Perspectives #17

In addition to the information we obtain from our personal experiences, we all are bombarded with information from other sources. There are books, magazines, newspaper, and television. This is all in addition to what they our family and friends tell us. Then there is the Internet, email, and social networks. Yes, there are many, many sources of information.

Some sources merely inform, based upon a variety of facts – the scores in sports and the weather. Some sources try to sell us something – the latest computer software. Other sources try to tell us what to believe – television news programs. Others disclose new ways of looking at things – the latest pictures from the Hubble telescope. Some preach at us; others try to tell us how we should behave.

I believe it is important to step back and look at what each of us knows is true, really true. By this I mean, what do I know based on my first-hand experiences, not based on someone else’s experiences or beliefs, but based my own experience.

Twenty years ago, I wrote down what I knew to be true. It was a short list because my experiences were limited to my life in the conventional paradigm. I was sure that I was a conscious living being in a physical body. I thought I knew my parents, brothers and sisters were. I had a job, wife and children. I liked certain foods, smells, and feelings, but wasn’t too sure why.

I had learned that my physical reality was mostly space within atoms, so I wasn’t too sure about my surroundings. Nonetheless I clung to my physical perceptions as true. I saw mountains and trees; but were these the same as what other people saw? I had to admit to myself that I believed in God, but didn’t really know for sure.

Then I stumbled upon the notion that everything was an illusion, that it was not what I perceived it to be. I went down this road a ways until I happened upon the notion that the world is a stage and we are actors and actresses creating our own experiences.

Today in my writing and speaking I talk about what I know or what I understand to be true from my experiences. I have had an amazing range and depth of experiences over the last twenty years, so my list of what I know to be true is quite a bit longer.

I have also developed an inner knowingness based on my experiences in other lifetimes. This is something anyone can do, and is akin to listening to your heart.

And last but not least, I believe some things to be true because I respect the source of that information, both physical beings and non-physical.

The Archangels have led me through some amazing experiences. This has led to some of what I know to be true; it has also led me to believe certain things are true because these same Archangels have told me so.

Take a few minutes. Write down what is true for you. Then write down what you believe to be true. Finally write down how you behave based on knowing or beliefs. You will find it an amazing experience, and it may change how you go forward.

In my forthcoming book, “Chrysalis,” I use the above delineations to present exciting new insight into who we are, and where we are going. I will keep you posted about its publication.

In Light, Love & Joy,


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