From Moraine

Good morning, Mark, it is I Moraine.

Good morning, Moraine. What a pleasant surprise. I’m very happy to be communicating with you. I miss our conversations; it has been too long.

I agree, it’s been quite a long time. I find it easier to speak with you now, Mark, or should I call you by your old name, Bel-Don?

I believe it will be easier for the readers of these words to use my Earth human name, Mark. They will soon realize that you and I were close friends when I lived on Andon, in the Andromeda Galaxy.

Yes, Mark, I believe they will be most surprised to learn that you were a female during that lifetime.

It will be a surprise, all right. I was surprised when I learned about it – only a few months ago. I hope my readers they will be able to stretch their thinking.

It’s most interesting to observe you as you go about your daily routine. I am with you at all times, even in your private moments.

I find that a little disconcerting.

I don’t judge you, in any way, just observe, for your life here on Earth is so different from what we experienced on Andon.

That is quite an understatement. On Andon we all lived at a much higher level of consciousness, lived in semi-physical form, and lived for many, many years, several times as long as typical Earth humans.

I recall very well when you became aware of what was about to take place on Earth: The climax of her resurrection. You studied it for several hundred years before you decided to become a part of it. I could understand your interest in Earth and her resurrection, but could not find it within myself to actually assume an Earth human body, as you did.

Coming into a human body has been quite a struggle. Just accommodating to a dense physical form was quite a challenge. Then choosing a male body was another hurdle. Then experiencing the various stages of growth from child to adult. It has been a real adventure.

You asked me to remind you of the life you had on Andon. Do you recall any of it?

I remember very little. So, please, my memory needs help.

Andon was, and still remains a semi-physical planet. Because we were semi-physical beings on a semi-physical planet, we had none of what you have here on a rigid planet of the 3rd Dimension.

We did not consume food, as you do here. We received energy directly. It is fun to watch you enjoy the delights of Earth food. (I can almost taste what you experience.) We did not work, as you do here in order to make money with which to buy things. On Andon we manifested whatever we wished, be a house, or an environment. We did not need automobiles for we could transport ourselves to wherever we wished to go. We were at peace for we all recognized that we were one. We were in perfect unity with one another. There was no fear, greed, lies, or violence.

Whew, what a difference, just reminding me of these things helps me understand why I had such a hard time accommodating to my circumstances here on Earth. I have never felt, until very recently, totally comfortable with my human body. I see others around me juggling for positions of advantage, be it in terms of money or power, be it in small ways or large. It is ingrained in Earth humans, particularly males.

Mark, you should feel quite good about what you have accomplished while in your human body.

I do, yet I seem to want to do more, particularly in light of the drama being played out at this time, and in light of the knowledge and consciousness I have acquired.

We of Athabantian observe that Earth’s drama is finally coming to a tipping point. While we know it will ultimately result in a return of the planet to its former golden age, we cannot discern exactly how that will all take place. We simply know that rising energies will change the ways in which people see each other, see their life circumstances, and see how they can assist the resurrection. When the consciousness of enough people is elevated, all of humanity will be swept along to higher functioning. Earth humans will no longer resort to domination, misrepresentation, or anger.

Just know, Mark, that you are having a positive impact just by being who you are. We know that you wish to do more, but be satisfied with what you are accomplishing.

I appreciate your words, Moraine, and I’ill take my time and allow my impact to find its way to the right people.

It’s already is doing that.


Anything more you would like to know about your former life?

Not right now, this is a good start. I will be back for more. Thank you for taking time to be with me today and for your words of encouragement.

Mark, know that I am with you at all times during your day, experiencing what you think and do. It is a real joy, being close to you as you journey through your life on Earth. We were close friends on Andon. It almost feels like we are once again back in that relationship.

When did you come to Athabantian?

Justine and I came about thirty years ago. We had watched developments and saw that now was the time to make our contributions.

Were you among those who awakened me in 1987?

Yes, several of us from Andromeda, came to remind you why you had come to Earth, and that you needed to walk away from you life of comfort in the conventional paradigm.

I appreciate your awakening me, although at the time I found it frightening and uncomfortable. It certainly changed me. And I am grateful for the path upon which I have embarked.

I have many more questions of you, Moraine, about your life before we came to Athabantian.

Let’s reserve those for another time. I’ill be happy to answer them. So I’ll say goodbye for now and send you an extra dose of my love, my friend.

Thank you, Moraine, my love to you and all aboard Athabantian. Goodbye.


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