Current Perspective 7-4-21



The reality of a stolen election, an orchestrated pandemic, and assaults on our bodies via experimental gene therapies are undeniable. Things become somewhat clearer from higher consciousness – more about that later.


The recent presidential election was stolen in a cyber-attack directed from outside the United States. It was coordinated with ballot box stuffing by individuals within the U.S. It has been denied by many in positions of power. This attack was every bit as real as an attack using guns and tanks. How we respond to it remains to be seen.


The Covid-19 virus was developed as a bioweapon in a laboratory in Wuhan, China. It was released against humanity as part of an attack by the cabal, elite eugenicists, and the Chinese Communist Party to reduce population and force further enslavement on the rest of us.

This bioweapon attack included forced use of face masks, social distancing, lockdown, and vaccines. Masks have been shown to be useless in preventing transmission of the virus. They contribute to bacterial infections and cause physical trauma due to oxygen deprivation, including psychological disorders. Thousands of medical professionals have spoken out against the vaccines. This experimental gene therapy masked as a vaccine includes an operating system that can be controlled from outside to track and direct the body. How we respond to this bioweapon attack and the effects of the vaccine remains to be seen.

While heartbreaking to admit, I have seen enough evidence to believe that pedophilia is practiced in many countries around the world. It has been engaged in by people in positions of power and it is connected to the worship of satan. Slavery is now more prevalent and profitable than illegal drugs.

We are imprisoned by religions that tell us who and how to believe versus recognizing the innate ability of the individual to connect directly with spirit.

Governments curtail our freedoms based on fears of one another rather than promoting love based on who we really are.

Those attacks, allied to the dark agenda, have infiltrated every one of our institutions.

The mainstream media influences the majority of people, as do popular books and social media. To many, if it doesn’t appear on television or in newspapers, it’s not true. The alternative media has a tiny following compared to the mainstream. From my perspective, I find truth on alternative media, while I see misinformation and avoidance on the mainstream. The global elite control most television broadcasting and major newspapers. How will the hold on majority opinion be wrestled away from the mainstream media?

These assaults on humanity are due to power, wealth, and control in the hands of a few versus considering the welfare of the many. It has been going on for thousands of years. It is the result of corruption of individuals in governments, banking, medicine, education, corporations, and religions. These orchestrated impacts against the majority are now intertwined. Their darker side includes funding projects against humanity, as discussed above, as well as worshiping a dark force, plus child, drug, and sex trafficking. How people respond to this dark agenda remains to be seen.



From a larger perspective, humanity is at a tipping point, having arrived here after thousands of years of powerful men controlling most aspects of everyone’s’ lives either through direct physical control or through lies and deceit.

From a universe perspective, Earth is an extremely important planet, for it was once the beacon for all others. Our planet fell under the influence of dark energies at the time of Atlantis. Earth almost most self-destructed, due to the dark agenda of the Atlantians, until the planet’s non-physical creators decided to restart it at 3rd Dimension. When humanity was created on 3rd Dimension Earth, 500,000 years ago, it was charged with restoring Earth to 12th Dimension as it had once been.


Today we are the recipients of that charge. Our souls knew of it when they agreed to incarnate in our physical bodies. Know that you are here for a reason, that reason is to assist humanity’s upward climb to higher consciousness.

Will any of us see a 12th Dimension Earth in this lifetime? Highly unlikely. However, we can do our part to nudge humanity upward by focusing on higher consciousness.

We need to recognize how powerful we are, when we reside at higher consciousness. We influence those around us unconsciously with the energy we broadcast. We influence others with the lives we lead. Finally, we can speak out about what we feel is true. No, we do not need to stand on street corners or make speeches. Our lives can set an example, just as the life of Jesus and others have done.

Each individual human, regardless of race, is a physical vehicle of a great soul. This soul volunteered to incarnate in this body at this time and place, knowing that it was to contribute to the effort to uplift humanity. This soul had previously incarnated in physical beings, both on his planet and elsewhere, many hundreds of times. It would incarnate again and again in the future.

Higher consciousness allows us to be who we are, based on love with no fear, separation, or controls.


Now that you see the larger picture, how does this affect your beliefs and actions in the 3rd Dimension in which we live?


I wish you the very best as you choose to commit yourself and support those who are moving humanity upward.