Energy Part 2

Good Morning, Adrial.

Good Morning, Mark, I am most happy to be with you this day. It is nice to find you in such high energy. Today I wish to follow on my earlier communication about energy, for we see all in terms of energies and their impact.

Let us begin a long time ago, after Earth had fallen in the Great Catastrophe. She was at that time reduced to a globe of rock, a tiny image of her glorious past as Earth Star. But more than rock remained; there were energies that lingered in this density. These dark energies remained with Earth as she was set on a path of resurrection.

These remained from the final moments of the civilizations of Atlantis and Lemuria. They were: domination, fear, separation, and polarity. I go back to this moment so that you can see where some of the energies that now infect your world originated. As you know, Earth is slowly evolving from this lower density empowered by her human population.

Dark energies are very present on your planet today. It is not just an absence of love; these dark energies have a power of their own. The energy of Love is much more powerful. It is able to override dark energies; then they become dormant.

While the majority of Earth’s human population resides in various levels of 4th Dimension, there is a significant portion of the population that lives in 3rd Dimension. It is this portion of your population that would like to control all others.

We who observe your planet see 3rd Dimension energy manifested in government structures that are not based in love. Herein we have the energy of domination at work, in those who wish to control others. We see the energy of fear present in those that feel dominated, feel less-than, or feel separated. Those that dominate others do not see them as their brothers and sisters, rather then see them as something less-than.

We see your monetary system that is rigged to accumulate wealth in the hands of the few while relegating all others to a less-than role, people who can be dominated to squeeze money for the wealthy. Here we see the energies of domination, more-than, and less-than.

We see the energies of domination in religions that express a dogma and demand that all adhere to it, while condemning non-believers. Yes, some religions do good works, but they do it without the benefit of unconditional love or perfect unity as their basis. They are judgmental and treat the poor as less-than or lazy.

We see the dark energies of domination and fear in war and in some athletic contests. Where is the energy of Love in these? In the absence of the energies of Love and Unity, the dark energies manifest.

Some who read these words would attribute the dark energies of the 3rd Dimension to off-planet interference. In the past this has been the case. Today it is no longer so. All of the detrimental ETs who sought to control your planet have been removed. What remains are those humans who see the benefits to themselves of power and money and follow the pattern laid down by detrimental ETs. So do not blame off-planet influence for what is happening today. It is up to humanity to reject the dark energies of the 3rd Dimension.

The energies inherited from your distant ancestors are no longer present in the children coming onto the planet. They do not carry the energies that your generation continues to hold. This not to say that you should wait for the ascendancy of the children, rather you should do whatever you can to ease the introduction of the young into your societies.

There are many worthwhile ideas here, Adrial, thank you.

Thank you, Mark, blessings



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