Perspectives #16


I am reminded almost daily about the increasing disparity between the incomes of the top 1% of the population and the bottom 50%, particularly on the United States. Worldwide, the top 1% is predicted to own 50% of all assets next year. This trend has been accelerating over the past few years.

I read about the melting of the Antarctic, and how the melting is occurring at the bottom of glaciers. To my mind this confirms the information we have received about the impact of energies coming from the sun and warming Earth from within – again an accelerating trend.

I see increasingly rancorous exchanges in Washington, D.C. as politicians wrangle to get elected and/or retain their positions, all in the face of unprecedented financial contributions by corporations and wealthy individuals. All the while the will of the majority of citizens is ignored. I have watched this level of dysfunction elevate during my years.

I observe the Middle East with its never ending conflicts, its reliance on religious fervor, and the meddling of industrialized nations as they seek to focus their populations on matters beyond their borders with saber rattling, rather than solving problems at home.

I observe the large numbers of earthquakes around the planet and volcanic activity. And I read about the connection to emissions from the sun. Plus Earth continues to experience severe weather in many places.

I occasionally watch television and see advertisements for all manner of maladies that can be cured with the latest pharmaceutical. I see advertisements for movies that by and large appear to be more and more violent. And I observe the news programs as they sell the latest pronouncements by government agencies and relate the latest horrendous events around the world.

I have been told about the battles between the forces of reptilians and their cohorts versus the forces of the light. Some reports state that all of the aliens have been removed from Earth and/or converted to the light; other reports are that this is underway.

While I believe that some of the problems that we as Earth humans experience stem from the influences of these off-planet beings, I also believe that most, if not all, of the current activities adverse to humanity are now the result of left over momentum from earlier direct influences.

Note that I have covered the above points only in very general terms. I do that because I do not wish to become emotionally engaged with these 3rd Dimension events. As I observe these events, I see them slowly escalating compared to what has been. I believe that this is very auspicious, for it signals that as the light is ascending, those without the light are increasing their efforts; and all of this is leading us to a climax.

We do not have television – one very good way to avoid being dragged back into the 3rd Dimension. I highly recommend this and that you take whatever other steps are required to keep your energies functioning at a high level.

As I observe those with whom I personally come into contact, I notice that many are oblivious to happenings around them, while they complain about unusual physical symptoms. Some see life as a somewhat boring daily repetition, while others comment on changes they see everywhere. And the few who are already on paths to higher states of consciousness see the new Earth emerging.


Let me draw an analogy between what I observe and the life of a butterfly. It gives me great hope for the Earth and its humans at this moment.

To become a beautiful butterfly, this insect goes through four life stages: egg, larva, pupa and imago. During the transformation from larva (caterpillar) to imago (butterfly), the insect is called a pupa or chrysalis, and is housed in a cocoon that is spun by the caterpillar. The result of this process is a complete metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly via the gooey, disordered state of chrysalis.

I believe that the majority of Earth humans are in some stage of chrysalis: Undergoing metamorphosis to emerge as butterflies. I also see some butterflies and caterpillars. As I read between the lines of the things I listed above, I see us intensifying our chrysalis stage: things are increasingly mushier and more disorganized. The majority can barely recall what life was like in the past when things appeared to be more stabilized and peaceful. And they have not yet come to accept that we have a beautiful future in a completely new way of being: butterfly versus caterpillar.

I see that Earth humans have the ability and the power to create a wonderful new world. I believe we came here with that purpose. I do not believe that anyone or anything from the outside will “save us” from this responsibility. I see that it may take a while, but maybe not so long as time is collapsing as we move into the higher dimensions.

In my new book, “Chrysalis,” I talk about these things against a cosmic background of extraterrestrials, angels, and our place in the bigger picture. Things might be moving slower than our habit of “instant gratification” would like, but we are all on our way to a glorious future.

In Light, Love and Joy,



P.S. I am writing a book dealing with new aspects of the cosmic reality, and looking at what it means to comprehend the larger picture of whom each of us is. I expect publication within a few months.

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