Chapter 21


Chapter 21




Heather and I had returned to my house in Denver, after driving from Loveland. I was barely inside the door when I was pulled back downstairs to sit in front of the iMac.

I settled in before it, as if working on my book. After opening up a blank Word page, I was ready to type. My fingers responded to words as they came through my head. I could almost feel them being guided to each key on my keyboard. This had happened when my book first appeared, and later when Yeshua spoke to me. The author, this time, identified himself as Archangel Uriel.


Many billions of years ago, Earth was a very high dimension planet. There were beings of 12th Dimension who lived on her. She was a beacon of Light, a wayshower for all planets of the Milky Way Galaxy. This state of beauty and tranquility continued for millions of years.

Beings from the planet Atlantis, came to Earth, as refugees from their own dying planet. Despite their lower vibration, the people of Earth accepted them, believing that their high consciousness would outweigh that of the Atlantians.

After a long period of peace, some of the former Atlantians began to experiment with what had almost destroyed their planet. They moved to the other side of the planet to continue their experiments. This ultimately resulted in the near destruction of Earth.

The nonphysicals who had created Earth intervened. After a period of dormancy, Earth was recreated as a 3rd Dimension planet. Humans were introduced by the nonphysicals about 500,000 years ago with the charter of returning Earth to its former glory as a 12th Dimension planet.

Benevolent beings from other planets were invited to add their unique characteristics to the developing humans of Earth. You have inherited these characteristics.

Dark beings have once again descended on Earth, seeking to imprison humanity. Your Light can overshadow their efforts.

At this moment, humanity is at a tipping point to determine if the planet and her population will fulfill their charter. You have the opportunity to be an active participant in this process.


“This certainly puts reinforcement on our efforts,” I said. I had walked up to the back deck and had handed Heather a printed copy of Uriel’s message. “Do you understand what he’s saying?”

“The part about Earth being a 12th Dimension planet is new,” Heather said. “Haven’t heard that before. Also, I didn’t know that Atlantis originated off-planet. I had heard about the people of Atlantis being destructive, but I didn’t know their actions almost destroyed Earth.

“It makes sense to me that we were somehow re-created as lower dimension beings. I mean look at us now. We’re nowhere close to 12th Dimension. And I sure didn’t know anything about a charter to restore Earth to 12th Dimension.

“I can’t relate to dark energy, even though we’re being told that it’s behind all of our problems. I don’t understand how it works.”

“Uriel’s words are certainly full of stuff that I barely understand,” I said. “I want to sit with it for a while. Also, I’ve asked Uriel for clarification. So where does that leave us?”

Heather said, “I’m getting that we are finished with videos and delving into books; that you must continue writing your book, but now it will be from a higher perspective. And we’ll do it despite those opposed to our efforts, and despite the majority of people unable or unwilling to see alternative explanations for what is happening.

“Most importantly, we must constantly strive to keep ourselves at a higher level of consciousness.”

“If we come at everything from a higher perspective, I believe nothing will harm either of us.” I said.

“More importantly, if we keep ourselves at a high consciousness, we can model for others, helping them move out of fear.”

“I am determined to continue,” I said with renewed conviction.

“I agree,” Heather said.

We wrapped our arms about each other, knowing who we were, and understanding the immensity of what lay before us.


Heather and I went for a walk along the canal. It was a pleasant early fall day. There was a crispness to the somewhat cooler air , and a different smell to everything. The leaves on the trees and bushes had just began their annual displays of red, orange, and yellow. It would not be long before the first snow was on the ground.

“I believe I’ve found a place for us to live,” I said.

“Oh, and just when did all this happen?”

“While you’ve been busy teaching, I’ve been busy scouting around the Loveland area. After we’re married, we’ll need somewhere to live, so you can keep teaching.”

“So, when do I get to see this place?”

“How about Monday, after school? I’ll set it up with the realtor.”

“This is going to completely rearrange your life, you know,” she said.

“I’m flexible,” I said. “A new house may be the least of our challenges.”


After we returned to my house, we fixed a Caesar salad and sat at the kitchen table.

“In all of the investigations we’ve done, there have always been fingers pointing at the secret government, as if it’s one big glob,” Heather said. “We now know there are pieces of it and that they don’t always get along.”

“We found the hidden government that few recognize.”

“And we found those that want a one-world government.”

“Where do you stand on political parties?” she asked.

“I’ve been on both sides of that fence,” I replied. “I can appreciate things the Democrats stand for such as the environment and medical care for all. I like the Republicans  stand on immigration, money, and States’ Rights.

“Right now, I really don’t resonate at the political level, which I see as very 3rd Dimension. I’m looking at things from a higher consciousness that says we have an enslaved population that doesn’t know it’s enslaved. Neither party talks in those terms. They’re all about preserving their political power, raising money, or getting into power. Individuals in both parties are backing one world government.

“To me, the bigger picture is so much more important. What we are dealing with is so huge that the wrangling in political parties doesn’t get my attention. I’m about helping people choose a future with individual freedoms to choose how we each lead our lives.”

“I see a spiritual slant to it all,” Heather said. “I think it’s about achieving lives based on Love and Oneness, versus lives based on self-centeredness, separation, judgment, and greed.

“I see both the spiritual and individual values as part of the same picture. If someone is coming from Love and Oneness, they are not concerned about concentrating power around themselves. They are focused on helping others, not controlling them.”

“So, do we still vote?” I asked?

“I see big changes coming,” she said. “I don’t think we will be voting in the traditional sense. Maybe no political parties, like now. I’m not sure what it looks like. I just see really big changes in our future.”

“I believe we need to find another way to become involved. There are some good people in politics, particularly at the local level. I’d like to find a way to support them, maybe become involved in a new type of government.”


The next day, I was once again directed to my home office and my iMac. The following words flowed through my fingers as I typed them.


I am Master Kuthumi, one of a collective of Ascended Masters. We are the souls of avatars who no longer reside in human bodies, so we can relate to what you are experiencing because we have lived it. We now form a group of very high consciousness non-physical beings whose sole mission is to support the resurrection of Earth to 12th Dimension.


The dark energy is present on Earth as a result of experiments undertaken at the time of Atlantis, billions of years ago. Those who were experimenting believed they could create outside the Schematic of Source, and could manifest physical beings without depending on the Light or Love of Source. Earth was not the originator of this dark energy; it had come from other planets and had infected the physical beings and Creator Gods of Earth.

The whole process began as simple experiments to see how higher energy and physical matter could be combined, in ways not done before. It was an exciting possibility and captured the imagination of a few of Earth’s high consciousness beings.

In their excitement to create something entirely new, they lost sight of the bigger picture of how the rest of the universe had been created and was being directed according to the Schematic of Source. They were well aware of Christ Consciousness as an uplifting force for all, but chose to ignore its energy.

It was from this beginning that the dark energy of Earth began to accumulate a power unto itself, began to be an independent force. It began to exist outside individual beings.


As the experiments continued and grew in size, encompassing the involvement of more physical beings and Creator Gods, the energy of the dark grew. It exhibited the power to invade the consciousness of many.


The dark energy had much to do with persuading those involved with the experiments to continue with them even though they were adversely affecting the planet itself. Like a cancer that was eating its host, the dark energy demanded that the experiments continue. Those who were in charge of the experiments became infected with this point of view; the experiments went on.

When it became apparent that the entire planet was reacting to the experiments, the cancer demanded throwing caution to the winds, saying that the only way to overcome the adverse effects were to step up the intensity of the experiments.


Lemuria fell beneath the ocean. Atlantis sank into the center of the Earth. Earth was headed for self-destruction. The planet was put into a state of suspended animation, a lifeless orb. Yet the dark energy remained.


After Earth’s period of dormancy, and its restart as a 3rd Dimension planet, the dark energy reasserted itself. It had not been eliminated. In the beginning, it was not powerful because early humans were concerned with their survival and did not have developed brains. As the years went on, it began to play a role in the lives of humans, slowly helping them to see each other as separate. Then came domination and anger. When extraterrestrials visited earth, the dark energy was pleased to find some extraterrestrials were self-centered, such as it was encouraging humans to behave.

Keep in mind, this is an energy I speak of, not an entity. Dark energy does not manifest itself as an entity, rather it is like a cancer infecting a human body. It invades the mind of an individual, distracting the mind from its focus on Oneness with all, focusing on fear rather than Love, on separateness rather than Unity.                                  



Now let us turn to the current state of Earth. Most humans of Earth are of the 4th Dimension, in that fear does not rule their lives, at least not consciously. There are a few of 3rd Dimension where fear does indeed rule their lives and they act accordingly.

Dark energy had formed such a cocoon in the collective minds of the humans of Earth that it has been difficult for the Archangels and Ascended Masters to penetrate it. The institutions of your current civilization have all been infected by dark energy.


There are, however, several important differences from Atlantis. First, there are a number of humans who are dedicated to resurrecting Earth back to 12th Dimension. Second, there is the active participation of Archangels and Ascended Masters with those individuals who see the path to higher consciousness. Third, there are a number of extraterrestrial races who are actively involving themselves to suppress the dark and install Light.                       

This was never the case with Atlantis. These outside supporters make a huge difference. Like physicians treating a cancer, they are shining the Light on those humans who would pursue 3rd Dimension ways of behaving. This Light has a healing affect much like certain frequencies of light heal the body. They are also rooting out those humans who embrace the ways of dark energy by clipping their power and surgically removing them from positions of power as their misdeeds are shown. Even those with great wealth are being removed as their misdeeds are highlighted.


Your task, if you choose to embrace it, is to discover who you really are: A great soul with many lifetimes of experience incarnated in the physical body of a human of Earth. Once you understand this, you will undoubtedly love yourself. Once you love yourself, you can then love all others. This is the energy that a highly conscious individual transmits to others.


Then you can go the next step and embrace Christ Consciousness, Love, and Unity. Then you will see all others in Unity as expressions of Source.  Then it will be quite easy to love them, regardless of their behavior or beliefs. The key to this is to focus your energy so that you transmit who you really are. People will recognize you at an unconscious level regardless of your physical appearance.


We encourage each individual to maintain and honor his or her body. It is much easier for a healthy body to embrace the energies of higher consciousness. We encourage both appropriate diet and exercise.

We also recommend quiet time each day so the body is separated from the busyness of day-to-day life. This will reduce any effort of the dark energy as it seeks to deflect you from maintaining a lifestyle based on Love and Unity.

Choose a path to spirituality that resonates with your heart. It is okay to explore several, but settle on one for a time and absorb all that it has to offer. Then move on if you are called to do so.

Recognize that your physical body is an instrument of your soul in which to gain experiences. Think of your body as a vehicle and allow your soul to drive it.

See your soul as a great being of Light that has existed for a very long time. Know that you have had other incarnations and will have many more. Discover why your soul came into this body at this particular time.

Focus your life on what is your soul’s mission. Focus on what makes you happy without being diverted by concerns of the conventional paradigm.

Find stability with money. Do not let it control your life.

Set an intention to lead a balanced life, one that accommodates day-to-day life, but has as its goal something higher than merely living out your days on Earth.

Seek out people who reflect your values rather than people with whom you merely spend time. Engage in deeper conversations.

Find opportunities to be of service to your brothers and sisters.

Enjoy the beauty of your wondrous planet.

Find balance in your life between the spiritual and the physical. Seek to live in the spiritual, not just pay lip service to it.

You are on Earth at a critical time. Know that you came here for a reason. Find that reason. Earth is undergoing change. There will be even greater changes coming. Find your core values so that you can rely on them as change comes into your life.


“I am so happy to have these words,” I said as I handed the typed pages to Heather. “At last, I can give   something concrete to people who want to live at higher consciousness. They will be an important addition to my book.”