I know it is not just my imagination. I spend almost no time scanning the events of the day on the Internet. Nonetheless, I cannot recall any period when there has been such a rash of violence. Attacks by ISIS and terrorists. Shootings in schools and in neighborhoods. The dark energies seem to be having a field day with all that is reported by the media.

At the same time I am witnessing a concurrent escalation in all aspects of the light. I know  numbers of people who have turned off their TVs. The messages I read in my emails are uniformly brighter, more positive. The communications with my non-physical and extraterrestrial friends are most encouraging.

For me the energies of light are rising faster than the energies of the dark. For me I see  those who live in fear digging in their heels against the brilliance of the light. For me it is a very clear choice, we can embrace love (a new way to deal with everything) or we can continue to act according to the old ways.

For me I see everyone acting according to their particular view of reality. I do not judge anyone who acts according to what they believe is right for them, and since this is everyone, I do not judge anyone.

For me I see people acting according to their level of consciousness. I see some who persist in the 3rd Dimension of fear, anger, judgment and separation. I see others who live at a higher consciousness of light, love and unity. Everyone is living according to his or her level of consciousness.

During this wonderful season of love, let us all love everyone for who they are: Humans of Earth living according to what they believe is best for themselves.

Seasons Greetings,