Leadership 3

As I informed you in the previous two posts at this site, I have been asked to re-publish earlier messages relating to Caretakers. The following message from Bren-Ton was previously published on June 18, 2009.


I am happy to rejoin you and share the approach to organization that we would hope to implement on your planet. Intuition is to be cultivated in both the leader and the participants of his team. The value of it in decision-making and action is to be recognized. The opinion of either the leader or a participant, based on one’s intuition, is to be honored. It is a matter of feeling comfortable with this way of decision-making, as opposed to analysis.

Meditation practice is an important part of the new leadership and participant mode. Meditation will serve to connect everyone to a higher way of being. When all members of a team are mediating they will more easily join together in proper decision-making and action. No formal way of achieving meditation is proscribed.

Meditation will lead to a direct connection with God. Only when that is firmly established will the true meaning of Oneness within the team become apparent. Functioning from a place of Oneness with all will create organizations like no other. Seeing projects in Oneness will make their accomplishment not only easier, but will facilitate the highest good for all involved. Training all members of a team in these practices will bear plentiful fruit.

One this is accomplished, the ability to communicate telepathically will follow quite naturally. If one’s conscious mind can be quieted through a meditative practice, then the door to telepathic communication opens. When a leader and his team members are all joined in this close association there is no room for private agendas, nor room for deceit or manipulation, and no room for maneuvering or game playing.

Since you have all be taught to compete with each other, to see each other as different, and to seek your own welfare, this type of functioning will be quite a new experience. Seek out those people who will join with you in this type of an organization. Let the natural leader emerge. Within a short time an experience will emerge in which everyone communicates openly, everyone recognizes the strengths of each person, and in which there is a free exchange of ideas.

There are many other aspects of leadership and organization, such as ethics and leadership training for children, which we will share with you. These will become known, Mark, as you build the leadership institute we have requested of you. By this message we are recruiting those who might join with Mark in building such a teaching institute for Leadership in Oneness. We see such an effort as essential to creating a new civilization for Earth, and have promised to assist in its success.