Reincarnation is a fundamental operating principle of this universe.

So how does this affect you personally? If you can spend enough time and energy to explore it, and then get comfortable with it, it will change your life. Knowing that you have a huge soul that guides you, a physical vehicle, for this lifetime will change how you see yourself. Knowing that you have had multiple lifetimes will lower your anxiety about this one. Knowing that you are here for a reason, something beyond leading a conventional life will produce changes in your self-perception.

Source is pure non-form. Source is spirit. Source is eternal, infinite energy, light, consciousness, power, intelligence, and love. Source has no physically detectable form, no sound, no color, and no smell. Source is much more than the God of religions. Source is everything and everywhere, not a single point anywhere.

Before there was time or space, Source determined to experience all by creating this vast physical universe. In order to do this Source created Oversouls (beings of form, but not physical form) who would express individual souls to experience lifetimes in physical bodies. Creator Gods (again, beings of form, but not physical form) were created and directed to create the galaxies, star systems, and planets of this physical universe and create the physical vehicles (bodies) required to house individual souls.

The relationship between Oversouls and Creator Gods was and is very symbiotic. From the very beginning of this physical creation, the Schematic of Source set out in detail how this immense universe was to function. Another term for the Schematic of Source is Christ Consciousness. This grand plan provided unlimited opportunities for Source to experience physical form.

When the Creator Gods deem a planet suitable for the creation of physical beings, Oversouls are called upon to supply souls for the new physical beings. Each Oversoul can express many souls with specific purposes for a lifetime. The number of Oversouls is increased to accommodate the expanding population of a planet. Creator Gods initiate physical bodies then allow births to carry bloodlines forward.

Oversouls can express individual souls or they can recycle previously expressed souls for another lifetime in a different physical body on the same planet or another planet. This latter process, known as “reincarnation,” has been practiced throughout the universe since its creation. It is fundamental to the functioning of the Schematic of Source.

Thus in a very real sense we are all children of the universe, extraterrestrials if you will, for we have experienced many lifetimes in physical form on other planets, as well as Earth. Some people can recall their lifetimes on Earth and on other planets at different levels of consciousness and with different physical forms.

When a soul finishes a lifetime, it returns to its Oversoul. There, in conjunction with its Oversoul, it determines another incarnation to experience specific objectives. It may decide to incarnate with souls it has incarnated with before, incarnate in a different body type, incarnate on a different planet, or incarnate at a different dimension. It then sets out to find a body in which to fulfill its objectives.

A note at this juncture about death: Because our souls have had many lifetimes, the death of the physical body through injury, disease, or suicide is not an important event. What is important is to recognize that death is a brief moment on the billion-year experience of a soul. There is no judgment connected to the death of a physical body whether it is from age, neglect, or conscious choice.

As the population expands, Oversouls create new souls and set them on their initial paths of experience. A given Oversoul can oversee many, many souls who are incarnating. Since Oversouls exist in the non-physical and at much higher frequencies, from their perspective all of their overseeing exists simultaneously.

The physical bodies created by the Creator Gods are not reused, as are souls. After creation in physical form, new physical bodies are created through the birth process.

Additional Creator Gods are created as the need arises for more galaxies, star systems, planets, and physical beings. At any one time, there are many Oversouls and Creator Gods operating on each planet, in each star system, and in each galaxy.

As you might imagine, there is a large number of Oversouls currently engaged with Earth and her expanding population. They are quite busy assisting souls to find suitable bodies in which to incarnate. There is a great demand from souls who wish to incarnate on Earth at this time of her quickened evolution. Many of these souls have had lifetimes on other planets in the Milky Way Galaxy as well as elsewhere in the universe.

A physical body is the result of biological and energetic linage from parents and ancestors. In the case of Earth this physical lineage extends all the way back to the beginning of humanity on this planet 500,000 years ago. Energetic and biological modifications to humanity by extraterrestrials have affected this lineage of humanity. The human body, as it now exists for all races, was agreed upon by those who modified it subsequent to its initial physical form.

Over the 500,000-year history of Earth humans, Oversouls have expressed billions of individual souls to incarnate in physical bodies. Many souls have reincarnated giving rise to memories of past lives, both on Earth and on other planets. Some of these souls have incarnated on planets of much higher dimensions than currently on Earth, as well as planets with lower dimensions similar to Earth.

By design, some incarnated souls have experienced other lives that have been uplifting, lives of joy, happiness, fulfillment, and purpose. Some incarnated souls have experienced other lives of darkness, fear, and separation. Some lifetimes are in non-physical forms, others in forms that we might not recognize as physical. The memories of these experiences are retained by the Oversouls and by individual souls.

Incarnation of a soul into a physical body most often takes place at about the time the physical body is being birthed. The soul determines the exact moment it wishes to enter the body: before, at, or after the moment of birth.

The Oversoul and soul have ample opportunity to select the body in which to express a soul to fulfill specific experiences. The soul and Oversoul can review the family lineage, physical aspects of the body, mental and emotional characteristics, the most likely future life, career, family, and relationships.

A second way in which a soul can enter a body is by selecting a more mature physical form. This can occur from when the body has been alive for a few months, or after years of maturity. This “walk-in” process requires a soul that is willing to vacate a body (a “walk-out”) to make room for the new soul to enter. This is more common than generally acknowledged and can occur either when the physical body has experienced trauma or not.

Memories of prior lives may or may not be available to an individual. Access to these is sometimes available through meditation, through hypnosis, or via a medium. Memories of past lives can be disorienting, and is not recommended for everyone.

I have been shown that my soul has experienced a thousand incarnations, on Earth and on other planets. I recall only two of these. The same is true for other humans of Earth. I have vague memories of an incarnation on Earth from ancient times when Earth was in a semi-physical state and from a couple of times since the introduction of physical beings 500,000 years ago. Many of my soul’s most recent incarnations were on planets in the Andromeda Galaxy. I recall almost nothing about these because of the very high energies of Andromeda.

As I have said earlier, this information is quite different from what is reported in the media and on the Internet, and as taught by families, friends, schools, and religions.

I can well imagine that you find what I am saying hard to believe. I spent fifty-six years of my life in the lower densities of Earth and can relate to what you are experiencing and feeling. I have spent the last twenty-two years developing myself toward higher density. I now see everything much differently.

It has taken me many years to accept that what I am saying is true. Make time to discover who you really are and why you are here. When you do that, you will see and live your life very differently.

In Truth, Love and Unity,


P.S. You can explore more details about reincarnation and why we are here in my book, Cosmic Paradigm.