Chapter 9

Chapter 9




The next moment, the doorbell rang.

Mindful of her tousled hair and skimpy clothing, Heather raced upstairs.

I peeked outside to see who was there. I quickly grabbed a lightweight jacket from the hook next to the door, slipped it on to cover my naked chest, then I opened the door.

My daughter, Victoria, greeted me. “Morning Dad. Hope I’m not too early. I stayed at mom’s last night.”

“Hi Vicki,” I said loud enough for Heather to hear. Then I gave her a hug as I thought, “What timing.”

“Wow, smells like fish,” Victoria said, as she came into the house. “Guess you were out fishing when I stopped by yesterday.”

“Got home in the afternoon. Let’s grab a cup of tea.” I ushered her into the kitchen.

We had barely settled at the kitchen table when Victoria said, “Do I hear a hair dryer? I hope I’m not interrupting something, DAD.” She looked at me with a questioning slant to her head and a big smile on her face.

We talked, catching up on things since I had last seen her in California, a couple of months ago. On the phone, I told her about my experiences in the Baca.

I was about to tell Victoria about the UFO coming out of the mountain when Heather walked into the kitchen and came to my side, placing her left hand on my shoulder. This morning she was glowing in an ivory blouse with blue jeans. She was barefooted.

I turned my head, smiled at her, and patted her hand, then said, “Vicki, this is my special friend, Heather.”

“Nice to meet you, Vicki,” Heather said. She extended her free hand toward the other woman. “Your father has told me a lot about you.”

Victoria laughed. “My father has told me NOTHING about you.”

This brought a blush to my face, as well as Heather’s.

“It all started when we saw that ET craft come out the side of a mountain, about fifty yards away from us,” Heather said.

“We’ve been focused on trying to understand the ET and UFO thing ever since,” I added.

Heather stepped over to get a cup, add a tea bag, and pour hot water. Then she joined Victoria and me at the table.

“Dad, you are in so much better shape than when you visited me in California,” Victoria said. “Now, I see why. Thank you, Heather.”

“I am most assuredly in a better place,” I commented and placed my hand on Heather’s arm. “This wonderful woman is changing my life.”

“Not to mention a close-up UFO sighting and being captured by an off-planet being,” Heather added.

“Okay you two,” Victoria put up her hands, “let’s take this one thing at a time — slowly.”

“Heather, you start. I’m going to make French toast.”

I pushed away from the table, gave Heather a kiss on the top of her head, and headed for the stove.

While I cooked, I listened to two women I loved very much talk. Heather was excited to tell about our time in the Baca. Victoria was full of questions about UFOs; wanted to hear about the UFO coming out of the mountain.

When Heather began to talk about the cabal, Victoria shook her head. “I’m sorry but I can’t believe any of this. I see some problems in medicine, but nothing like a dark overcontrol of the whole system. I think we take very good care of our patients.”

“As dictated by pharmaceutical companies,” I interjected.

“They supply a very important piece of what we do,” Victoria said.

“Are you open to looking at alternative healing methods?” Heather asked.

“I’m new at this whole medicine thing. Been at it less than two years,” Victoria said. “I just follow what the AMA and my doctor-boss says.”

“How about your boss, does she toe the AMA line?” Heather asked.

“Beverly is just getting started in her own practice. I know she had some problems where she was before, something about AMA protocol, but we’ve only begun to talk about it. I’m still learning.”

Sensing Victoria’s uneasiness, Heather said, “Here’s an interesting book. Just picked it up.” She reached to the nearby counter and picked up a book by Zecharia Sitchin.

She continued, “He writes about the evidence that non-humans were here, preceding us, at the time of Babylon and Egypt.”                                         

“Another book from Dolores?” I asked, as I delivered plates of amber colored French toast to the table.

Victoria got up to find maple syrup and butter.

“Another from her collection,” Heather said. “I brought a number of them.”

“Want to join in as we scour this little jewel for what we can discover?” I asked Victoria.

“Sure, I just came here to see how you were doing and to visit mom. Now it’ll give me a chance to get to know this new person in your life.” She winked at Heather. “I’m not sure I can stand the competition.”

While we ate, I told Victoria about my adventure with Zoraster and Zelda, and how I was trapped by their energy.

“How did they find you?” Victoria asked.

“Been thinking about that,” I answered. “I think it’s a combination of being in the Baca with Steven Greer and all the searching I’ve done on the Internet. Plus, my bio is on the Internet. Just enter my name.”

“So, someone or some organization is tracking you?” Heather asked. “Tracking us?”

“I don’t have another explanation,” I said. “I believe the government can listen to our conversations, track our Internet searches, and delve into our emails. Not much is secret.

“Heather, do you remember that one night in the Baca when there were large bugs flying all around us? I clearly remember one of them coming right up to my face and staring at me. At the time, I thought it strange. Now I’m sure they were more than just June bugs, as everyone said. I think they were miniature drones and they took pictures of each of us that night.”

“At the time I dismissed it totally,” Heather said. “Does all this mean they’re monitoring us and our computers?”

“It could be how Zoraster and Zelda found me,” I said.

“You two had better watch yourselves,” Victoria said. “If the authorities want to keep all the stuff about UFOs and other stuff secret, you may get a visit. I mean, if a couple of ETs can find you.” She did not take it further.


After we finished eating, we scooted our chairs close together, with Heather and the book in the middle. I had my ever-present yellow pad in front of me, and left one hand on Heather’s thigh.

In the book, Sitchin started out showing that the megaliths of Stonehenge were oriented to serve astronomical sighting purposes. On the Golan Heights of Israel there is a recently discovered similar structure, with a third of a mile circumference. He raised the question of who had built such structures. Both structures were perfectly aligned to fulfill their goal of alignment with the sun, moon, and stars.

Paging ahead, we noticed that much of the rest of the book, was based on comparing what can be discovered about the Sumerians and Hebrews, and how the Bible compares to carved stones from Sumer.

There was a lot of detail about the various beings from Nibiru, the Anunnaki. They saw themselves as gods, and were treated as gods as they interacted in prehistoric Babylon, Sumer, Israel, and Egypt. Sitchin credits them, an off-planet race, to explain how the primitive people of that time were able to construct such structures as Stonehenge and the pyramids by moving gigantic stones.

Then, based on Sumerian tablets, Sitchin asserts that the Anunnaki were harvesting gold from the waters of the gulf. Gold was needed for the survival of their planet Nibiru. At their peak, the Anunnaki numbered six hundred.         

He relied on stone carving to show that the Anunnaki were the creators of the first homo sapiens, making them similar to themselves. He likened it to the creation of Adam in the Bible and said the early books of the Bible were based on activities of the gods from Nibiru. At first the Adam they created could not procreate, so the Anunnaki gave their subsequent creations the X and Y chromosomes. They saw the results of their creations as primitives who would undertake the strenuous job of mining gold.


“This stuff is way out there,” Heather said. “It sure conflicts with everything I’ve studied about spirituality and the origins of humanity.”

“We’re getting his interpretation, from a bunch of stone carvings, that off-planet gods from Nibiru created humans to use as slaves,” Victoria said. “It’s too much.” She pushed her chair away from the table and went to the refrigerator.

Returning with soft drinks for everyone, she said, “I’m still getting used to the idea of aliens, and now we have them  creating us?”

“I know it’s a reach, but bear with it,” I said. “We’ve only covered part of it.”

“Dolores had good things to say about it,” Heather said.

“If we don’t finish reading it, we’ll never know.” I picked up the book and opened it.


In the book, Sitchin discussed the relationship between Seth and Osiris, two gods of Egypt. Osiris was reportedly saved by his mother, the goddess Isis. Isis appealed to Thoth who helped her impregnate herself to deliver Horus. They used seeds to accomplish this.

Reading more, Sitchin asserted that humans would have evolved on earth without the actions of the Anunnaki, but that they had speeded up the process. What we call DNA was the seed the Anunnaki had used to create the first humans and to replicate them thereafter.

The Biblical story of the flood was captured in Babylonian writings based on earlier writings from Sumer. These writing had been collected by Greek historians. They speak of an ark that survived the deluge.

A nuclear holocaust was unleashed on the Sinai Peninsula to obliterate the space port the Anunnaki used to haul the gold they had mined.


At this point I said, “Okay, I’ve had enough. From what I’ve found on the Internet, Sitchin is well regarded by some people. I see now where some of their beliefs have come from. However, I’d like to turn us in another direction and see where that leads us.”

“I agree,” Heather said.

“Ditto,” Victoria said.

“Anything we wish to take away from this material?” I asked.

Heather said, “There are many opinions and conclusion that are proposed by people, even learned people. That does not make them right. I believe we need to search out what feels right for us. This material does not feel that way for me.”

We all agreed.

The three of us then talked for a long time. Victoria told Heather about herself and what was the latest thinking from the world of medicine. Heather shared about her teaching, her summer activities, and how we had met in the Baca. As I listened, it was most interesting to see things from the perspectives of my daughter and my new best friend.

We took a break and went for a long walk along the High Line canal. This led us to Hampden Avenue and several choices for lunch. I suggested Thai Café, which I suspected Heather would enjoy and where Victoria and I could each find something.


When we returned to my home, I asked to be excused for a short time and walked downstairs to my computer. Drawn to something, I opened it up to a new document. Words began to spill onto the page. It was like when my book had appeared. The words came as fast as I could type.


Beings from other planets have come to this world. The benevolent ones were invited by those seeking to uplift humanity. Those who are in service-to-self have come uninvited. Be aware and center yourselves to know each and to remain who you are.


After I recovered from accepting these words, and without fully understanding their meaning, I printed them out and took them upstairs to share with Heather and Victoria.

When they had read them, they both rushed to me. We embraced in a three-way hug.

Heather said, “I love you Michael Garrison. You amaze me.”

Victoria said, “Dad, I hardly recognize you, but I love what I see.”

We stood for a long while caught in the wonder of what had occurred, drinking in the moment.

“Guess we don’t need to depend on stone tablets,” Heather said. “This feels right.” She pointed to the words I had typed out.

“I don’t really understand much of this, but, as Heather says, it feels right,” Victoria said, as we relaxed our hold on each other. “So, what’s next for you guys?”

Hesitating for only a moment, I said, “I’m going to leave the material from Sitchin in my book. People can decide for themselves.

“Then I’m going to look into something totally different, the thing that people are calling the cabal, or the Illuminati. At this point I don’t know if the words mean the same thing or something different.”

“I’m going back to Loveland,” Heather said. “Got things to take care of. I’ll leave exploring the cabal in your capable hands, but only for the moment.” She had a sad look on her face.

My heart sank at the thought of her leaving. I flashed back to our lovemaking of last night. I didn’t want her to go, but realized it had to happen sooner or later.

“I’ll come up to see you,” I said.

“No doubt about that,” she replied. With that she hustled upstairs to pack.

Victoria and I walked to the kitchen, found tea, and then settled into chairs around the table.

When Heather came down lugging her overnight bag, I rushed to help. It felt lighter than before. “I left a few things here,” she whispered.

I gave her a quick hug.

After Heather said goodbye to Victoria, I walked her to her car.

She had a sad face as she said goodbye. “I’ll miss you,” she said and gave me a long kiss.

“I’ll miss you more,” I said. “We’ll be back together soon.”

I watched as she drove off.            

Back in the house, Victoria and I talked about family things. Then she said that she was heading off to see her brother, Kevin, before heading back to California.

A short time later I was all alone in my house. It felt very empty.


After Victoria left to see Kevin and then return to California, I descended into my basement office. There I searched the Internet for information on the cabal and the Illuminati. Within an hour, I found hundreds of references to the words and a hundred videos, from serious to cartoon, from Hollywood celebrities to librarians overseeing documents. From this massive collection, I quickly concluded that there was more misinformation about the Illuminati than truth. There were even invitations to join it. I decided that there really is such an organization and it is being cleverly disguised by the misinformation. Now my task was to determine what was real.


I dug up the sites that Al had sent me. I hoped this would lead to something concrete. However, after another hour, I was frustrated once again. I put the Internet to one side and pulled out a book that I’d had for some years, The Creature from Jekyll Island. It was all about the creation of the Federal Reserve. As I recalled, it had put the United States on a new path. How this meshed with the Illuminati I was not quite sure, but I had read enough on the Internet to know that money was the primary way the dark energy controlled us.

The book started out with a group of powerful men assembling at J.P. Morgan’s private estate on Jekyll Island, off the coast of Georgia. The people who attended represented much of the wealth of the United States and Europe.

The people who came to the Island secretly were Nelson W. Aldrich, Republican whip in the Senate and father-in-law to John D. Rockefeller, Jr.; Abraham Piatt Andrew, Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Treasury; Frank A. Vanderlip, president of the National City bank of New York; Henry P. Davison, senior partner of the J.P. Morgan Company; Charles D. Norton, president of J.P. Morgan’s First national Bank of New York; Benjamin Strong, head of J.P. Morgan’s Bankers Trust Company; Paul M. Warburg, representing the Rothschilds and Warburgs.

What emerged was a cartel designed to stop competition from newer banks, construct ways to create money out of nothing for purposes of lending, obtain control of the reserves of all banks, get taxpayers to pick up any losses, and sell Congress that this idea would protect the public. The idea of a central bank was introduced.

The second major point that the book made was that all money in the banking system had been created out of nothing through the process of making loans. Therefore, if there was a default on a loan it cost the bank little, merely showing up on the ledger as a reduction in assets without a reduction in liabilities. The final solution on behalf of the banking cartel was to have the federal government insure payment of loans (FDIC).

Freshly created money out of nothing, in the form of loans, was used to bail out Penn Central railroad in 1970; Lockheed, also in 1970; Commonwealth Bank of Detroit in 1972; New York. City in 1973; Chrysler in 1978; First Pennsylvania Bank of Philadelphia in 1979; and Continental Illinois Bank in 1982.


“How’s it going?” Heather asked. She had called when she got back home in Loveland.

“Lonely here,” I replied. “Miss you.”

“I miss you too. Staying busy?”

I told her about The Creature from Jekyll Island. “From just my brief look at it, I can already see that it’s going to help us understand fiat currency, which I believe is one of the basics of the Illuminati, how they control the population.”

“I want to get back together soon,” she said.

“You can come here as often as you want, stay as long as you want.” I thought of her slim body as she had risen from bed this morning. My body ached for more of her.

“I’ll be down tomorrow,” she said. “I miss you.”

“I miss you too.”


I went back to the Jekyll Island book, making notes to share with Heather and for inclusion in my own book.

The International Monetary Fund and the World Bank were created in 1944 to facilitate international trade and stabilize currency exchange rates. Capital for the IMF and World Bank came principally from the United States and other industrialized countries in the form of hard currencies, but mostly in the form of debt. This was when gold began to be eliminated as backing for currencies. This was to create a world-wide central bank with the ability to issue fiat currency that in turn would lead to The New World Order.

A chapter on the nature of money led me to detail the following: Gold and other precious metals were the first money and have since proven to be its only reliable basis. The opposite of money backed by gold or precious metals is fiat currencies which have no backing and are created based on debt. Manipulation of money by those in power occurs quite easily when there is fiat money. Every case of using fiat money has ultimately led to economic and political disaster.

Banking began in Europe in the fourteenth century. They issued receipts for coins on deposit. These circulated freely. Then banks began to issue counterfeit receipts without sufficient backing of coins. As people accepted these receipts, this led to fractional reserve banking. This has led to repeated rounds of inflation and economic chaos.

The United States dollars have no intrinsic value. There is no limit to the amount that can be printed or stored in computer systems. They are created out of debt. The Federal Reserve enables interest to be charged for loans of the dollar. This process, which seems complicated, allows for the unlimited supply of money. Its hidden tax is inflation.                     


After a few hours of reading, I got tired. After shutting things down in the basement, I headed to the kitchen.

I found a hamburger in the freezer and some mixed vegetables. Nothing fancy, but that was what a bachelor ate. I would save the fancy food for when Heather was here.

I tumbled into bed early, missing Heather’s warm body next to mine. I tossed and turned for a bit with thoughts of our relationship and where it was going. Then I turned to wondering about the Illuminati, the New World Order, and UFOs. I felt that I had my first understanding about the cabal and that money was their control mechanism over everyone. It took me quite a while to fall asleep as I mulled it all over and over. This was such a change from the world I had known as a businessman.



Back to the book the next morning, I learned that The House of Rothschild created the world’s first international financial network. It was soon converted into political power as people came under their influence. They provided funds to both sides of conflicts, thus profiting from both. This ruthless attitude characterizes international finance.

As a reward for backing the Bolsheviks in Russia, American financiers received the right to Russian resources. They were not motivated by political considerations, rather it was money.

The United States has had three prior central banks, the first before there was a U.S. constitution. All of these allowed the federal government to create money and regulate state banks. All of these led to boom bust cycles with a taxpayer fleecing of over forty percent.

The current Federal Reserve System was passed by Congress on December 23, 1913. Its name was chosen to conceal the fact that it was a central bank. President Woodrow Wilson was maneuvered into supporting a central bank by the Morgan and Warburg financial interests. The Glass-Owen Bill had all the essential features of the earlier Aldrich Bill that had been drafted at Jekyll Island.

The Federal Reserve System was intended to keep banking power away from Wall Street. Within a short time, the Fed became controlled by the New York Reserve Bank. The Bank of England’s collusion with the Federal Reserve contributed to the 1929 stock market crash.


I made a note in red that the book had stated that the United States government was mired in $5.8 trillion of debt. This was obviously dated, because as of this moment the debt exceeded $27 trillion. This wide difference did not destroy the information in the book as the basics remain much the same, albeit the numbers need to be updated.


The book went on to say that interest on the national debt represents the government’s largest single expenditure, which consumes thirty-six percent of revenue from income taxes.

There are more people working for the government than for manufacturing companies and more receiving government checks than paying income taxes. Federal taxes take more than forty percent of private incomes.

The author contended that none of this is accidental. It is part of a plan to weaken industrialized nations in order to bring everything into a one world government.


I posed the question in my head to see what would happen. I asked Archangel Uriel to comment on what I had read in the book. After a long pause and receiving no reply, I put thoughts about Uriel to one side.

I felt a nudge from somewhere that I should separate the work on my book from the searches I was doing on the Internet. Was this from Uriel? I didn’t know. But there were videos and other information being banned from social media and some of those who were broadcasting contrary opinions had been attacked. Steven Greer had talked about several people involved in developing new energy devices being killed. I was not in that category, but I would be soon. And I was not working on any new energy devices. But Zoraster had found me, somehow.

I had placed everything to do with the manuscript of my book on my iMac and confined all my search history to my MacBook. I also backed up each separately. Then I placed a call to Jeff Wilson and asked him to get me the very best software to stop cyber-attacks and viruses.


I called Heather. After saying how much we missed each other, I said, “This Jekyll Island book lays out the track to a one world government. I think it is pointing to the Illuminati without saying so. I’ll let you read my notes when you come down. You can have the book. I’d like your opinion.”

“I’m really missing you,” Heather said, “so I’m headed down first thing in the morning. Can I stop and pick up something for dinner?”

“What foods are you avoiding?” I asked.

“I avoid everything that isn’t organic,” she said.

“Why don’t you surprise me with something. I eat everything except okra.”

She laughed, “Okay. Be prepared to be surprised. Miss you.”

I reflected back to The Creature from Jekyll Island to see if I could summarize what I had learned. My conclusions were that money is vastly different from what I had formerly believed and from what most people believe, vastly different. I further saw the overwhelming influence of a few rich and powerful men over the rest of us. “Where does dark energy enter into this equation?” I asked myself.                


To discourage viruses and tampering with our computers, Jeff Wilson had recommended that we find a second way to connect to the Internet, as I had tapped into my cable TV system to get my original connection. The people from Direct TV had installed an antenna on my house. I was now ready to search without using my cable link. Hopefully this would allow Heather and me some privacy as we searched. Maybe, just maybe, those who had threatened us would not catch on.


I had ordered several books that looked interesting. The mailman had delivered them the day before.

The first of these was Confessions of an Economic Hit Man.

It looked like an easy read, so I grabbed a chai and headed for the basement.

The author, John Perkins, wrote from his personal. experiences, how he had gone along with the system for most of his life. He described how the heads of corporate, banking, and government entities, whose goal is global empire, worked to subvert countries. He also said that he had been threatened and bribed not to write the book.

The job of his team had been to convince leaders of targeted countries into becoming part of a global network to promote U.S. interests. This was done by trapping them and their countries in a web of debt they could not service in order to secure their cooperation. The method used has resulted in jobs, electrical distribution networks, and airports, all built by U.S. companies and at great cost to the ordinary people of the countries.

This has resulted in near-slave wages in Asian sweat shops;  toxins pumped onto pristine lands killing people, animals, and plants; and a bias toward U.S. commercial interests while a  large portion of the rest of the world starved.

He challenged the commonly accepted wisdom that economic growth benefits humanity, and the more the better. A corollary to this was that those who engineer this growth should be accorded special status and rewarded way out of proportion to those marginalized by economic growth.

He pointed to most people in the U.S., who consume out of proportion to what is needed, giving little attention to those who slaved to make these goods. The wealthy and powerful, who were at the top of this pyramid, are consistently held out as models for the rest of the population. He wished us to reassess our support for our appetite for resources and fostering slavery.

Perkins’ job was to convince the leaders of countries to borrow large amounts of money in order to improve their infrastructure. Most often the projects exceeded their original plan, thus leading to additional borrowing. Countries would then be led to become indebted beyond their ability to service the debt. They then fell prey to those who wanted to control the country. This scheme led to the leaders of countries becoming wealthy while the ordinary people languished in poverty.

Perkins wrote that he had written the book to convince people to look at the bigger picture rather than their own self-centered lives.

He sees offshore manufacturing in poor countries like a modern slave trade. Instead of importing people, corporations bring the tasks to desperate people in poor countries so they can make the clothes and items for our consumer-oriented society.

He points out that we in the developed countries believe we have achieved something grand in our economics-based societies. We have convinced ourselves that all economic growth is beneficial, whereas the truth is that we enslave others to support our consuming society.



I was impressed with the words in the book. I felt something in my gut. As I read the words in the book and summarized it for Heather and for the book I was writing, I saw how, as the managing partner of Alliance, I had once been part of the consumption trap. I had been living a grand life without regard to where my food or clothing came from.

I saw that my life had changed after my thirty-six-hour sleep. Now I was more aware. However, I was a long way from paying attention to my environmental footprint, or to screening who or what corporation I supported with my purchases.

I sat with this for a while. Then I decided to examine my life relative to the environment and the rest of humanity. I wanted to see where I could incorporate some of John Perkins’ ideas into my lifestyle.

I wondered how this would affect my relationship with Heather. Then, I thought again and smiled, she was already there waiting for me to catch up.


I went to bed that night thinking of John Perkins and how he had changed his life, how he had seen the damage his actions were doing to others. Before long, words flooded my mind. I wrote them down as quickly and carefully as I could.


The larger picture is much more than understanding how humans interact with each other, be it in harmony or conflict. The larger picture embraces the non-physical and how it interacts with the physical. The larger picture also considers the influence of dark energy on individual humans, and how they deal with it.


In the dim light of my bedside lamp, I re-read the words I had written down. “How does dark energy influence individuals?” I asked myself. Eventually, I dropped into restless sleep.