Reincarnation is a fundamental reality of life in this universe. Source experiences all possible facets of Itself through the lifetimes of individual beings. This schematic was expressed by Source before the creation of time and space, before the creation of this universe. Our souls have been around since the beginning, fulfilling this purpose by incarnating in individual form.

Once I came to understand this, the whole idea of death took on new meaning. Death became less frightening, because I knew my soul had done it before and would do it again, and again.

A few years ago, I was shown that I (my soul) had experienced many lifetimes. This came as a vision of a gigantic tapestry with intersections of many, many threads. Each intersection was a brilliant light, representing a lifetime. I was pointed to my current lifetime as a single light among many.

I was told that I have had over a thousand lifetimes in the past, both in physical form and in other forms. I was told that I would have another thousand lifetimes. These lifetimes were in different dimensions. These lifetimes were on different planets of this physical universe.

The millions of planets in the millions of galaxies of this universe are of various degrees of physicality. Because I incarnated on many of them, as did each of you, I cannot say that I am from any particular planet. I can say that I had a number of recent lifetimes on planets in the Andromeda Galaxy.

Once I saw this, the whole idea of death took on new meaning. Death became less frightening, because I knew my soul had done it before and would do it again, and again.

I know several people who are walk-ins. It is much more common than usually acknowledged. It can occur as the result of an accident. It can occur without trauma. In either case, the current soul determines that it wishes to leave its physical body. This is called a walk-out. It creates the situation where a new soul can come into the body, a walk-in or a soul exchange.

Those who are walk-ins, see their physical bodies as vehicles that they are piloting for this lifetime. They know that they have free will and can turn in their vehicles whenever they determine it is time to move on.

Once I came to this realization, the whole idea of death took on new meaning.

There are many recorded instances of near death experiences. They were confronted with the realization that there is life after death. They also talk about their decision to return to life in their physical body. Invariably that traumatic event changes each of them.

Once I came to know about these, the whole idea of death took on new meaning.

None of this is to say that life in a physical body, on planet earth, at this time is necessarily all enjoyable. For those that have achieved a higher consciousness, this lifetime can be very rewarding and fulfilling. For those who are able to enjoy much that Earth has to offer – however they define it – their experiences can for the most part be reasonably pleasant.

For those consumed with fear, anger, separation, and judgment, this lifetime is a challenge. Many who are suffering various illnesses and life threatening injuries wish for this lifetime to end. Most do not know what comes next, so they cling to life in their bodies. Their whole idea of death is based on beliefs that others have told to them. Some deny any life beyond that in their current physical body. Many who do not really know what comes next – despite their religious beliefs – cling to life in their bodies.

Speaking now as my soul, I see the death of my body as the necessary way to move forward to my next incarnation. I know that I have free will to choose when I will exit this lifetime. Like those who are walk-ins, those who have returned from a near-death experience, or those who have integrated the Cosmic Paradigm, you too can come to this realization. It will change your life.