Greetings, on behalf of all aboard Athabantian: We express our gratitude to all humans of Earth who are awakening to the larger reality. We are particularly grateful for the efforts of the lightworkers of your planet and all who allow their light to shine forth. We offer these words on behalf of your star brothers and sisters everywhere, for all know the impact of your transformation on all of creation.

From our observations, and from those of us who walk among you, we know how difficult are your lives on planet Earth. They are the most difficult of anywhere we have encountered in our explorations. Know that your struggles into the light are appreciated and that ultimately Earth, along with her human residents, will become a uniquely beautiful, peaceful, and totally enlightened star. The road immediately ahead will be a bit bumpy, but on the other side is paradise.

It is for these reasons, as well as our love for you, our sisters and brothers of Earth, that many starships are gathered about your planet at this time. We are providing you assistance as allowed by universe rules of non-interference, and by considerations for the highest good of all.

All of you on the planet are now receiving extraordinary energies of transformation, energies never before made available. By embracing them you are transforming everyone on the planet. By undertaking this transformation you do a great service for all in creation.

Although I, and others of the celestial realm, have never possessed physical form, I express gratitude for the billions of Earth humans who have chosen to incarnate at this time and place – regardless of your vibration, location, or status. By the courageous act of incarnating on Earth you are energizing the transformation of all.

I am Taugth, currently residing on the starship Athabantian.



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