Perspectives #2


This is the second in a series of Perspectives. It is my intention to step beyond my earlier communications at this web site, in concert with the transformation of our planet and ourselves to the 5th Dimension.

To begin I offer my perspective on those whom I have called ETs, off-planet beings, and/or my star brothers and sisters. Let me start by saying that I know that they are real, that most occupy physical form, and that they inhabit numerous planets in the universe. I know this because I have seen their starships, seen other physical evidence, and have met them. I believe the vast majority of my star brothers and sisters to be benevolent and have the best interests of Earth humans behind their actions. I also believe that there are some ETs who operate in “service to self,” and who have, for a long time, influenced Earth and Earth humans in many ways contrary to our best interests.

During the course of my relationship with my star brothers and sisters I wrote five books and posted over one hundred fifty messages from them. My postings of their messages began after the completion of the third book of the Paradigm Trilogy, One. Justine was the first to identify himself, then came Bren-Ton, Moraine, and Ro-Tan, all from Andromeda. Looking back upon these experiences, I now realize that I had received off-planet “assistance” in Boulder, Colorado in 1997 when my first book, Trillion, spilled from my computer. The sub-title to that book was, “Once you know, you can never go back to merely believing,” and so it has been. You may access my previous postings at “Mark’s Corner” and at “Athabantian.”

In April of 2009, I received my first communication form Adrial. She called herself a celestial and said she too was stationed aboard the Andromedan starship Athabantian. Her communications can also be found at “Mark’s Corner” and at “Athabantian.” I immediately detected that Adrial’s messages were of a different nature than those from my star brothers and sisters. Adrial continued to communicate with me until May of 2013. (As discussed in Perspectives #1.)

Adrial was largely responsible for the revelation of Abiquor, a magnificent center of light that the Andromedans will create somewhere in the vicinity of Pagosa Springs, Colorado. She has communicated with others on this topic. I now understand that my involvement with Abiquor was to be the one who originally received and anchored this vision on Earth and that nothing further is required of me.

Taugth, another celestial, has communicated with me from time to time. It was at his urging that I created the Institute of Light in Pagosa Springs, and opened an office in December of 2011. The purpose of IOL was to help anchor the extraordinary energies focused on the Pagosa Springs area during the past four years. Under the IOL banner we conducted weekly get-togethers, hosted speakers, and showed videos. It was at Taugth’s urging that I began a series of sessions to enable people to communicate directly with Adrial and other beings. These very successful sessions began in December of 2011 and continued into 2012.

It was also at Taugth’s urging that I organized Transformation 2012, a workshop/conference.  Transformation 2012 attracted people from around the United States and abroad to Pagosa Springs to interact with fifteen speakers over three days. By all measures it was a great success for attendees, speakers and support staff. I have since learned that this conference/workshop was one of the major reasons that I moved to Pagosa, as well as for several others who supported me in this endeavor. Since that workshop/conference my energy associated with Pagosa has ebbed; several who moved here are now moving onto their next assignment.  (The diminished energy in Pagosa has also been also greatly influenced by the events of December 2012 — more about that in a future Perspective.) The Institute of Light has now closed its Pagosa office and is being placed in a dormant state.

I am most grateful to all the off-planet beings with whom I have interacted over the past seventeen years. (It was at the urging of Adrial and Taugth that I began my three-year program with Mastering Alchemy – a decision I have never regretted, for it has become indeed a way of life for me.)

One message that all from Athabantian consistently made quit clear is that they are not coming to save us. We each volunteered to incarnate on Earth knowing that each would be involved with Earth’s transformation, and the transformation of the physical universe. Now is the time to take responsibility for our part in creating a new Earth, with our star brothers and sisters as our advisors. I look forward to a time when our star brothers and sister will move freely among us.

My perspective of my time in Pagosa Springs is that it was an important experience for me personally; I feel both complete and grateful for the experience. I am now moving to the next phase of my personal development, and another location where I may serve commensurate with my new way of living.  All of this has left me with an unprecedented sense of freedom, freedom to be who I am, and freedom to embrace what comes next.

Many thanks to all – on and off planet — who supported my work during the time I was involved with my star brothers and sisters. I look forward to further interaction with all of you.

In Light, Love & Joy,


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