Earth’s Golden Era

I have been told repeatedly that it is of utmost importance for humanity to understand that many eons ago Earth was a 12th Dimension planet. At that time she was a gaseous globe of physical form with incredible beauty and brilliance with a population of many 12th Dimension beings of Light.

Earth had been created to act as an example, a pattern of the Schematic of Source, Christ Energy. Earth was to demonstrate for other planets and their inhabitants the way in which Source intended all in this universe to function: in perfect Love and unconditional Unity.

Known as “Earth’s Golden Era,” this magnificent planet and her higher dimension inhabitants persisted for billions of years. Highly consciousness beings from around the universe visited Earth to experience this exemplary planet, to study the perfection of the Schematic of Source. The radiation of Christ Energy of Earth uplifted all planets and populations in the Milky Way Galaxy.

In the later stages of this time the populations of Lemuria and Atlantis settled on opposite sides of the planet. These two 12th Dimension civilizations existed in harmony for many hundreds of thousands of years.

As hard as it may be accept, the souls of many of us who are now present on Earth were incarnated on that Earth of long ago. We were 12th Dimension beings of Light, Love and Unity functioning according to Christ Energy. This is very distant from our current existence in 3rd, 4th, and 5th dimensions.

During Earth’s Golden Era, experiments were undertaken on other planets in the Milky Way Galaxy to move dense physical matter into high dimensions and higher dimensions into dense physical matter. With the best of intentions Creator Gods undertook these experiments for they had no experience with creations in lower dimensions and were fascinated with its prospects. Not all of these experiments were successful; some planets and their populations were destroyed. Others were set aside, ignored; they later produced civilizations far different than the Schematic of Source, populations with very low consciousness and barely enough Light of Source to exist. Fear, separation, domination, and anger ruled these.

Similar experiments were conducted on Earth. Over thousands of years they resulted in reducing the overall frequency of Earth to lower dimensions. Unable to sustain themselves at Earth’s l0th Dimension and lower, some beings of higher consciousness left the planet.
The experiments continued, forcing Earth into ever-lower density. When the density reached 8th Dimension, the Schematic of Source, Christ Energy, which had been the guiding light for Earth and an example for other planets, was removed from the core of Earth. This left the inhabitants of Earth, and the other planets that depended on her, without a reference point. Fear, separation, polarization, and domination crept into the actions of those remaining on Earth. Less-than and better than became the ways in which people judged each other. The civilizations of Lemuria and Atlantis disappeared. Earth headed toward self-destruction.

Other planets in the Milky Way Galaxy continued without the benefit of Earth’s model. (Remember these events all took place billions of years ago.) Some planets were able to maintain their focus on the unconditional Love and perfect Unity of Christ Energy. The populations of these coherent planets are the beneficial extraterrestrials of today. Others existing at lower levels of consciousness adopted separation, judgment, and domination as their guide. Their populations are the dark extraterrestrials of today.

On the verge of self-destruction Earth was placed into dormancy, a state of suspended animation. The Archangels have named this “The Great Catastrophe,” for it left the populations of many planets to fend for themselves without the example of Earth to help them remember Christ Energy, the Schematic of Source.
Earth remained in dormancy, as the Archangels, Creator Gods, and Great Beings of Light determined its future. One course of action was to return Earth to Source where it would be created anew as a high dimension sphere of Light.

An alternate course of action was ultimately decided upon. Earth was stabilized as a 3rd Dimension planet, placed in its current orbit around the sun, and provided with a path of resurrection. It was from dense rock without life that Earth began its recovery. It has been ascending ever since toward that 12th Dimension planet of long ago. This plan requires humanity to evolve to higher dimensions and to use its collective energy to resurrect Earth.

This is the process in which each of us is involved – whether we recognize it or not. This is the reason you and I incarnated on Earth. This is a huge difference from what is reported in the media and on the Internet, or is taught by families, friends, schools, and religions.
I can well imagine that you find what I am saying hard to believe. I spent fifty-six years of my life in the lower densities of Earth and can relate to what you are experiencing and feeling. I have spent the last twenty-two years evolving myself toward higher density. I now see everything much differently.

Those who cling to conventional beliefs, and force others to believe likewise, keep humanity in the lower dimensions (conventional paradigm), preventing the resurrection of our planet. Ask yourself if you wish to continue to be stuck in the way in which the majority lives, to believe that this is the only way it is, and that it will never get any better. Or do you wish to discover for yourself the truth of who you are and why you are here? Ask yourself is there a better way?

Christ Energy, the Schematic of Source, has recently returned to the center of the Earth. A new humanity is now a very real possibility. This is producing many changes in the planet, in you and me. As Earth slowly resurrects herself back to a 12th Dimension planet of Light the entirety of the Milky Way Galaxy is affected. We are the center of a transformation that affects all in the universe.

It has taken me many years to accept that what I am saying is true. Make time to discover for yourself who you really are and why you are here. Make time to raise your consciousness. When you do that, you will live your life very differently.


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