Good Morning Adrial

Good Morning Mark. Today, I would like to communicate with you about death.

That is a topic I seem to be faced with because of those around me who are very sick.

Yes, we know.

Let me begin. From my perspective, death is very misunderstood on your planet. While it is generally acknowledged that something survives life in a human body, there is no clear understanding about it. Also there are those among your population that do not believe that there is anything beyond life in a human body. Couple this with the many superstitions about life forms outside the physical body and you have a situation that is ripe for producing fear.

You may recall that life on Andon was terminated at the will of the individual vehicle of form in conjunction with the individual’s soul. This is the normal way in which beings who are functioning at a higher consciousness go about leaving their vehicle of form. It is a joint effort, a joint decision, and the event is both peaceful and effortless.

That is quite a contrast with what exists on Earth.

Yes, that is the situation. Because many humans of your planet exist in rigid 3rd Dimension form they must contend with a dense physical body that does not readily communicate with their individuated soul. Therein lies the problem. It is further complicated by the belief among many of your planet that there is but one life in physical form.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Reincarnation is a wonderful and beautiful experience. You have the opportunity, or I should say your soul has the opportunity, to experience many lifetimes.

Mark, you have experienced thousands of lifetimes. You have experienced lifetimes in physical form and semi-physical form. You have experienced lifetimes on this planet and on many other planets. This is not your first lifetime on Earth, although it has been many thousands of years since you were here previously. Your most recent past lifetime was on Andon in the Andromeda Galaxy. There you lived in a semi-physical form at a high level of consciousness.

When you decided – in conjunction with your soul – to lay down your body and come to Earth, it was a joint decision. It was a peaceful ending to your life in form in the Andromeda Galaxy. It was not decided on a whim or carelessly; it was very deliberate. You felt that you had accomplished all that you had come to Andon to do and wished to move on to another experience.

Contrast this with people of this planet who are not in touch with their souls so they do not have the advantage of making such a decision consciously. Such decisions are undertaken by their souls who determine when they have had enough experience in the physical vehicle.

It is at that time that the body is freed to die. Yes, it is a simple decision that this vehicle no longer serves the soul, that it has completed its usefulness. Like the driver of a mechanical vehicle the soul makes that decision.

Depending on the energy of the body, it will then open itself to the onset of death. It will be a peaceful, rapid death if the person resides at a higher consciousness. Or it may be a lingering process if there is value to be gained by a longer, more painful process.

The Western medical establishment views approaching death as an opportunity to provide all manner of medication and procedures to keep the patient alive. This is very fear based. It is ingrained in your society that it is all-important to remain living, despite the quality of life, despite the decision by the soul. This latter is of course not recognized by Western Medicine.

So it is fear that to a large extent that determines the avenue of death. It is a lack of understanding that reincarnation is a vital process throughout the universe. Souls have incarnated since the beginning of space/time and even before. Souls will continue to reincarnate long after Earth and its human population is no more. Each individual of Earth has experienced many thousands of reincarnations ahead before this lifetime.

Back to the manner of the death of this body, when the soul decides it is time to depart, it will open the body to disease and accidents that heretofore had been avoided. The body is not in charge of this process; the soul orchestrates this. Then the factors of fear, comes into play. If there is a clear understanding and a welcoming of the next lifetime, then the transition can be quite peaceful. This is a very individual point of view and is usually unconscious.

Are saying that we attract disease or accidents to our bodies?

Yes. As we have discussed before, each individual’s energy attracts or repels energies at all times. Mark, you have learned to control some of this and are learning to do more so. Most people live unaware that they radiate energy at every moment of their lives.

From your perspective, Adrial, why do some people fight against death?

There are many reasons, Mark. There is the influence of loved ones who wish them to remain around. There are unfinished projects. There is fear of the unknown. And there are all the stories about death that they have been bombarded with since childhood.

If one can successfully upgrade the human body, it can live for hundreds of years. This would be quite a challenge, given the one would be surrounded by people who believe in shorter lifetime and would look upon them as freaks of nature. Nonetheless it can be dome by acquiring a lightbody and changing the DNA, glands, and neurological system.

So, death is not as commonly believed?

In other societies, notably those based in Eastern religions, the idea of death is more closely understood. Some are able to depart their bodies at will. However they have a misconception of reincarnation. The soul decides when it wishes to reincarnate to achieve certain experiences. Generally, it would serve no purpose to reincarnate into a lesser material form, for the soul is always reaching for higher levels. Also the soul can choose to reincarnate on any one of a trillion planets, so the opportunities are also limitless, why reincarnate as a dog?

I conclude from this that those who exist at a high consciousness where the soul is integral with the physical body can make a joint decision about “laying down the physical body,” death. Whereas those who exist at a lower consciousness, where the soul is not integrated with the physical body, are left with the unconscious decision of the soul as to when it wishes to abandon the body, and is left with their energy signature as to the experience thereof.

That is correct, Mark.

Wow, thank you, Adrial. This has been most wonderful.

You are most welcome, Mark. I have desired to communicate this for some time. It is part of the reason that I suggested you get the training to raise your consciousness – so that you might better understand and be able to convey this information to others.

Again, Adrial, my gratitude.

We will speak again. Goodbye. Blessings



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