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The messages on this site build on each other, for their full impact, read them in sequence beginning with September 2008. They detail the situation on this planet and our place in the universe as communicated to me. I hope, by presenting them to you, that they spark your curiosity, and a decision to join with others to create a new civilization. As always I encourage you to seek your own unique truth.

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This is my 38th posting to Mark’s Corner for 2009. I am most pleased to welcome, once again, Adrial; her message is in response to questions that you have asked.

Greetings to everyone. Some would call me an angel, however I prefer the term “celestial” as it conjures up fewer images of a being with wings – of which I have none. Celestial also implies that I am ageless, that also is true for I have been around many millions of years. I return now to answer questions.

As to specifics of pending events, yes there is such a thing as planet X or Nibiru. It has an elliptical orbit about your star. It is from this planet that the Annanuki came to Earth. Nibiru will have no further interaction with the new Earth as Earth’s light is becoming so strong that beings from Nibiru will have no desire to approach her. Also the armada will be defending Earth from any intrusion by the Nibiruans.

Furthermore, Nibiru will not make a close approach as her orbit has been altered by the energies of certain celestials and star peoples. Yes, it is within their power to alter the path of planets. How else did you suppose that galaxies were formed? How else do planets maintain their perfect rotation about a star? All is not left to chance and evolution; the hand of God and his designated associates can be seen everywhere.

As you already know, time is speeding up, so it is no longer a fixed liner measure. Time will be further accelerated until in the final moments it will appear as if everything has transpired in an instant. As I have already indicated, there will be a trifurcation, a sorting according to choice. During this time of the trifurcation there may be hardships, both for those who remain with Earth and for those who leave. We do not know the extent of the personal difficulties for anyone, as we do not exactly know how Earth will react to the righting of her axis and the breakup and removal of the moon.

The exact number of people remaining on Earth cannot not known as many personal choices are yet to be made, however judging by the current leanings of humans, we estimate it will be about 12%. Much will be determined by reactions to pending events. Will people rely on love or fear?

Agents of the dark energy have replaced many of your top people in corporations, governments, and religions. They form a tightly knit alliance that is withstanding change to existing structures and beliefs. Because we not foresee that you as human beings will be able to thwart their plans, events of off-planet origins will occur. They will be beyond the control of the dark energy or any of his agents. It will cause everyone on the planet to reconsider who they are, what their basic patterns are, and what they choose for themselves. These will occur as a series of events over the next months. There will be no mass landing or appearance of the ships of the armada in the United States until the military no longer wishes to engage them in battle. This is for the safety of the humans of the planet.

Keep in mind that earth will return to her pristine state, before she ascends into a higher frequency. This will require some time for all on the planet to accommodate to this, including the animals and plants. Although all could be done instantly by manipulating energy, it will be more beneficial for all concerned to accomplish this more gradually. Keep in mind that you are both physical and spiritual beings. All must be accounted for in this transition.

Also, p lease keep in mind that there are limits to what I may disclose to you. We do not allow you to foresee the future in the same way as we who see the all-present, because there are many choices involved, and because there exists the need to allow each person to choose in the moment. Based on observing you for thousands of years, it is my considered opinion, an opinion shared by many others, that mankind is unable to overcome the dark energy and its agents without external assistance, thus the armada of starships and the many non-residents who walk the planet to assist you. We are restoring your DNA so that you may more fully function knowing the truths of the larger universe, and be less bound by fear. Those who enslave you limited the solutions you are able to conceive. The schemes, constructs, and beliefs imposed on the humans of earth must be dismantled before you will be truly free to create your own future.

The preparatory stage of initial events, which many have spoken of, is now underway. More visible signs of it will manifest themselves in the coming weeks. Keep in mind the vast scope of the transformation of Earth and her six billion humans. This is but the first of many events making up the totality of the transformation.

A caution, many things will be reported in the coming months. Not all of them will be true. Not all of them will come from the light. There will be deliberate misinformation. Events will be deliberately withheld from the public. We will keep you apprised. Look to your heart to know what is true for you. See all from a place of love. Do not fall into the fear that will come from many directions. Stay with love through all.

Thank you Adrial, it is nice to hear from you again.

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