Path Forward

Dear Friends,

I trust the following will assist you in defining your path.

We are currently faced with a plethora of messages about vaccines and lock-downs, politics and government actions, gasoline prices, the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and others. Mainstream radio and TV broadcasts, newspapers, and Internet videos express opinions and offer their version of the truth.  Many of these messages are in conflict, to where I feel it is difficult to know what is genuine.

Unfortunately, the same situation applies to alternative sources of information. They have broadcast about the peaceful demonstrations by large numbers of truckers in both Canada and around Washington, D.C., while continuing to ignore the situation with the last election and giving conflicting opinions about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. There are only a few voices that rise above the din of conflicting opinions.

Those I had previously come to depend on have now become a sea of contradictory opinions, conflicting information, and differing predictions. I find myself unable to sort through this 3rd Dimension clutter and find a clear path. I have, therefore, curtailed my daily intake of various messages.


In order to cope with all that is occurring, I have reverted to what I do know to be true.

First, I focus on who I really am: A physical vehicle that a great, beautiful, high consciousness soul has chosen for this lifetime. This soul has had many lifetimes on Earth and elsewhere in the universe. This soul will go on to have many further experiences. (I can’t really call it my soul as I am but a short physical experience in its long existence.)

Second, I see that this soul is an aspect of an even greater spirit that was created billions of years ago and has expressed many souls to inhabit physical and non-physical vehicles for lifetimes.

Third, I recognize that our linear time is very different from the simultaneous time of the universe. (I have still to get my head around this.)

Fourth, I have been told by Archangels and Ascended Mastrers that Earth was once a 12th Dimension, beautiful planet with very high consciousness beings. It was an example for other planets of the way they should be.

Fifth, Atlantis was initially a part of the high consciousness civilization on the Earth of long ago. Because of fear, separation, and judgment it fell from that high consciousness due to its separation from the grand plan of the universe based on unconditional Love and perfect Unity. This fall almost led to the total destruction of Earth.

Sixth, Earth was restarted as a 3rd Dimension planet, millions of years ago. After it was deemed suitable, human beings were introduced some 50,000 years ago, with the mission of restoring Earth to its long-ago status. There have been many civilizations on Earth over the years as humanity struggled to its current status. These civilizations have been influenced both by extraterrestrials and by non-physical beings.

Seventh, our current civilization on Earth resembles that of Atlantis in that we have strayed far from the Grand Plan of Source. There is a small percentage of our population that sit at the top of pyramids wherein they function from fear and self-centeredness, and separation from others, and are committed to achieving and holding power, wealth, and control over the rest of us who are lower in the pyramid.

Eighth, the majority of people on Earth do not function on fear, although it is always in the background. They cope, as best they can, with a mixture of peace, love, and relations to others, as they lead lives unaware of the grandeur of their souls or the possibility of returning Earth to higher consciousness. Most believe what they see on the TV or what they read in government proclamations. Their main focus is on living a comfortable life, whatever that may be.

Ninth, there is a small percentage of the population that functions according to the Light, Love and Unity of 5th Dimension. They observe the current situation, without being sucked into it, and broadcast their positive energies to assist the restoration of Earth to its former beauty and glory.

These higher consciousness individuals recognize that they are very powerful due to their high consciousness and that by merely broadcasting their powerful, positive energies they can make a difference in the totality of humanity, that they can fulfill the mission their soul agreed to when incarnating in their physical vehicle.


Let me very clear. I believe the United States is a wonderful country. It was founded with the best of intentions and pioneered democracy when there was no such thing. I believe it is still a great country.

However, the United States and its many institutions have fallen under the sway of dark energy. Some of this is due to dark extraterrestrials who have invaded the institutions within the U.S., seeking to control everything in order to bring the world under their control. Other influences are in the form of the non-physical energies of fear, anger, separation and judgment that infect individuals, causing them to act in selfish ways, such as climbing to the top of a powerful pyramid, without concern for others.

Individuals within the institutions of the U.S. government, many corporations, the legal system, the medical system, the educational system, and the mainstream media have all been infected with fear, separation, and judgment. They operate with a service-to-self orientations.

All of what I am describing, in these last few paragraphs, takes place in what I call 3rd Dimension, where everything is based on fear, greed, and judgment of others. Here I am not referring to political parties, for I do not see politicians as the solution to the ills of 3rd Dimension. Nor is it about money, important as money is. Nor is it about tearing apart every institution. Nor is it about a one-world government that would institute a huge dysfunctional pyramid.


There is a third way, a higher way, based on love and higher consciousness. I believe we can reform institutions to function based on freedom, love, and oneness. I do not support violence or the use of force to accomplish what I see as a better way. This would emulate the rest of the planets of the universe.

Because of the presence of non-physical dark energies, it is impossible to overcome them in the United States, or any other country, using 3rd Dimension techniques such as a greater force for good, political actions, or relying on the promise of new technologies.

There are a relatively small number of institutions that were founded and operate based on peace, love, and oneness. However, even these have dark energies in their background.

Where do you stand in our current situation?

What are you doing to uplift yourself?

What are you doing to uplift others?

Is it even possible to attain a higher consciousness civilization?

How do you see those who believe and/or behave differently?

Let us all pursue the higher path that lies open to us and, in the process, we will assist humanity and Earth to return to their beauty and glory of long ago.


In Light, Love, and Unity,

Mark Kimmel