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Greetings from the starship Athabantian, today I am responding to the numerous inquiries we have had as to why we are not communicating more information about the details of current events. My response is as follows: Humanity and Earth are undergoing the initial stages of the great transformation; events are playing out as we had predicted in our earlier messages. We are not in the entertainment business and feel no need to produce a blow-by-blow analysis of current events.

Having said the above, I will comment as follow.  Little that your national media would have you believe about the current situation in the U.S. is true. Some of what you are reading and viewing on the Internet is misinformation; be discerning. Your politics are based on power struggles between the wealthy and powerful, nothing more; politicians are not paying attention to the needs of the populace. Your legal systems have been subverted to the needs of the wealthy. The world monetary system is near collapse. Most religions continue to flog old dogma rather than attending to the spiritual needs of their followers. You are beings fed lies about science, history, medicine, and much more. Those in power and wealth are desperately holding onto what they have, as they make preparations to survive the coming transformation.

The only way in which you will survive and move forward during the days of the transformation is to increase your vibration commensurate with that of the new Earth – this is the minimum, not the optimal. Optimally you should be working on the raising your vibration to a 5th Dimensional level – which is where we aboard Athabantian reside. If your vibration is based exclusively in the light you will weather this transformation much better than if you have residual fears.

Your year 2012 is witnessing the initiation of the final events of the great transformation. All these will not play out by year-end. There will be physical and energetic shifts of your planet. Extreme weather will continue. Expect more environmental reactions to your abuses. You personally will be called upon to set aside much. Yes, you are mitigating some of the changes through your combined energies, but you cannot avoid all, for the transformation requires leaving behind what you consider “known” and “comfortable” in order to construct a new civilization.

I encourage each reader of this communication to examine our earlier messages as they predict much of what is now transpiring, and what will need to be re-constructed to fulfill the promise of the New Earth. Once again, live in the light during these trying times; do not go to fear.

I am Bren-Ton, currently of the starship Athabantian. All aboard send their blessings to each human of earth.



Transformation 2012

From Awareness to Enlightened

…to commemorate the 1987 Harmonic Convergence

August 16-17-18

Pagosa Springs, Colorado

A well know cast of Presenters and trainers to assist attendees in raising their vibrations.

(Specific name to be announced shortly)


Ready to abandon the 3rd Dimension?

Want answers to what is happening to you personally?

Want answers to what lies ahead?

Ready to move forward?


Three days focused on raising vibrations in harmony with the New Earth

Three days of training for what comes next

Three days learning from our star brothers & sisters, and celestials of the universe

Three days dedicated to being all you can be



Presented by the Institute of Light

More details soon.

Mark your calendar.

Plan to be present.



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