Schematic of Source

When Source determined to create this universe in order to explore all in physical form, Source created Great Overseers to undertake the process. Source gave them a living dynamic Schematic, so they might know what was to result from their creations. All of this took place before time and space.

The Great overseers created powerful beings to undertake the creation of galaxies, stars, and planets.  These are known as Galactic Creator Gods. Planetary Creator Gods were created to sculpt planets into homes for physical beings and to create the individual physical beings thereof.

Great Oversouls were created to supply a non-physical soul for each galaxy, star, and planet. Planetary Oversouls were next, supplying souls for the trillions of physical beings of the universe.

A small number of special planets were created as perfect models of the Schematic of Source. These were placed near galaxies so that they might radiate the perfection of this creation to all. The Schematic of Source is known as Christ Energy by most beings of the galaxies, stars, and planets. Earth was one of these special planets. It radiated perfect Christ Consciousness for billions of years. 12th Dimension beings, the distant ancestors of many of us, occupied this incredible planet of long ago.

The creation of this universe did not happen with a “big bang” nor did it develop in unguided evolution. It was guided very precisely by many Creator Gods and Oversouls. It took place over billions of years, if one measures time linearly. (In the realm of the non-physical beings there is no linear time, all is simultaneous.)

The universe so vast that distances are measured in light-years. We tend to think that other continents of our planet are far away, across oceans. Such distances are nothing compared to the distance to the nearest star, to the vastness of the universe.

We tend to think of lives as long when people live a hundred years. The universe functions in time frames of billions of years. The souls of many of us were created many billions of years ago.

I find these insights, supplied by a number of non-physical beings, to be important in my life. Yes, we are tiny compared to the distances and time frames of the universe. However, we are very important. I recall this as I go about my daily routine; it helps place things in perspective.

I found it amazing to learn that less than one tenth of one percent of the rest of the universe knows anything about 3rd Dimension physicality in which we live. Almost one hundred percent of the universe functions at higher dimensions according to Christ Consciousness.

I have written before about Earth’s Golden Age, when she radiated perfect Christ Consciousness as an example for all in the Milky Way Galaxy. (See prior postings.) I believe it is important to remember this simple fact, as we live in an environment of anger, judgment, fear, domination, and misinformation.

Remember that we are here to uplift this planet. Remember that we are not alone; we have trillions of brothers and sisters throughout the universe. And we have many, many non-physical beings assisting us.

I have also written before about reincarnation, and how it is a fundamental program of this universe. We all have been here before, and likely will be here again. Our souls keep incarnating here for a reason: To help restore Earth to the 12th Dimension planet she once was long ago. I am being told that we have made great strides toward that goal, that it will happen.

In Light, Love and Unity,



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