August 2016 Perspectrive

I am observing what from my experience are extraordinary events, and I believe we are reaching a point of elevated energies, a turning point, a moment of decision for the people of our planet:

  • Continuing conflict in Syria and other parts of the Middle East
  • The warmest temperatures on record for Earth
  • The degradation of politics and leadership in the United States
  • Escalation of gun violence in the United States
  • The abundance of fear-generating movies and TV shows
  • The level of disclosure about secret government activities
  • The increasing number of channeled predictions, both positive and negative, about our future
  • Melting of glaciers and arctic ice
  • Severe weather
  • Violence on the streets of the United States

To check my observations of elevated energies, both positive and negative, and our current situation, I called upon Adrial, a celestial from Andromeda, who has observed Earth and her human population for many years, long before her current mission aboard the starship Athabantian. (Highly conscious beings from the Andromeda galaxy have had a keen interest in Earth since the Great Catastrophe that severely affected all in the Milky Way galaxy.)


Good Morning Mark

Good Morning Adrial. Thank you for communicating with me this morning.

It is my pleasure, Mark. You have asked me to comment on the situation on your planet as I see it from my observations. I will remind you and those that will read this message that I have been observing your planet for quite some time. We from Andromeda have had an interest in the evolution of Earth and her human population since the dense human form was first introduced a million years ago.

As I see things at this moment, overall your population continues to evolve toward a higher consciousness. That despite the attempts to stifle this by those that would dominate your planet for their own purposes.

So there are those still present on the planet who wish to control the population for their ends?

Yes, they are still among you both in consciousness and in physical form.

How can that be, as I see no reports of aliens here.

They are able to project a human visage, as they have one for eons so that they have an acceptable appearance.

I see, thank you

Overall I see that the level of violence on the planet has increased in specific instances, such as in Syria and on the streets of the your country. This level of violence is due in large part to the energies of those that oppose your ascension as they trip those whose consciousness is lower.

Among the population in general, there is a higher level of consciousness just now than at any time in the past. There are more residing at what you call 4th Dimension than in the past, a greater percentage of the population. This is due in part to the activities of lightworkers who have responded to the call to speak out. It is due to the energies that are bombarding your planet from starships such as Athabantian and others, plus the energies coming from the center of your galaxy.

Mark, you are saying that there is nothing new here, and you are right. There is nothing dramatically new, as I observe your situation. Yet there is an elevation of everything. There is more violence manifesting itself. There is more outspoken anger and hatred such as expressed by politicians and ordinary people who are dissatisfied with their situations. There is more clinging to traditional ways as people react to the higher levels of anger, fear, and hatred. Yet the traditional ways offer nothing new to those who seek answers. Traditional ways of trying to solve this elevated anger and hatred are not working.

New ways must be found. As I have said in the past, nothing will solve the problems of your world except raising the consciousness, raising the vibration of mass consciousness. How will this happen, you ask. My response is always the same, one person at a time.

It is through the influence of highly consciousness people, both consciously and unconsciously, on neighbors, friends, and with whom they come into contact that the level of consciousness of the masses will be elevated.

So my message remains the same: Focus on raising your individual energy. By doing so you will influence those around you. You need do nothing more than maintain a higher consciousness to impact the entire planet, the entire universe.

It is up to the people of Earth to elevate the planet to a higher level of functioning. We who observe and who beam energies cannot do it. Those of the nonphysical realms cannot it. No one is coming to “save” you. It is up to those on the planet at this moment.

I see Earth’s population in the final moments of this struggle. We are all applauding your efforts to achieve a higher vibration. We can foresee that it will be successful. The path may appear to be long, but it universe time it is but a brief moment. Those of you on the planet at this moment will be know as the wayshowers, those who pushed the final mile toward the goal.

My blessings for all who read this message, Mark.

Thank you Adrial, my blessings on all who support us in our efforts.