My first book spilled from my computer in 1997, while I was working on an assignment for my Masters degree in psychology. Since that eventful moment I have focused on sharing the truth about extraterrestrials and the history of Earth. I have come to know that most ETs in this universe are benevolent and have Earth and her human’s best interest at heart. I have also learned that Earth started out as a 12th Dimension planet, fell from that lofty perch, and has been climbing back toward it ever since.

I have now written seven (7) books on these themes, have been interviewed on numerous radio shows, and have spoken at gatherings, large and small, all throughout the U.S. and abroad.

One of my reasons for doing all of this is assist people in seeing that most ETs are benevolent, and that they have contributed to our positive evolvement. They continue to be involved with us, walking among us. A second reason is to expose the larger picture as the stage on which we on this planet live our lives.

Yes, there are detrimental ETs, those that wish to take control of Earth for her resources and to dominate mankind. They have allied themselves with certain humans in positions of power. As of this moment, they continue to be involved with us, operating within human society worldwide.

There exists a Galactic Council comprised of those planets of higher consciousness whose actions towards Earth are beneficial. Andromedans, whose galaxy functions from a 13th and 14th Dimension, have been active behind the efforts of star systems within the Milky Way. This Council has been in existence since before the great cataclysm that resulted in 3rd Dimension Earth. There are other organizations that may appear to be beneficial toward Earth, but are not.

Most recently I have come to see things from a nonphysical perspective. This has reinforced my knowing about benevolent ETs and has led me to see how special both we and our planet fit within the grand scheme of the universe.

Fear is debilitating. Fear causes our minds to miss out on creative and expansive opportunities. Fear is at the root of anger and violence. Much of what we see publicized, much of what governments do, and much of what elites pursue is based on fear.

Love is indeed the most powerful force in the universe. Living based in love causes us to see one another as brothers and sisters, even if we are not from the same planet. Love forms the basis for higher consciousness, and for walking above fear-based activities that surround us.

When I started down this path, I was, at first, overcome by fear because it was all so new and strange. Then I began to recognize the assistance I was receiving and I started to see everything more positively. Then I was directed to see the larger picture and the role I was asked to play of pointing out benevolent extraterrestrials. Then I was introduced to yet a larger vision, that of the Archangels. Today I have no fear because I see all within the grand plan and know that our lovely planet will one day return to the realm of the 12th Dimension.

I am aware that Earth is the focus of uplifting energies both from the center of the galaxy and from the collection of extraterrestrial starships surrounding her. This has raised the vibration of the planet and of anyone open to it, making it easier to function at higher levels of consciousness.

I am being told that the majority of people on our planet are now functioning at 4th Dimension. I have a hard time seeing this because much of my information about people and events internationally is framed by the mass media that focuses almost entirely on aspects of 3rd Dimension. To me this means that the majority has risen above fear-based survival and is ready to take the planet to higher levels of 4th Dimension and into the lower levels of 5th Dimension. Now all that is required is a decision on the part of each individual to walk away from the 3rd Dimension and embrace the 5th Dimension.

So what can each of us do? First, we can make the decision to embrace higher consciousness, regardless of how difficult it might be to leave behind people and things of lower consciousness. Second, we can embrace the energies flowing into all on the planet and act as an anchor for them transmuting them into energies that our fellow man can accept. Third we can live knowing who we really are: Great souls experiencing life in a physical body. By doing so we will influence all around us.

It is against this background that events of the next two years will play out. Keeping this larger picture in mind will assist all of us to look beyond 3rd Dimension turmoil.

In my next Perspective I will show some of the steps you can take to raise your consciousness.