Good Morning, Mark, we are the Ultraterrestrials of Andromeda. We are pleased to come to you this day to provide insights about this universe and your planet.

Good Morning, Ultraterrestrials of Andromeda.

For those who do not know us, we function at an ultra-high consciousness that is very close to Source and according to the Schematic of Christ Consciousness. We Ultraterrestrials are the highest energy beings of Andromeda. As you may already know, we are a collective, as are all other beings associated with the Andromeda Galaxy, for the entire Galaxy functions at high consciousness to the 15th Dimension.

There was a time in Andromeda when certain star systems fell to lower frequencies, affecting the vibration of the entire Galaxy. (These star systems did not fall as far as was to be the subsequent fate of Earth.) The star systems within Andromeda were able to regain their higher functioning due to the example of the Christ Consciousness Schematic provided by Earth. All in Andromeda are most grateful for that example, as it helped restore the functioning of all planets.

At that time, several billion years ago, Earth was a beacon of high consciousness, functioning at 12th Dimension. She was not in her current orbit; rather she stood alone as an example. If you had been able to see her, she was what you would call a very large gaseous globe radiating high energies, much like a star. She was positioned so that all in the universe could see what Source declared to be a planet according to the Schematic from which this entire universe was to be created.

These were Earth’s “Golden Years.” They lasted for many billions of years, providing an example of proper creation according to the Schematic of Source. Many great beings who were creating star systems and planets elsewhere visited Earth to experience her example. It was during these Golden Years that Atlantis and Lemuria were on Earth. These civilizations existed in harmony for many hundreds of thousands of years, before the Fall of Consciousness, the Great Calamity, that almost completely destroyed Earth. Imagine the fall of what was once the beacon for the entire universe, and the reactions of those who had admired and copied her.

Now is the moment in which we of Andromeda provide assistance to Earth in her time of need. We have been supplying energy to Earth for many years as humanity struggles from the depths of 3rd Dimension. Most recently we positioned one of our starcraft in orbit around your planet. It functions at a high frequency so it is not detectable. The beings aboard the craft function as a collective, expressing individuality only as required. The energies supplied by the craft are reduced into a somewhat lower frequency so that they are compatible with those of Earth and humanity.

The beneficial energies our craft provides are broadcast across the planet. In some cases specific individuals or events are targeted. As examples, we recently provided energies to the Crystal Conference that Mark attended. Mark is able to receive our communications due to the imprinting of his incarnations of several thousand years on planets within Andromeda.

We Ultraterrestrials, and those from Andromeda who work with us, will continue to support the resurrection of your planet and its humans, and foresee a time in the not-to-distant future when all will function at a higher consciousness.

It has been our pleasure to communicate with you this day, Mark. Blessings.

Thank you, Ultraterrestrials of Andromeda. Blessings.


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