Dark Energy Inherited

Wondered why some people resonate with being dark?

Have you wondered where dark thoughts come from?

Have you learned to forgive yourself, to love yourself?

Atlantis originally existed on Earth several billion years ago, during Earth’s Golden Era. In the beginning all was very peaceful. Its 12th Dimension inhabitants lived according to the Schematic of Source, Christ Energy, that prescribed existence according to unconditional Love and perfect Unity. On the other side of Earth was the civilization of Lemuria. It also existed according to the Schematic of Source. Both civilizations existed in harmony for many hundreds of thousands of years while Earth radiated an example of Christ Consciousness to all planets in the Milky Way Galaxy.

During the later stages of this period, a few of the Creator Gods who had helped to create the beings of Atlantis began to experiment with taking higher energies into more dense physical bodies. Some of the physical beings of Atlantis joined in these experiments. These experiments went on for thousands of years with mixed results. Nonetheless the Creator Gods and physical beings continued, excited about the prospects of creating something new. Meanwhile the energies of these experiments were affecting all on the planet.

The energies of domination and separation emerged from these experiments and, over time, became very powerful influences on all beings of Atlantis. The experiments continued because the Creator Gods and physical beings believed that, although they were damaging Earth, continuing the experiments would eventually lead to success.

Eventually the energies became so extreme that they damaged the entire planet, to the extent that the inhabitants of Lemuria were no longer able to continue living at their higher energies. The entire civilization of Lemuria, that ranged across what is now called the Pacific Ocean, sank beneath its waters.

The experiments continued, ignoring the Schematic of Source, believing they could exist without it. Eventually Atlantis also sank, destroying all that had once been a very highly evolved civilization. Earth almost self-destructed. The light of an extraordinary planet, the beacon of the Galaxy, was extinguished. Others in the universe event call this The Great Cataclysm. In the final days of Atlantis, the dark energy of separation and domination coalesced. It was diametrically opposed to the Love and Unity of Christ Consciousness.

Great Beings of Light placed Earth into dormancy. After 500 million years, she was restarted as a 3rd Dimension planet with the goal of reviving herself to her former glory as a 12th Dimension planet consistent with the Schematic of Source, a planet once again radiating Christ Consciousness.

500,000 years ago, human beings were introduced onto Earth. The primary need of these very primitive physical beings was survival. This resulted in the energy of fear. In addition, the dark energies of domination and separation from Atlantis infused our original ancestors.

Those same energies have remained with humanity, infecting individuals, causing many of the problems we have in our everyday lives. The dark energies of separation and domination, a collective force opposed to Christ Consciousness, join with the energy of fear to infect individuals with fear of others and a desire to control them.


As I discovered these inherited sources of humanity’s fear, separation, and domination, it has helped me to see my own sources of guilt, anger, fear, separation, and domination. This does not mean that I can ignore them, on the contrary I am more determined than ever to completely rid my life of them.

Keeping in mind that I have a choice as to how I act, it makes the task easier and frees me to see these very active dark energies for what they are, an inheritance from long, long ago, an inheritance I need not accept. It also helps me see others as exhibiting dark energies, not as dark individuals. Knowing this has allowed me to forgive myself and others. It has freed me to make the choice to love myself and others unconditionally.

Join me now to embrace the energy of Christ Consciousness, the energies of unconditional Love and perfect Unity. These are our inheritance from Earth’s Golden Era. Let us come to see all humans of Earth as our brothers and sisters and have compassion for each and every one of them. And let us love ourselves knowing that we are free to be who we truly are, great souls occupying human vehicles.

In Light, Love, and Unity,





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