Scientists tell us there are billions of galaxies in the universe, and they look for another planet that might support life. Celestials tell us that there are billions of other worlds inhabited by humanoids.

Scientists tell us Earth is billions of years old. Celestials tell us that Earth was originally a beautiful planet in 12th Dimension semi-physical form, that she was populated by beings in semi-physical form, and that she was a beacon for all in the universe.

Celestials tell us that Earth experienced a catastrophic event that resulted in her present 3rd Dimension density, and that our ancestors’ dense physical bodies were created at that time. This catastrophic event, also known as the fall of consciousness, affected all in this universe, but most particularly the other planets of this sector of the Milky Way. (More about this at another time.)

Celestials tell us that Earth has been visited and continues to be visited by humanoids from other planets: extraterrestrials. Most of these visitors have been beneficials; some have not. Some have advanced the evolution of humanity out of a desire to assist the resurrection of Earth; others have unwittingly assisted humanity’s advancement out of a desire to control Earth for its abundant resources. The ancient gods of the Hindu, of ancient Greece and the Hopi Indians bear testimony to interaction with beneficial extraterrestrials.

Celestials tell us that our souls are very old and have experienced many lifetimes, and that this lifetime is but one of many we will experience in the future. We can choose to believe this; if we do we can choose to find out that our souls are vast and powerful. (More about this coming another time.)

We can choose to raise our consciousness, both of our souls and of our bodies. By doing this we can influence others around us to do likewise. By raising the consciousness of everyone on the planet we will transform Earth and eventually return her to the 12th Dimension.

Celestials tell us that Earth is being bombarded with beneficial energies to raise the consciousness of all humans of this planet, as well as the planet herself. With our higher consciousness we can anchor these beneficial energies coming to Earth, indicating our acceptance of this assistance and making them more available to others.

It is essential to understand the larger picture to comprehend who you really are, that you are NOT some insignificant entity on an isolated, forlorn planet at the edge of the Milky Way. With this larger picture you can be motivated to raise your consciousness and know that you are powerful enough to assist the resurrection of Earth.

Stay centered, knowing who you really are. Do not worry about the mass of humanity, pay attention to those around you, those with whom you interact; they are the ones you can uplift with your energy of Light, Love, and Unity.