Conduit Session

A conduit session with Mark Kimmel

Here is what I offer: A way to get questions answered by those of higher vibrations (physical and non­physical) who see more clearly than do we.

Questions can be personal. Questions can be about what is happening in the bigger picture, where we are going, and/or what happens next.

I act as a conduit to connect individuals to extraterrestrials or celestials. (See below for statements from those who are standing by.)

We will do this via Skype — anywhere in the world, at a mutually convenient time.

I act as an intermediary only — getting completely out of the way. I retain virtually no recollection of a session. Most sessions last about 45 minutes, although some go longer.

The suggested donation for a Conduit Session is $110.00. See “CONDUIT SESSION”  in the left hand column of this site.

I hope you will join me. We will have a great time exploring the answers to your questions.

Mark Kimmel


My name is Bren-Ton. I am a higher dimensional being from Andromeda. Currently I am stationed aboard the starship Athabantian. I stand ready to answer your questions about life on another planet, or about how someone who is from another planet views life on your planet.

I am Adrial. I am a celestial most closely associated with the galaxy of Andromeda. I have been observing your planet and its human inhabitants for many years. I am available to answer your questions about who you are and why you are here at this time and place.

Greetings. My name is Uriel. I am an Archangel, closely aligned with Source. I am available to answer question about the vastness of creation and the place of individual humans therein. I have been here since the initial moment of creation and have observed much.