Replacing the Pyramid


Each day I visit my emails and alternative web sites for the latest. One group of discussions focus on the stolen election and how we are going to recover from a cyber invasion by nations dedicated to bringing down the United States. The mainstream media is ignoring this, putting forth minor issues as distractions. I find it hard to believe that there not a general reaction to this.

Other discussions focus on the vaccine. The mainstream media ignores the many doctors who have spoken out about its dangers and ignores reactions, some deadly, to it. Relatively few people have died from the virus compared to deaths from heart disease and cancer. I find it hard to believe that such a large number of doctors are being ignored.

Another discussion is about the economic impact of the pandemic, and prospects for a new monetary system. No agreement on what it will look like, only that it will be a gold-backed currency. Little focus, by either mainstream or alternative media, on this all-important issue.

New spokespersons for these issues emerge, some old personalities fade away. Facebook and YouTube block some information, others sites come forward to keep it coming forth.

I see that much of what is being said by alternative sources comes from a 3rd Dimension perspective, with some references to the Bible and/or the U.S. original Constitution. And, so, the lower consciousness monologues go on and on.


From my perspective, the larger picture is missing, a picture I have been supplied by non-physical Beings of Light.

Humanity has been enslaved for thousands of years by those who wish to control everything on the planet. There has been and continues to be a pyramid of control with the wealthy and powerful at the top and ordinary people at the bottom. It has been in effect for all of recorded history, and for the many, many years before. In the Middle Ages, it was a king. In Roman times, it was an emperor. Now we have elected officials with a secret government behind them.

Most people have come to accept rulers, kings, tyrants, dictators, presidents, leaders, and saviors, as the normal way things are structured. It has always been that way, they say. They believe the pyramid of control will continue in the future, that it is just human nature.

As long as we continue in the lower consciousness of 3rd Dimension, this is what we will get. As long as we accept the pyramid as the normal way to organize ourselves, as long as we see each other as better-than or less-than, we will continue to set ourselves up for control and enslavement. As long as we see ourselves as separate entities, as individual beings with little connection to each other, we will continue with the old ways.

Earth was originally created in 12th Dimension perfection. She was an example to all other planets. After Earth fell from this lofty position, she was recreated in 3rd Dimension. Henceforth, the physical vehicles of Earth were given a charter to return Earth to 12th Dimension.

3rd Dimension is unique; it is found on only a few other planets in this sector of the Milky Way Galaxy. Most of the rest of the universe does not even know about 3rd Dimension. Trillions of inhabited spheres with higher consciousness function according to the Schematic of Source, the Grand Plan of the Universe. In line with this blueprint, all function in Light, Love and Unity.


So, how do we humans of Earth, who are mired in 3rd Dimension physicality, shed our belief in the pyramid? If we do shed our belief, can we simply abandon it, or will it take some time to accommodate to new ways of living without the structure of pyramids? How many of us need to shed the pyramid to make this happen, is it everybody, or just a few? Can a minority influence the majority to make it happen?


I have been told that those associated with the dark energies desire all of Earth’s humanity, animals, plants, oceans, and soil. Earth’s resources are unique, not just her human beings. The struggle is between a relatively small number of dark entities and their physical allies versus the very large number of humans.


It is important to recognize that this will be an evolving process. Nothing will happen instantaneously. People do not change beliefs overnight. How slowly do people change beliefs about something so simple as the value of a new invention or a new service? What will it look like as some shed the pyramid and others maintain a belief in it? How long must we wait until the majority accept that anger and judgment are no longer acceptable ways to behave? How long until they see everyone as brothers and sisters, that we all are in the same boat?


I have been told that those of us at higher consciousness influence many others positively. When we focus our high energy in support of transforming others to rising consciousness, we have an inordinate influence on them, at both a conscious level and an unconscious level.


Look at the few among the many residents of the Colonies who took the lead to found the United States. Look at the few darkly inclined individuals who currently exercise control over the many of us. Look at Jesus and Buddha and how they influenced many.


Remember who you really are: a vehicle for a Great Soul of Light to experience life in physical form. By just remembering this simple fact each moment, you will raise your consciousness to love yourself. You need do nothing more than integrate this realization in alignment with the Light of Source, with unconditional Love for all, and with perfect Unity with all.


In conclusion, we must comprehend the unprecedented magnitude of the transformation, of what is at stake, and accept that we can make a difference.

I foresee the need to assist humanity to:

  • Turn away from their belief in the pyramid, and better-than and less-than ways of seeing each other.
  • Accept that every physical human is the vehicle of a Great Soul of Light.
  • Interact with others in accordance with Love and Unity, abandoning behaviors based on fear, judgment, separation, and anger.
  • Create collective organizations to replace pyramids.


I see collectives replacing all traditional institutions, such as banking, government, education, and corporations. I see the need to establish schools specifically to educate and assist people to:

  • create collectives
  • function within the new monetary system
  • function for the highest good for all
  • teach others


Join with those of us who are assisting Earth and humanity on the path toward higher consciousness and aligning all with the Schematic of Source. I feel a great peace as I share these words with you. I am grateful to you who take time to read them; I trust they are helpful in your journey to higher consciousness.

From my heart comes the knowing that the Light of Source will overcome the darkness and humanity will at last be freed from its enslavement. This may not happen in a moment or near term, but it most assuredly will take place. You can do what you incarnated to do in this lifetime by raising your consciousness.

As you proceed on your journey, may you have unconditional Love for all. May you enjoy perfect Unity with all. I am uplifted by all the beautiful people I know who are maintaining their consciousness at a high level, broadcasting their positive energies. I am further heartened knowing there are those, in all manner of situations, who are actively working to create a new world of peace and love.

I am dedicated to raising the consciousness of all with whom I interact, consciously and unconsciously. May you find your own path as you learn to love yourself and all others.



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