Quite often I use the words, “Higher Consciousness,” and talk about the importance of living in it. The following is my understanding of Higher Consciousness,  and why it is important.

First of all, Higher Consciousness is a state of being. You can be in it, then not be in it, and then be back in it. There are things such as anger that can pull you out of Higher Consciousness. It is not hard to attain, yet can be difficult to maintain when approached from the rigid structure of 3rdDimension. You know when you are in it and when you are not. When you are in it, all feels right.

Second, there are several facets of Higher consciousness:

  • Higher Consciousness means accepting others as they are, not judging them. Everyone has a right to be whomever they wish and to think and act however they wish. You may not agree with how they are behaving, but you can love them as your sisters and brothers.
  • Higher Consciousness means living in a place of love, not fear. It means that you are not overcome by fearful events or people. It means finding a place of sovereignty where you know who you are and how powerful that is.
  • Higher Consciousness means recognizing that everyone and everything is conscious, from a blade of grass to people near or distant. It means feeling the unity to with all. Any form of separation is not part of it.
  • Higher Consciousness recognizes peace not anger as the desired way to relate to others and to situations.
  • Higher Consciousness relies on feelings from the heart, as ways to know what is appropriate. It does not rely on the head, the ego, or raw emotions to dictate actions or words.
  • Your thoughts control your actions and words. In Higher Consciousness you are aware of thoughts and how they influence you.
  • In Higher Consciousness you are aware of energies that come from the actions and words of others, including TV and books, and how those influence you. You avoid energies that drag you out of Higher Consciousness.
  • Higher Consciousness is gentle with all others, never harsh. It is welcoming rather than rejecting. It encourages others, not criticize them.

Third, observe what is going on around you from a higher perspective, a cosmic paradigm. Think of life as a stage. Position yourself high in the balcony so that you can see life from a broad perspective versus being lost amidst the confusion of the frantic pace,  conflicting views, misdirection, and self-centeredness of those on the stage. Seek truth rather than relying on the opinions of those who have an agenda, or those who wish to control you for their own reasons. Walk higher than those of lower consciousness.

Fourth, with Higher Consciousness you recognized who you really are, a physical vehicle of a great soul of Light, a soul many times greater than your body, a soul with the experiences of many past lifetimes. Your soul is both beautiful and powerful as it functions from a higher perspective.

Picture a world where everyone functions at Higher Consciousness. I am being told that the vast majority of the universe functions in this way.  The mission that your soul embraced for this lifetime is to assist Earth to become a planet of High Consciousness.

Fifth, to attain Higher Consciousness, spend quiet time each day thinking, speaking, and acting at a higher way of being, as described above. It will then become your preferred way of being.

When you reside in a state of Higher Consciousness, you radiate your uplifting energy to all around. You will inspire many unconsciously. You need not write books or wave flags, merely being who you are will uplift many. By doing this you assist the ascension of humanity and Earth.

In Light, Love and Unity,

Mark Kimmel