Global Warming

The controversy about global warming is in the news whenever more sensational or immediate items do not push it to one side. The withdrawal of the United States from the Paris accord signals a rupture in the movement toward international cooperation. Global warming impacts the lives of all on the planet today and the lives of our children’s children. I see global warming as a transition out of the rigidness of the 3rd Dimension.

The continued fouling of our air, water, and land is a disaster. Our extraterrestrial friends have told us that we are doing more extensive damage to our planet than we recognize. Pollution demonstrates humankind’s preoccupation with trying to dominate our planet rather than learning to live in harmony with it. I believe it is long past time to recognize that we all have a responsibility to love our home and to do everything we can to show that love by minimizing our footprints. The energy of dominating our planet is contrary to our true nature as children of the universe with immortal souls.

Most scientific evidence shows that our planet is warning. Rising ocean temperatures and melting glaciers amply demonstrate it. We are no longer in warming/cooling cycles as have persisted for thousands of years.

What only a few scientists are talking about is that the temperature of all planets in the solar system is rising. Yes, all planets, not just Earth. This is due to heightened energy coming from the sun, which in turn receives its energy from the center of the Galaxy. This is consistent with energies being beamed to humankind to assist our ascension to higher consciousness, energies both from the sun and from our extraterrestrial friends. As a living being, Earth herself is benefitting from these energies as she moves to higher consciousness.

Earth receives warming energies and stores them at her core. In this sense she is like a giant capacitor. This results in the warming of the planet from under its surface, which in turn results in the melting of glaciers from beneath and warming of the oceans.

So, is humankind responsible for global warming? To some minor extent, yes, but not to that advertised by those who would scare us with yet another fear-laden issue. The huge mass of the planet requires more than humankind’s impact on its surface to warm its entirety. Should we ignore pollution? No, we have a responsibility to live in harmony with our home planet, not plunder her resources and destroy her life forms.

We should accept global warming as our future and make preparations to live in a world of higher temperatures. This will mean considerably higher level and warmer oceans, less snow pack, more desert areas, changes in forests and grasslands, and changes for all forms of wildlife. It will impact us individually and collectively in many ways. All of this is consistent with planet Earth moving into the 5th Dimension, with Earth’s resurrection to a Christed 12th Dimension planet of great beauty, peace, love and unity.

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