Leadership 2

As I informed you in the previous post at this site, I have been asked to re-publish earlier messages relating to Caretakers. The following message from Bren-Ton was previously published on June 16, 2009.


It is my pleasure to share the following. A leader is to access those who are to participate with him. In them he must see their Oneness with him. He is no better than they; they are no different from him. His job is to inventory their talents and desires, and utilize them to best advantage.

In Oneness is the ability to truly see the other as a unique expression of God. In Oneness is the ability to see each other as brothers and sisters of the same or different oversouls. In any dimension, there is a unique physical expression of the underlying soul. The leader must see this in each participant and appreciate it.

Those who are attracted to the vision of the leader will comfortably express to him their talents and their desires. Those who would be a part of his team will show him how they will fit with him and others. It is the leader’s job to listen to each of his potential participants and to ascertain what they are saying about themselves. It will take wisdom and openness on the part of everyone involved for this process to work.

Inherent within this is a lack of structure, yet some form of structure will be achieved to move forward. A leader will make decisions for the team, the group, the community, or the state. The participants who are closest to him will absorb his vision and make it their own. They then can convey it to others. It is through this approach of mutual appreciation, shared vision, and Oneness that a new type structure will emerge.

If physical things or animals are to be utilized, they too will be appreciated for their Oneness with the members of the team. Rocks, plants, animals, birds, and fish are part of Oneness. Team members will come to see their Oneness and importance. If it is the task of the team to find, chop, and deliver wood, then the trees must become an integral part of the process as will the mode of chopping and delivery.

Recruiting members for his team is the job of the leader. Volunteering to be part of the team is the job of those who would participate with the leader. Members of any team have opportunities to join with various leaders. How they select whom they wish to follow is an individual decision. It should be carried out with both deliberation and purpose. The entire process must be transparent; there must be no hidden agendas on either the part of the leader or participants.

Note that I did not use the word, “follower,” when speaking about those who would be associated with a leader. Follower implies less than a fully conscious union. Only those who are aware can participate with a leader in Oneness.