Perspectives #1


I am happy to present the following as the first in a series of postings at this new location on Cosmic Paradigm. If you enjoy this message, stay tuned.

Many thanks to all who have inquired about my silence. I have been in a quiet period for the last several months while I integrated new understandings and experiences. It has taken me a while to formulate words for what I wish to communicate.

In May of 2013, Adrial, a celestial for whom I had been posting communications at “Athabantian,” informed me that she would no longer be providing material to post. I was quite surprised, as my postings from off-planet beings had begun in the fall of 2008 when I posted the first communication that I received from Justine of Andromeda at “Mark’s Corner.” (So named because I was shy about posting anything that I had received from an ET.)

The reason Adrial gave was that I had evolved enough through my training of the last three years so that what Taugth, the Andromedans, and she were able to communicate was no longer appropriate. She said that henceforth my experiences and understandings were to be gained by interacting directly with Great Beings of the Cosmos. She also pointed to the unprecedented cosmic changes that had occurred in December of 2012, changes that had altered consciousness for all in the universe.

To explain in more detail, three years ago I began intensive training that includes interacting with Great Beings of the Cosmos. That training has enabled me to experience (beyond merely knowing) who I really am and who you really are, and to experience total unity with all in the Cosmos. In this process I lost any fear based on my previous focus in the 3rd Dimension. At this point, let me assure you, I am no better than you or anyone else as the result of this training, just a little further along a path that all of you will tread, sooner or later. My training was carried out under the Mastering Alchemy program (For which I give an unqualified recommendation.); from it I have embraced a whole new way of life, as you will see in the “Perspectives” postings that follow.

I have come to understand that the changes to Earth humans, and others throughout the cosmos, have been brought about by a cooperative effort among a relatively small number of highly conscious Earth humans, Great Beings of the Cosmos such as Archangels, Yeshua, and others, all in perfect unity with Source. The restoration of Earth as a Christed planet had been desired since the fall of consciousness — when the Christed Energy had left the planet and when 3rd Dimension was installed. Subsequent to those events Earth became the darkest of the formerly Christed planets, with fear, separation, violence, and duality replacing connectedness and harmony. Thus it became necessary to uplift Earth in order to uplift other areas of physical creation. The closing of Earth’s 3rd Dimension was stalled for many eons until enough Earth-based lightworkers were available to interact with the Great Beings who were awaiting an opportunity to provide the required energies.

Let me conclude this message with the following: I am quite optimistic about what lies ahead, not only for myself, also for all Earth humans. I have been told that the same is true for all others in physical form in the cosmos, as everyone and everything moves into 5th Dimension or higher. I expect some rough times, but nothing we can’t handle with the uplifting feelings and inner strength that comes from knowing who we really are.

Look for Perspectives #2 (and more beyond it) where I will expand on the points upon which I touched here, and where I will explain more about our future, Earth’s future, interactions with the Great Beings of the Cosmos, my personal journey, and what is happening in the rest of the physical and non-physical cosmos. I plan to make a number of postings at “Perspectives;” I do not foresee more posting at “Mark’s Corner” or “Athabantian.”

In Truth, Love & Joy,


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