Chapter 22

Chapter 22


Archangel Michael


I was directed, once again, to my computer. As I sat before it, my fingers typed the following words.


Greetings,  I am Archangel Michael. I speak for a collective of Archangels, Ascended Masters, Creator Gods, and Overseers who are most interested in the situation on Earth.

We come from a position of having observed Earth and its human residents for millions of years. Furthermore, we well understand that events on your planet affect all in the Milky Way Galaxy, and in the universe. We are anxious that this moment to ascend you and your planet not be wasted, for another such auspicious moment will be long in coming.

The enslavement of humanity by dark energies is rooted in the 3rd Dimension. If solutions based in lower consciousness are attempted, they will only serve to avoid the true solution. In time, a lower consciousness solution will allow old ills to re-emerge.


In prior pages, many points-of-view have been presented. These range from human to non-human, from historical to contemporary, and from individual to cosmic. Many of them are 3rd Dimension. Some of them are spiritual and of high consciousness. It is important to understand, in depth, what is not working, so it will not be repeated. It is equally important to see the high road to know what is possible.



Those who have succumbed to dark energy are most easily recognized in their expressions of fear, greed, separation, and judgment. When an individual dwells in these, he or she will act accordingly, especially in relationship to others.


This can be seen in an individual who chooses power over others in place of seeing them as a physical vehicle of a great soul. Seeing others as merely tools for their own self-centered benefit and judging them to be of less value is a sure indication of someone who has fallen under the influence of the dark energy.


The dark energy of which I speak originally came to Earth when certain creator gods and their followers invaded the planet and its resident beings. This happened many millions of years ago at the time of Atlantis. They were so powerful in pursuing their attacks against the Schematic of Source, the grand plan for this universe, that they almost destroyed the Earth of that time. Today’s humans are not guilty of causing or allowing this.


When Earth was reconfigured as a 3rd Dimension planet, and humans were created to occupy it, the dark energy had not been vanquished. It immediately went to work to invade the humans of that long-ago time.


It has been a struggle ever since between those who adhere to the Schematic of Source and those who have fallen prey to the dark energies that are opposed to it.


At this moment, dark energies have infected     those who have become the powerful and wealthy of the planet. The resulting self-centered greed encourages them to obtain more and more power and wealth. It also dismisses any concern they might have to see other humans as anything more than slaves to their ambitions. The wealthy and powerful are in positions of leadership in your governments, banks, corporations, medical systems, legal systems, and religions. Many are secreted away from the public, pursuing their ambitions without being noticed. There are wealthy families in which this very large wealth has resided generation after generation. They seek to preserve their status despite all threats.



At this moment on your planet, humanity is embroiled in a struggle between those humans who operate from fear, separation, and judgment versus those who operate from Light, Love and Unity. All of the current political turmoil, all health-related discord, all monetary system uncertainty, all religious disagreements, and all factors that affect the lives of people can be traced to this battle between the dark energy that seeks to continue its hold over humanity and the energy of Source that seeks to free humanity, raising everyone to a higher state  of existence.


Many battles that rage between the dark and the light today are fought at 3rd dimension. There we observe the forces for good attempting to exert themselves in the face of the traditional power structures of humanity that are based in fear. It will not be possible for the forces who see the Light to overcome the darkness by battling in 3rd Dimension. Only by coming to higher consciousness can true freedom be achieved.             



Among those aligned with the dark energy,  there are a relative few totally committed to extending the enslavement of humanity. They see this as the only way to maintain their  extraordinary wealth and power. Many others emulate them as they embrace the goal of securing a comfortable lifestyle.



The media and other forms of communication paint the lives of the wealthy and powerful as something to be desired. Their greed, separation, or anger is displayed as something desirable, something to seek after, in order to attain great wealth and power like them.


Once you see this structure and the way in which the powerful and wealthy look upon you, you will see something as ordinary as making a purchase in a different way. You will then see it as a way to support their lifestyle, as a small continuation of their wealth and power. Think about this the next time you buy something.


If you examine your life closely, you will see that you are controlled in numerous ways, and your mind accepts these controls as normal. Many who are in lower dimensions see this as a loss of freedoms. We of the higher consciousness see this as much more, as enslavement of the mind. It is much more intrusive than merely losing your ability to act in certain ways. In order to extract the maximum from you, the wealthy and the powerful attempt to convince you there is no other way to exist.



The presence of beings from other planets of the Milky Way Galaxy began not long after the first humans were created on Earth. The Creator Gods who fashioned humanity’s first humans requested their assistance to upgrade these first physical beings of the new Earth. What you term extraterrestrials came from planets in the Pleiades, in Sirius, in Arcturus and from the Andromeda Galaxy. All of these functioned in accord with the Schematic of Source. They helped to upgrade the brains of humans, as well as some physical features like posture and the opposing thumb.


Today extraterrestrials come from many planets. Some are from planets that function according to the Schematic of Source. Others are from planets where the dark energy has totally enslaved the population, leading to societies who function exclusively from fear, separation, and judgment. Many of these are present on your planet today, walking among you with physical features not unlike your own. Some are created by holograms and by clones. They interact secretly with individuals in the governments and the military of many countries. Extraterrestrials have trained the military and corporations of your country and others to create space ships capable of journeying beyond your solar system.


There are groupings of planets who are aligned for reasons of mutual support, trade, and consciousness. These are both those allied under the thumb of darkness as well as those functioning in accordance with the Schematic of Source and Christ Consciousness.


When Earth was recreated in 3rd Dimension and its humans were first created, their souls were charged with directing their physical vehicles to work on returning Earth to 12th Dimension, such as the planet and its population had existed many billions of years earlier.


This upward climb has slowly resulted in todays population on Earth. There have been times when we witnessed positive steps toward this goal, times of relative freedom and peace. In each instance, the dark energy invaded a few of the population, turning them against the majority, getting them to operate from fear, getting them to seek power over others as a solution to their fear.


We have that situation today. A relative few have power over the many. They function from fear, separation, and judgment, believing that power overcomes their inner insecurities. We see such individuals in positions of power in your government. We see them in positions of power in your corporations, banks, churches, and medical, education, and legal systems.


We see your monetary system and banks based on debt, huge loans without backing. This has created a massive fiat currency. The dollar has been the reserve currency for the world; it cannot continue, given the amounts of fiat currency now outstanding. This system is not sustainable.

The conversion to a more stable currency will be most difficult for those depending on the dollar. This transition will be accomplished with some dislocations for all involved.

Given the central role of money, this transformation will need to be undertaken before re-creation takes place in corporations and other systems, such as legal.


Your churches and religious organization have all been invaded by the dark energy that causes some to desire positions of authority. Many in positions of leadership within these organizations are driven by the need for power to overcome their inner lack of self-worth.

Your churches have historically been a focal point for separation and judgment. Many people have suffered due to religious dogma that called for domination of a particular belief. Such domination has been forced with physical violence.

This attitude will be changed with higher consciousness on the part of those involved in these religions and restructuring to eliminate the power pyramid within their organizations.

Relationships with Source do not require priests or other intermediaries. Accepting that we are all brothers and sisters, and that there is no better-than or lesser-than, will bring about needed reforms. I believe Yeshua said enough earlier that I need say no more.


Truth will change both the educational and medical systems. Here I am referring to the larger Truth of the universe as functioning in accord with the Schematic of Source, the true nature of the human body as a vehicle for the soul, the true reason for being in the body, the truth about death and reincarnation, and what it means to function at higher consciousness.

The education and medical systems need to recognize that humans survived for thousands of years without modern technology. There is great wisdom that is not taught in schools of today or incorporated into the latest inventions. There are ancient healing ways that performed quite well before the advent of modern medicine. Look at the long history of humanity on this planet and discover what has been lost due to blind greed and to those whose anger drives them to destroy things. A perfect example of the latter is the senseless destruction of the great Library of Alexandria, which contained priceless records.


We also see individuals and groups who are dedicated to raising the larger population to higher consciousness. They are working to shine light on those who do not function with the greatest good for all. These beautiful people generally work behind the scenes and are largely responsible for humanity’s persistent march toward higher consciousness despite the best efforts of dark energy to interfere. Along with benevolent extraterrestrials, they have also prevented any large-scale destruction due to atomic devices.



In conclusion, we wish to point out that humanity’s path beyond enslavement is not based in 3rd Dimension solutions like politics or technology. We have witnessed other planets that were controlled by dark forces. Their path away from enslavement was only successful when a significant portion of the population awakened and became committed to higher consciousness. The Light of higher consciousness, which is very much more powerful, overwhelmed the darkness.

It does not require everyone to embrace a higher way to behave. It only requires those who embrace higher consciousness to fully commit to it as the only way to live. Look at the small percentage of the population who believed in freedom; they brought forth the United States. Do not depend on actions by those rooted in 3rd Dimension solutions to overcome the dark. They will not. It has never worked out before. It will not work out this time.


Blessings to All, Michael


“This is pretty clear,” I said as I handed Heather a printed copy of Archangel Michael’s communication.

“We have no choice, unless we want to incarnate here again and again,” she responded. “Any permanent solution requires humanity to function at higher consciousness. Now, let’s see if we can get a critical mass of high consciousness people to step up and make it happen.”

“I see this as the way forward for you and me,” Michael said. “I may not see the route clearly, but I see functioning from higher consciousness, from a spiritual point of view, as the only way we can do our part in assisting humanity upward.”