Cosmic Paradigm

When I set out to publicize my first book, “Trillion,” I created this web site. I was provided the name “Cosmic Paradigm,” for I know of no other reason I would have selected these particular words. It was my intention, at that time, to address the reality of extraterrestrials in the universe and how they impacted our lives.

Now, some fifteen years later, I see how fortuitous it was to have chosen the name Cosmic Paradigm. Now I am presenting material from a cosmic perspective that is much broader and of a higher consciousness than examining our brothers and sisters from other worlds. Now I am able to communicate with Archangels and Ultraterrestrials, and to see from a nonphysical point of view. So the name Cosmic Paradigm has lived up to the fullest of its meaning.

I can only hope that you who are reading these words will continue to join with me on this amazing journey of exploration, as we all work toward moving our planet and our earthly brothers and sisters toward a higher consciousness. It is the destiny of Earth and her human population to once again live in the 12th Dimension, but first we must get everyone to the 5th Dimension.

I have been told that we are making progress toward our initial goal, despite what we hear from the media and the social networks, despite what we hear from other channeled information.

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