Non-physical View

I was provided the following by non-physical beings.

From the viewpoint of non-physical beings, Earth and humanity are rare exceptions to the rest of this universe. Less than 1% of the beings in this universe even know about the existence of 3rd Dimension, and the beings who inhabit planets of dense physical form.

The other 99% of the universe exists at higher consciousness, functioning in accordance with the schematic of Source that is based on unconditional love and perfect unity. This schematic, commonly known as Christ Consciousness, is the living formula for creation and functioning in this universe. The beings of this larger universe exist at higher dimensions of 10th, 11th, 12th, and higher dimensions.

These non-physical beings exist in collectives. At higher consciousness they do not have the physical forms that lead to individuality. When they wish to express individuality they do so for the moment only.

When non-physical beings look at humanity from their point-of-view, they see spirits who have incarnated in physical vehicles for a lifetime. The spirits are great beings who have experienced many, many lifetimes, incarnating in physical and semi-physical vehicles. The physical vehicles of most of humanity are of dense, rigid matter. Currently the humans of Earth exist at 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th Dimensions.

In this sector of the universe, other planets and civilizations also exist in dense physical matter. Like some on Earth, they function on a basis of fear and service to self. Their residents are the entities we have historically called extraterrestrials. They have interacted with the humans of Earth both physically and energetically.

Beings of planets who are functioning at higher dimensions do not have dense physical form. Their interactions with the humans of Earth are in the form of energies as they are reluctant to adopt the necessary physical form in which they might interact with the humans of Earth. They have impacted humanity in various ways using their energy technologies.

There are a number of non-physical beings assisting humanity to climb out of its current rigid physical form. By doing so, humanity will show the path to higher consciousness for other dense civilizations. Earth thereby will once again be a beacon of light for all in the universe, having achieved something never before accomplished: Raising the planet from lower dimensions to become a 12th Dimension beacon for all. This is the glorious role of Earth and humanity. This will assist other dense planets to achieve the same.

Thus, the humans of Earth who are participating in the resurrection of Earth are doing so not only for their planet, but for other planets in this sector of the universe.

In Light, Love and Unity,



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