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This is my 39th posting to Mark’s Corner for 2009. I am most pleased to welcome, back, Bren-Ton with a new message most relevant to our time.


It is my pleasure to share the following with you in the hope that more of you will awaken. Change is a constant in this universe. The change that Earth is experiencing will move the planet from her current situation to that where she was many years ago before the impact of civilization destroyed her land, water and air, before the fear generated by her humans diminished her brilliance.

Change is a constant. Those who flow with change have a much easier time in their lives than those who resist it. Often those who wish to maintain stability in their lives, fall into fear as a means of holding on that which they have.

What is it that you are doing that keeps you attached to this 3rd dimension?
Are you clinging to the money, or to possessions that you have amassed? Are you enjoying the pleasures of this 3rd dimensional existence such as food, wine, and sex that momentarily satiate your appetites? Or is it the drama of life in the 3rd dimension that appeals to you? Do you desire the give and take of competition with others to demonstrate your superiority, and their inferiority? Or is it the drama you find in a book or a dark movie. Or is it shopping for new clothes, or just the thrill of shopping?

Are you attached to your land? Attachment to your land is much different than appreciating Earth for your magnificence and honoring her beauty, and enjoying her wild flowers. The land upon which you reside, the land you would like to call your own is yours but for a fleeting moment. Honor the land of Earth, but do not seek to possess or conquer it.

Have you accumulated wealth and power as a means of isolating yourself from change, from the common people, from Earth, and from your enslavement? Are you addicted to alcohol or drugs as a way to shield yourself from reality and change? Change is a constant throughout the universe. Even in death you will not avoid it.

Look to what it is that binds you to this dimension and cut those ties. In the coming days, all that is of this world will change. You must be able to flow with change, or you will remain stuck in this density. See all as fluid, not concrete. Flow with the changes. Seek only that which supports you in this.

Yes, change is upon you, flow with it. You are not just moving into the time of transition; you are already well within it. Your concept of time will continue to accelerate as you move forward, as things change, until that moment when all comes to fruition, when those remaining humans make their final choices known, and Earth and her caretakers enter into the great change of slipping into the 4th dimension.

I am Bren-Ton of Andromeda; I have experienced both the 3rd and 4th dimensions during my existence, as will those of you who choose to remain on Earth. Choose to flow with change. Choose love and light.

We understand that those of you who have been indulging in your attachments for many years find it hard to now release from these 3rd dimensional activities. However, you do have free choice; use it to raise your energy to a higher level in preparation for accompanying Earth to her brilliant pristine status. Now is your moment of choice.

So, I say to you, prepare for the most magnificent change that the humans of Earth have ever undergone. It will be upon you soon. Become like a great tree, firmly rooted in that which you know to be true, rooted in love, but flexible to the winds of change. If you are like a tree, you will sway, not break, in the moment of Earth’s transition.


Thank you Bren-Ton, it is nice to hear from you again.

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