At the recent Transformational Shift Conference, there were a wide range of presentations.

What I want to address here is the insistence that proof, in the form of something physical, is needed in order to believe something is true. This ranges from scientific proof to evidence of extraterrestrials.

When I left the world of venture capital and moved into the paranormal, the metaphysical, and the spiritual, I initially sought out things I could see to verify what I was being told. I wanted to know what was true, but I relied on physical evidence to confirm what I was being told.

I went to Crestone with a group under Dr. Steven Greer. During the week I was there I saw lots of phenomenon: lights, scintillation, and strange forms. I saw an eagle drop down and circle the group of forty of us. I saw a ship emerge from the side of a mountain, barely a hundred yards away. At the end of that week I knew there were ETs and that they were here.

Subsequently, I wrote books — now seven of them. I gave talks and conducted workshops across the U.S. and in foreign countries.

In 2008, I was asked to begin communications with a group of ETs and to post those communications on the web site where I was selling books. Thus began a journey that continues to the communication I brought forth from Lord Metatron at the Conference.

Today, I no longer look for scientific or any other kind of proof. I know within my heart what is true. It is this inner knowingness that allows me to continue talking about the wonderful transformation of Earth. I contend that those who rely on 3rd Dimension proof will not be able to reach out to embrace the semi-physical Earth of the future. My inner knowingness tells me that this is where we are headed, and then, of course, I have my connection to the nonphysicals who reinforce this knowingness.

I encourage each of you to use your heart as a “truth meter” during this time of chaos. Use it to discern what you believe to be true; ignore what your hear tells you is misinformation. Then seek opportunities to experience knowingness for yourself.

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