Chapter 10

Chapter 10





I arose early the next morning, filled with thoughts of John Perkins’ book. Relaxing before I arose, I considered how my lifestyle was impacting the environment and how my example was impacting others.

Then I thought of Heather, wondering when she might show up, wishing her to be close.


After a simple breakfast, I headed to my computer and a new book, The Missing Times by Terry Hansen.

In the book, he pointed out that accounts of UFOs are reported in regional newspapers, but that they rarely surface in national media.

Hansen made several points to explain how news about UFOs was hidden from the public. National Security is often employed to hide whatever officials wish and the media goes along with it. Censorship of information, from both journalists and the public, was regularly used. Misinformation is released to divert attention away from sensitive subjects. Documents are often leaked to cover-up the truth. Spin was often used to control the release of sensitive information.

Contacts between media owners and publishers, as well as influential journalists and intelligence officials, insured what information was released and what was withheld.

Public awareness of conflicts between government and media was used to cover-up their cooperation. To suppress some news and gain access to news desired by the government, the national media voluntarily cooperated with officials.

Individuals from the media and from the intelligence community often traded roles. Internet videos and reporting were more easily censored than books.

Hansen cautioned readers to be wary of all information and be aware of interpretations by individuals with different agendas.

He points out that a big lie is more readily accepted when it is repeated often.

Hansen writes that secrecy about UFOs had become ingrained in the military. It was looked upon as a career issue for anyone to openly talk about UFOs.

Further in the book, he wrote about Joint-Army-Navy-Air Force Publication 146, which made it a crime to release UFO reports to the public. This has led to censoring UFO sightings by commercial pilots. This was denied by officials of the military. Hansen stated that NASA had been aware of UFOs for decades, but chose to be quiet about the topic.

It was the official position of the U.S. government that the Roswell event had nothing to do with a UFO. This position had wavered over the years, creating reasonable doubts about the whole subject.



I saw the Hansen only indirectly related to my search for information on the cabal and Illuminati. However, it had helped me understand how information on secret organizations was successfully hidden away. I could see how it was possible that the public was being kept in the dark about the cabal in much the same way that UFO information had been hidden. For instance, there were UFO secrecy agreements in force among government agencies and contractors. Could there not be similar agreements surrounding the cabal and the Illuminati?

The question of whether or not the government can keep secrets is answered by looking at UFOs. There have been supposed leaks, but who’s to say that these were not intentional? Secrecy had worked well for UFOs, why not for other things?

I thought back to the Disclosure Project presentation in D.C., and how Greer had been told, even before the cameras left the room, that it would not be aired. There was the confirmation of what Hansen had written. So much is being covered up by the media and those who control it. I felt that this was a lead into the workings of the cabal and the secrecy surrounding it. I began to feel there was something to Greer’s opinion.



Listening for Heather, I rushed upstairs as soon as I heard her rap on the front door.

I pulled it open to see her with a roll-on suitcase and a bag of groceries. After I grabbed the bag, she dropped the handle of the roll-on. With both arms around my neck, she hugged me for a long time.

Then kicking the door shut with her left foot, she said, “I missed you.”

I immediately set down the bag and wrapped my arms around her, feeling her nipples through her t-shirt.

Before long we were coupled on the living room sofa.

We laid together for a long time, just enjoying the sensation of each other’s body.

I sat up and looked at the clock. It was nearing the lunch hour and we had not put anything from the bag away.

I glanced at the roll-on bag and said, “I hope you’re planning to stay a while.”

“I am,” Heather replied.

We got up from the sofa and, naked, put away the groceries.

I lugged her roll-on into the master suite. There I made room for her clothes in the closet and in my dresser.

“This feels right,” I said. “I’m not sure where we are headed, but this feels good.”

“I agree,” she said and kissed me once more.

We stood for a long while, arms around each other.


When completely clothed, we went for a long walk along the canal. It was a warm day with many runners, walkers, and bicycles.

Water was flowing in the canal. “I think the farmers are drawing on it,” I said, “probably way out in the plains east of Denver. Makes me think back to the Economic Hit Man book. I’d like to find ways to support local businesses.”

“How do you do it?” she asked, shaking her head. “I was going to suggest we go to a farmer’s market tomorrow. Get fresh produce.”

“Guess I’m reading your mind.”

“Don’t think I like that idea. You might figure out what I really think about you.”

“And what would that be?”

She squeezed my hand and said, “You’ll have to wait for that. Maybe from Bren-Ton or Uriel. But, I already know they’re on my side.

“Is your knee bothering you?” she asked.          

“It happens from time to time, no telling when.”

We walked for another mile, then I said, “I’ve been thinking that I’d like to take a road trip; go back to the Baca.”

“Sounds interesting.”

“Al Simpson told me about the Silver Star, a bed and breakfast near Crestone. Says the food and rooms are much better than the White Eagle.”


“What are your plans for the next few days?

“Hey, I’m with you.” She squeezed my hand.

When we got back to the house, I found Silver Star’s web site, called, and made a reservation for two nights, arriving the following weekend.

“I’ll need to go back to Loveland to get my heavy clothes and boots,” Heather said.

“I’ll go with you.”


With little traffic we made the trip in under an hour.

“Here it is,” Heather said, as she opened the door to her apartment.

“Hey, Mary, it’s me with Michael.”

I heard a door at the rear of the apartment slam shut.

“Oops, guess we caught her,” Heather said to me and then shouted, “Sorry.”

“Wait here, I’ll be quick.” She opened a door and disappeared.

“Hi, Michael,” Mary emerged in a bathrobe. “Sit down. I’ll get tea.” She pointed to a small table in the kitchen area.

“So, what brings you up here to the hinterlands?”

“We’re going back to the Baca,” I said. “Want to see if we can see anything without Steve Greer.”

Mary stared at me for what seemed like along while then gave me a huge smile. “I’m a close friend to Heather and I’m happy to see this happen. She’s been so alone, being cautious and all. Be good to her. She doesn’t show how fragile she is. Anyway, congratulations.”

“Who said I was fragile,” Heather walked into the room and stood next to me.

I stood and put my arm around her.

Mary said. “I know what you’ve been through these last few years. I felt Michael needed to know.”

“I hadn’t chosen to tell him yet,” Heather said. “I was going to.”

I could tell Heather was uncomfortable with the direction of the conversation, so I said, “Tell me about this discussion group you women belong to.”

Mary picked up on my lead and said, “There’s a dozen of us. We meet once a month to discuss how we can improve things. We talk about everything from the environment and eating healthy to what’s going on in the bigger picture. The two of us, plus Dolores, are the only ones who have been to the Baca. Everyone has watched the Disclosure video. We share books and interesting web sites. We think of ourselves as spiritual, and look for ways to be more so.”

“I am impressed,” I said, “It’s very inspiring. I’m guessing that Heather has told you all about our adventures.”

“Heather, please sit a moment,” Mary said. “I want to get everything on an even keel, not leave you feeling uncomfortable.”

“Okay,” Heather said.

“I hope I didn’t say something you didn’t want to talk about, Heather. I felt that Michael was close enough to us that we could speak frankly. I care about you, as my closest friend.”

“I haven’t talked to Michael about my problem,” Heather said. “It was a little shocking to hear you mention it, that’s all.

“Now that it’s on the table, let me give Michael a taste of it.” Heather began to shake as she spoke. “When I was married, my husband got very angry. He slugged me. We had been disagreeing about money. After he did it, he was all apologetic. Rather than let it go on, I fled to Mary’s apartment – not this one. It turned out to be a messy divorce. I have no desire to see him again.

She turned to me. “I’ve told you about my reluctance to get close to anyone. Well, that’s the basis of it.”

Then she turned to Mary and said, “I am in love with Michael. He has been very good to me. In him I see a gentle man who will respect who I am and support me in that.”

She started to cry. I stepped close and wrapped my arms about her.

Mary stepped to the two of us and joined in our hug.

I felt that Heather and I had become very close. I did not care what had happened to her in the past. I just accepted it as being a part of her. She was both strong and fragile, like we all are. It caused me to love her all the more.

“Tell Mary about your dream,” Heather said to me.

I recounted my recurring dream.

“Sounds to me like you were given some insight into a past life,” Mary said. “We all have had many of them. This one is simply the latest, the on-going one. Do you remember anything else like this, Michael?”

“I don’t think so. Am I supposed to?”

“Some people do; most don’t. I can help you remember some through hypnosis if you like. It’s part of what I do for people – when I’m not teaching.”

“Thanks, but not right now. I’ve got a very full plate with all the UFO and cabal stuff.”

As we departed, Mary said, “Don’t forget, you two, school starts on Monday.”

“I’m definitely not ready for that,” Heather said.

“Michael,” Mary said, “before you go to sleep, ask to remember your dreams.”


On Monday afternoon, Heather called me. I could tell by the tone of her greeting that something was wrong.

“They threatened me,” she said. “Came up to my car as I was leaving school. Two guys in dark suits. They said to stop our investigating.”

“Exactly what did they say?”

“They said, and I quote, ‘Continuing to investigate would be dangerous for both you and Michael Garrison.’ They didn’t introduce themselves or say anything else. But they had a mean look on their faces and in their eyes that said they were very serious.”

“I’ll be right up. Meet you at your apartment.”

I jumped into my Jeep and headed to Loveland. The traffic was heavy. It took me almost two hours to get to Loveland.

When I knocked on the door of her apartment, it took Heather a few moments to open it. I could tell immediately that she was still shaking. “They really scared me,” she said. “It means that they know what we’re doing; our computers, probably our cell phones, and our emails.”

We sat on her sofa for a long while as I held her. We didn’t talk, just sat.

Finally, she heaved a deep breath, and said, “I’m not going to let them scare me off doing what I believe in.”

“Get you things together. We’re going to spend the night at the Best Western. We’ll go back to my house and get things so I can work from here tomorrow. Then we’ll see how it all feels.”


After that we got into a routine where I would work on searching the Internet and reading books on Tuesdays and Wednesdays in Loveland, and I’d spend Wednesday night in the hotel in Loveland. Heather would come to my home in Denver for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights.


When we both were at my home on a Friday, I told Heather that there was a video I wanted to watch. “I’m still having trouble believing all that Greer told us about the cabal and the Illuminati. I hope this video will give us some details we can get our heads around.

“I’ve been searching since we got back from the Baca. Found oodles of videos about the Illuminati and the cabal, everything from serious material to cartoons. I’m sure a lot of it is misinformation mixed with truth. At least that’s what I would do, if I was trying to keep something secret.

“I checked with the Encyclopedia Britannica. It’s not much help. It defined Illuminati, and I quote, ‘a word in use from the 15th century, assumed by or applied to various groups of persons who claimed to be unusually enlightened. The word is the plural of the Latin illuminatus.’”


With her cup of tea in hand, Heather joined me on the sofa in my office. I had my laptop computer on a table snugged next to the sofa, so we could pause it to record something important from the video. The computer was connected so we could watch the video on the large TV screen.

The video, entitled Proof of Illuminati was hosted by Damian Champa. It started with an interview between Champa and Dr. Imbler from the Bavaria, Germany State Museum.

According to Imbler, the founder of the Illuminati order was Adam Weishaupt. His goal was to introduce a republic for Germany, as opposed to the existing government. The Illuminati’s activities were understandably opposed by the existing authorities. This was a time when Bavaria belonged to the Holy Roman Empire. Weishaupt used the Freemasons to recruit members for his revolutionary order. Both the church and aristocrats considered him an enemy. He wanted to supplant the aristocrats with a republic, to undermine the state from within. He was also opposed to the Catholic church. He revealed his goal to only a select few among the aristocrats. It was viewed as a secret society to be suppressed by the authorities. One of the ruling dukes found out about the secret society and seized its documents.

Imbler states that Heinrich Himmler was interested in the Illuminati and seized its secret documents that implicated both freemasons and royal families. Some of the Illuminati documents that were handed over were lost due to American bombing in 1944. In 1945 some of the documents were seized by the red army and taken to Moscow.

Imbler talks about the freemasons and the Illuminati as being tightly linked. A member of the Illuminati became prime minister of Bavaria, even though he was considered a criminal in another dukedom. Adam Weishaupt revealed his worldwide ambitions to very few, maintaining it as a secret society. His new society was based on rationalism, atheism, and materialism. It proposed to undermine the existing order from within.

Imbler saw the Illuminati as the beginning of Totalitarianism. He also saw it as the basis for modern America because of its connection to the Freemasons.

Champa contended that now the Illuminati was no longer a conspiracy theory, that there were historical facts for its existence. He displayed a 1785 document, currently in the state archives. It was written by duke Karl Theodor. The text was against the Illuminati and the Freemasons. It was a decree against secret meetings, against using the Freemasons to recruit individuals, and against collecting money. This document showed that the duke was very afraid of the Illuminati.

Champa also displayed a document with the signatures of members of the Bavarian Illuminati. Today Illuminati symbolism was everywhere in Bavaria. The all-seeing eye was a symbol that designated the Illuminati.

Champa saw a continuation of the Illuminati in powerful people who display its symbols for those that recognize them. He saw many in Hollywood and many political figures involved. He said that one of the Illuminati’s intents was to stamp out Christianity. He saw much in modern America as an Illuminati dream come true, as a continuation of Adam Weishaupt’s dream.


Heather and I discussed the video when it ended.

I said, “I think Champa’s good with his discovery of the historical Illuminati. I question his picture of the Illuminati today. He claims that its philosophy has become a foundation for many of the powerful and wealthy in Hollywood, politics, and other institutions.”

“That’s what I heard him saying,” she said. “What was not clear was how it has led to anti-Christianity and how it is the basis of socialism.”

I said, “What I did not see was proof of the connection to the Freemasons, although Champa insists it is there historically. I’m aware that many of the founders of the United States were Freemasons. Did this mean that they were following Illuminati principles?”

“The atheism of the Illuminati seems at odds with the ‘In God We Trust’ words on the U.S. dollar and the all seeing-eye,” she said, “or is the all-seeing eye an Illuminati symbol as Champa contends? Are the words on the dollar the Illuminati flaunting their philosophy at us, with misdirection?”

“Looks like I need another source to verify some of this,” I said. “I have another video. Are you up for it?”

“I need a break,” Heather said. “Let’s head upstairs and come back to it later.”

Two hours later we returned to the basement. Both of us had enjoyed the break.


We found a film by Johnny Royal, entitled ILLUMINATED, THE TRUE STORY OF THE ILLUMINATI.

It started with the following statement:


There are certain truths, holy truths, that enlighten man about his past, present, and future condition. They most certainly exist.

In each century they veiled their teachings, this diseased world requires help. To act is therefore our first purpose. To make the world better and wiser. We do not recruit for our own benefit. This is a labour worthy of the holy legion of better men.

Adam Weishaupt

Founder of the Illuminati


The movie presented Ingolstadt, Germany as the backdrop for the world’s most controversial secret society the Illuminati, founded in 1776. Royal stated that the story of the Illuminati was one of rebellion. It was patterned after the Freemasons teachings in order to bring about revolutionary changes to Bavaria, possibly to Germany and the world. By means of a secret society, Weishaupt wished to accelerate enlightenment, new thought and science that was sweeping all of Germany contrary to the teachings of the Catholic church. Baron van Eyckshaut provided the impetus for the Illuminati to blossom. Through his writings, Adam Weishaupt showed his intention to improve the conditions of mankind. It was to be undertaken by a secret society working within the government. He saw people ignorant as to how much their lives were controlled.

The Illuminati found their way into Freemasons. Illuminati insiders pledge secrecy and obedience. There were secret words and handshakes. Although Freemasons were a society with secrets,  its members could mention membership in it. The Illuminati was a secret society and its members could not mention membership in it. Members of the Illuminati use their connection to Freemasons to obtain money.

To advance within the ranks of the Illuminati, one had to be a Freemason. Members were subjected to a very detailed investigation. There were dire consequences if a member betrayed the order. The Illuminati was highly structured. There were many rituals to emphasize secrecy.

U.S. presidents have been Masons. Nine signers of the Declaration of Independence were Freemasons. The closeness of the Freemasons convinced the 13 original colonies to unite.

According to Royal, the greatest achievement of the Illuminati was that many in the world talk about it today.


When the video finished, I looked over at Heather and put my arm around her shoulder and said, “That was a long one. Not sure it added to our understanding or clarity.”

She said, “I agree. They tried to say that understanding the history of the Illuminati makes a case that it’s for real. I’m sure that was true at one time. I’m not so sure I buy that argument in today’s environment.”

“I agree. I’m not so sure that Weishaupt’s idea of a one world government translates into what we have today. Maybe this video is misinformation, trying to confuse us into believing that the Illuminati went away, or that today’s Illuminati is really well intentioned.

“In the early days the Illuminati was opposed to the existing government. Now I’m being led to believe that it’s part of the secret state running the government. And I’ve heard that the secret government is in charge of the monetary system.

“I see how the Illuminati targeted the old structures in Germany and the Catholic church. I guess I can see how that might lead to socialism. However, socialism is based on government control. So, I can see how this might lead to the One World Order with a single government. But, doesn’t that get back to a centralized government like in Germany?

“Also, I see how the Freemasons, with or without the Illuminati, might have helped establish the government here in the U.S. in opposition to England. Now I see our government going back and forth between socialism and conservatism. Where is the Illuminati in all this?”

“Maybe they’re hiding in plain sight,” Heather said. “More for us to discover.” She gave me a kiss.

“I go back to the Federal Reserve and how it was created as a source of huge income for its founders,” I said. “I’m sure they are getting these huge payments today, as the government borrows from the Fed. However, I suspect there is more to the cabal than that.”


That night as I lay snuggled with Heather, and was almost asleep, I was directed to listen to a communication. I quietly slipped from the bed and went to the other bedroom. There I wrote down this message.


There will always be conflict between those in power versus those who live according to Unity, Love, respect, stability, and discernment. Opinions about what is true are changeable. You are responsible only for yourself. Center yourself. For clarity, pay attention to your own thoughts. Stabilize yourself.


Returning to the bed I slept soundly.