive it as less dense, but not without form and some solid characteristics. In addition to being less dense, it will have a glow about it, for it will contain more light. Incidentally, your physical bodies will also be less dense and will radiate an inner glow.

I am aware of the various maps that predict the eventual shape of the surface of my physical form. As you ponder these, keep in mind what is true of all communications from the higher vibrations, including this one: Such communications are highly dependent on the background and dispositions of the person receiving the information. This is true of all communications from the higher vibrations to the lower. From your recent experiences in the higher vibrations, Mark, you know that the higher vibrations exist without words or thoughts. You have had trouble telling others about what you have experienced. “It is beyond words,” you say. Thus to arrive at images or words that can be communicated to others, the impressions from the higher realms must be translated by the receiver.

Thus attempts to communicate how the surface of my physical form will ultimately look are somewhat muddled. Furthermore as I have said before, no one knows exactly how a particular action will play out in physical form. If it is true of your actions, it is certainly true of something as complex as the physical form of my sphere.

I have already begun initiating changes in line with restoring my physical form to a pristine state. Also there is a part of me that enjoys not explaining exactly how it will all turn out. You need a little wonder in your lives. So be cautious about projections of my physical form’s ultimate appearance, and enjoy where you are and what you are doing.

Your abilities as creators are playing a part in the transformation of my physical form. I am most grateful for all who have turned away from the fear-based 3rd Dimension and are now functioning in 4th and 5th Dimensions. Your light energies are enabling me to move more smoothly through my transformation. The same results will occur, but with less trauma to all. 

The process of returning my physical form to its pristine condition will require physical changes. Lemuria and Atlantis will once again emerge as significant landmasses. Portions of your current continents will disappear under ocean waters. Some lands will rise in elevation; some will fall. All of this is against a background of a greatly expanded sphere due to the infusion of light and the transformation of dense physical form into lighter physical form. The sum total of these will be a much-changed sphere from the standpoint of landmasses and oceans, and do not forget the moderate climate.

As to the humans who will reside on my physical form, all who remain will be in what you term 4th Dimension – through a mass ascension process. This is an interim phase between the denseness of the 3rd Dimension and the fullness and light of the 5th Dimension. Eventually all humans who remain on my 5th Dimension physical form will, of necessity, be functioning in the 5th Dimension — they will bring the 5th Dimension into their physical forms. Moving from the 4th Dimension density to the 5th Dimension density requires an individual choice on the part of each human. The infusion of the 5th Dimension into physical form is being accelerated by the efforts of numerous light workers as they give of themselves to assist my return to a pristine condition and then my advancement to a brilliant self-illuminating globe. By doing this they assist all to more easily make this transformation. As for the timing of these changes, expect to see the first of them quite soon. The remainder will take several trips about my star.

One additional note, extreme weather, forest fires, volcanic activity, and earthquakes will intensify as I cleanse my physical form. This is not the result of any particular karma, just my need to work out residual fear in the least destructive manner possible. These will end within a few rotations about my star, as we all settle into higher vibrations.

Let me finish by saying that I have great admiration for all humans who choose to incarnate on Earth (my physical form). I know how difficult your time here can be – but remember the lessons that this schoolhouse planet provides. After the transformation of my physical form, those wishing such an “Earthly” experience will need look elsewhere.

I am Earth Soul. It has been my great pleasure to communicate with you this day. I look forward to the day when all can call my physical form home to a civilization of light. Blessings to all.


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