One scenario that is repeatedly put forth as an aspect of the transformation of our planet is that large ET craft will appear to ferry off portions of the population as the world collapses around us. I portrayed such an occurrence in my third book of the Trilogy, “One.” Only in that book it was a staged invasion by the black ops to create chaos. Whichever scenario you wish to consider, an invasion such as in the movie, “Independence Day,” a friendly evacuation, or a staged invasion, I believe the net result would be to induce fear in the general population.

It is most important for those of us who “know” that our planet is headed to a sphere of love and unity to remain steadfast in the event that any of these events take place. It is through our individual efforts toward transformation that Earth and her human population will ascend to a planet of love and unity, will move first to a 5th Dimension consciousness, and finally back to the 12th Dimension orb that she was prior to the fall of consciousness. That is why we came here at this time.

These days we are living through a time of chaos and uncertainty – you need not look to far to discover this. I say look inward to discover who you really are, a physical expression of Source in a human body AND a much greater nonphysical expression of Source in all your nonphysical bodies and aspects. Then when you really know who you are, live as who you are.

It is my understanding that the only way in which the fundamental changes necessary to move Earth to a higher vibration may be accomplished is through the actions of the physical humans of this planet. That means you and me.