The following are three communications I received quite recently. The messages speak for themselves. I find it particularly interesting that my friends from Andromeda are reappearing at this moment.
I trust we will have more communications in the future.



Good Morning, Mark. This is Justine.

It is nice to hear from you again, my brother.

I have returned from Andromeda to Athabantian and wish to communicate with you this day.

Good. I am open to what you have to say.

Those of us aboard Athabantian who have not seen observed your world for a while see it separating into two.

Do you mean breaking apart physically?

No, levels of consciousness define the two parts of your world. You and other lightworkers are leading the way for many to reside in higher consciousness. As they are doing this, they are establishing a whole new way to relate to your planet. They continue to live in the physical of 3rd dimension form, but they relate to it in a whole new way. They make use of that which their bodies need, but they do not engage in the fear-based ways of those who persist in living at a lower level of consciousness. Thus there is a real separation between the two groups.

I believe that I do see this sometimes, but not consistently. I go to the store to purchase, but I do not engage in it from a fear-based point of view. I merely get what I need.

I do not spend much time interacting with the Internet, and do not have television. I do read books that portray the ugliness of those who operate in the 3rd dimension, but see them as stories.

I have observed you since my return to your star system. You have taken on a whole new way of being. It has changed you in many ways.

Yes, thank you for reinforcing this for me.

You notice that the tone of our conversation is different today. We are speaking as friends, not as one who knows so much more than the other.

Yes, I see that.

Your time with Mastering Alchemy and Joan Walker has been of a great benefit to you.

Yes, it has created in me a new way of being that I just now learning to manifest.

It suits you well.

Is there any value in showing others this communication?

We believe there is, in that it shows how one of a higher frequency can interact with those who come from another star system where the vibration is higher than that of Earth. It also shows how there are those on earth who are distancing themselves from the majority by consistently being mindful of who there are at a higher vibration.

I see what you are saying. If it would be to others benefit then I will post this at the web site.

Yes, please do.

It is good for others to see the two worlds so that they will not feel alone as they withdraw from the lower dimensions.

Yes, I agree. It will be most interesting to see how the majority finally find themselves in the higher vibrations and then behave that way to change the civilization of the planet.

It will come about rather quickly now.

Within a few years?

Yes, we believe so, but not this year.

I will say good-by for now. We will speak again soon.


Good Morning Mark. It is I, Moraine.

Hi Moraine, it is great to hear from you. I well recall our time together on Akima as we grew up together and then fell in love.

Yes, we were quite a pair.

I watched as you decided to come to Earth and be part of the transformation on this planet. I am most happy to connect with you again. I am pleased that you have acquired a 5th Dimension body due to your time with Mastering Alchemy and with Joan Walker.

You were the one who directed me there. Thanks you for that; it has been a wonderful journey.

I see you now as someone who will teach us rather than the other way around. Before when we came to you, you saw us as much more consciousness and at a higher vibration than were you. Now after your experiences you are the one who will teach us. I look forward to all that you have to share.

Thank you for that reinforcement. It is particularly nice coming from someone who I knew so well in my prior incarnation.

That is all I have for today, just wanted to reconnect with you.

Thank you for doing so.

Blessings, Mark

Blessings, Moraine


Greetings, Mark, it is I Bren-Ton. I speak with you today from my vantage point aboard the starship Athabantian. As you know, we have been observing your planet for many years.

Greetings to you, my brother from Andromeda, we have not had a conversation in some time

B: Yes, that is true. You have been consumed with writing your books and moving your home to a new location. Now perhaps we will have more opportunities to dialogue.

M: Yes, I hope that will be the case

B: You asked for my observations about your planet – as we see it at this moment.

M: Yes, please. I believe many would welcome your off-planet insights.

B: Very good, then here I go.

B: As you know we see everything in terms of energies. So I am giving you a reading based on that. We observe that the energy of love and peace is rising among much of Earth’s population, but that the energy of fear and violence and anger is persisting in many. This is an age-old contest, and while it will ultimately result in the your planet become a sphere of light, love, and unity, it will not be accomplished without some discord between the polarities.

B: The energy of fear and anger is causing an increase of gun deaths within the society of the United States. People who are fearful and angry are lashing out. Many are distrustful of aligning with others for they are fearful of all. This is a condition that will be overcome in time, as the higher frequency of love impacts all. You saw this in the people who recently voted. There were those who chose the more idealistic and those that voted from fear.

B: The great inequality in your society, and I am now speaking primarily about the U S, is causing many to recognize the system as flawed. This is indeed the case, for to a great extent it is not the individuals, but the system that has led to the great disparity between the very rich and everyone else. The political system mirrors what the concentration of money in the hands of a few will produce.

B: Stepping back for those observations about your nation, the rest of your world is also undergoing a time of turmoil as the energies of fear, anger, and domination escalate in tandem with the energies of love and unity. It may appear from your media and Internet that all is in conflict, but this is not the case. There are many in your world who are experiencing peaceful lives and are broadcasting that energy for others to emulate. Seek out those who are living quiet peaceful lives, who are centered in knowing that there is a higher consciousness way to live. All may appear to be in turmoil, but that is not the case.

M: I am being told that the majority of people on our planet are functioning in 4th Dimension energy. Do you see it that way?

B: Yes, Mark, that is true. It may not be obvious from your media, but that is the case. Your media sensationalizes everything, and it is easiest to dramatize events that are based on anger and fear. Your media is an instrument in the hands of those who would maintain the status quo.

M: This does not appear to be anything very different than when we spoke some time ago.

B: That is true. The situation is evolving very slowly. It will take many years for all in your world to reach higher consciousness, but it will happen.

M: Thank you. I am enjoying this dialogue, between friends.

B: Yes, this is much more comfortable for me also. I will return another day for more conversation.

Thank you, Bren-Ton

Thank you, Mark, and good-by