History III

This message is a further response to questions posed by you, the readers of this site. As I have said before, these messages build on each other, for their full impact, read them in sequence beginning with September 2008. Please bear in mind that I do not claim that these messages are the only way to perceive the truth about our situation on this planet or the larger truths about our universe.

This is my 26th posting to Mark’s Corner for 2009. The following message is from Bren-Ton of Andromeda.


The fear imposed on your planet thrust all human, animal, and plant life into what you would call a very dense 3rd dimension existence. It could almost be called a 2nd dimension where there was only fear and everyone and everything reacts based on fear. This condition set the stage for the next part of the dark energy’s plan: the introduction of physical entities under its control. They came in star ships from the Orion Star System where the dark energy had already successfully instilled fear.

Others have told of the coming of this race, so I will not repeat, except to say that what was done happened to all four races, not just the black race. They came and instilled the beliefs that they were more powerful and more glorious than the inhabitants of the planet. They instilled the beliefs that they were gods and, with their advanced technology, could have their way with all. This resulted in the beliefs and structures about which I communicated in my earlier messages. These beliefs and structures took different shapes in each of the four races of earth. For the next several hundred thousand years the beliefs and structures nurtured by the agents of the dark energy were to dominate the affairs of Earth.

However the light of the Creator had not been totally extinguished. There remained in the hearts of some men and women the will to resist the dictates of the dark energy and its agents. These began the long evolutionary path to where you are today, creating things and conditions beneficial to all. Despite the best efforts of the dark energy and its agents, the power of the Creator’s light slowly lifted a struggling mankind to new consciousness. In each generation, and in each region of the planet, there were a few who could not be manipulated by the priests of religions or the strongmen of governments. These few were hunted down, persecuted, and killed, but the Creator’s light did not disappear. It reemerged in others who continued to lift primitive man out of the darkness.

After several hundred years of observing affairs on Earth, my ancestors found a way to penetrate the energy shield established by the dark energy. They established the colony of Lemuria on islands in the Pacific Ocean in order to interact with the red and yellow races of Asia. They found these races of humans were primitive, and laboring under the weight of structures and beliefs established by the agents of the dark energy. They were far removed from their highly conscious ancestors that had originally been brought to this planet. Despite impediments, the members of the colony set out to uplift the humans. After many frustrations, they were successful in transplanting a contingent of the red race to the Americas in an attempt to remove them from the influence of the agents of the dark energy. These were the predecessors of the red race that much later migrated across the Bering Strait.

At about that same time the Pleiadians established a colony on an island in the Atlantic Ocean; it became known as Atlantis. Their goal was to interact with the white and black races in Europe and Africa. They too found Earth’s humans in a primitive state, laboring under beliefs and structures imposed upon them. However, given the huge gap in technology and spiritual development, the newcomers did not wish to interfere too greatly with the evolution of the human race of this planet. Also, there was a continual struggle as the agents of the dark energy were always vigilant to thwart their efforts.

After a time, the dark energy infiltrated these two colonies and they too began to set up structures and adhere to beliefs not beneficial to their inhabitants. By shifting into the guise of the inhabitants of Lemuria and Atlantis, the agents of the dark energy were successful in penetrating to the very heart of these civilizations. Greed and lust crept into the lives of the inhabitants; they lost their connection to the star systems that had originated them, and diminished their connection to Creator.

The technology of both Lemuria and Atlantis was such that they possessed the ability to construct nuclear weapons, along with the ability to deliver them. They engaged in a war that resulted in the detonation of these weapons creating some of Earth’s deserts. The civilizations of the two colonies were decimated. This was a very dark chapter in the history of my people and one of which we are not at all proud. Some of the descendants of Lemuria and Atlantis remain on Earth to this day.


Thank you Bren-Ton. You have clarified stories I have encountered elsewhere.

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In Truth, Love and Joy,


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